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Neopian Math

by tatsuki

WHAT MATH??!! A most hated subject of mine. Here's some math problems. Wait! Don't drift off to sleep with your pets! These math problems have a little twist.

1. How many different ways can you arrange the word LUPE?

2. In the Royal Palace of Princess Fernypoo, she has decided to come out with a line of Acara dolls. Each set comes with a doll, two bows, two scepters and three crowns. How many combinations can you get with these items?

3. All the way in Lilac Island, Princess Lilac has 5 messengers who are Meercas. Every week, they get 1/4 of a happiness Negg. How long does it take for one Meerca messenger to get 1 whole Negg? How many Neggs in all do all five messenger get in a week? In a month of 30 days, how many Neggs does one messenger get?

4. King Roo is planning for the Dice-A-Roo championship. He is bringing some punch. 50 NeoPets are going to be at the championship. Each NeoPet gets 1 and 1/2 quarts. How many quarts of punch should King Roo bring?

5. Sir Skeith A Lot has 6 servants each a different type. They are a Shoyru, a Scorchio, a Kacheek, a Jubjub, a Kougra and a Kau. When he calls them to attention they must stand according to height. The tallest in the front and the shortest in the back. The Shoyru is the shortest. The Kougra is taller than the Jubjub but shorter than the Kau. The Scorchio is taller than the Kau, the Kacheek is shorter then the Jubjub but taller than the Shoyru Calculate the order.

6. There are 8 Bruces ice skating. 6/16 are Disco Colored, 20/80 of them are Electric colored, 1/8 of them are Sketch, 60/240 of them are Skunk. How many Bruces were Disco, Electric, Sketch and Skunk colored?

7. A Cybunny is going to a camp for a week and can't bring her pet Warf along. She gives it to her best friend to baby-sit for her. She gives her special directions. Every time at breakfast and dinner, the Warf will have 1/3 of can of PetPet Munchies. The Cybunny also added that every other day to feed it 1/2 of a Lemon Chia Pop. How many cans of food and Chia pops should the Cybunny give to her best friend? If there is anything left over, write it down.

8. A 300 lb. Skeith has gotten sick with an Achy Head. Because of his weight, he needs more than just one container of Magic Goop. He needs one for every 25 lb. How many containers does he need to be cured?

9. The NeoHome Eyrie is building a room. It is 10 feet wide and 15 feet long. What is the area and perimeter of this room?

10. At the All Neopian Race, there are 6 lucky NeoPets competing. Two poogles, one is red and one is green. 1 is an Acara, 1 is a Gelert, 2 are Cybunnys, one is blue and one is green. The Green Cybunny raced against the Red Poogle. The Cybunny's time was 4.89 seconds. The Poogle was .25 seconds slower. The next race was between The Gelert and Acara The Gelert finished at 5.47 seconds and the Acara finished 5 seconds more than the Green Cybunny. The Green Poogle raced against the Blue Cybunny. The Blue Cybunny finished .30 seconds faster than the Gelert, and the Green Poogle finished .4 seconds slower than the Acara. Which two go on to the finals?

11. An Uni got a bag of Infinite Neggs. Unfortunately, it was a fake :( But, there were 20 Neggs in there! 5 of them were Happiness Neggs, 2 were Yellow Neggs, 6 were Faerie Queen Neggs, 4 of them were Furry Blue Neggs and 3 were Pink Neggs. What's the probability of getting a Happiness Negg, Yellow Negg, Faerie Queen Negg, Furry Blue Negg and Pink Negg?

12. Thyassa the Chia has a great love for Beekadoodles. In fact, he has built a little caged in garden for them. Up to 100 Beekadoodles can be in there. He starts out with 5 Beekadoodles. Every 14 days there are two more Beekadoodles. How long will it be before he has no more room for the Beekadoodles?

I hope you enjoyed those math problems! Neomail me the answers to see how well you did. This article is specially dedicated to my Neofriends, ghotpink22, monguin11 and sarahgiraffe. And of course my father who tried this method with me.