Top 10 Games

by JenniferStar

Having trouble finding a game that really pays off? Here Iíll list the top ten paying games in my opinion, with other tips. I know when I started playing NeoPets, which was almost a year and a half ago, there werenít many games to choose from. But now with the wide range of things to choose from, I think itís only fair to let you know which ones really pay out!

10. Gormball
Costs: 10 NP
You usually win: 100 to 300 NP and an item
Gormball is a good game for people who arenít set on making a lot of NP from the start. When you are the first person with the ball, try to go for 4 seconds or 5. If itís been passed around a while, stick with one so you donít loose early.

9. Whack-A-Beast
Costs: Free!
You usually win: 100 to 400 NP
Whack-A-Beast takes some practice at first. You need to remember not to just whack away at whatever pops up, because just hitting one pet can cost you the round. Try to go for yellow first, and if there arenít any yellows, go in the order they pop up.

8. Super Bullseye
Costs: Free!
You usually win: 50 to 600 NP
For some reason I find this game easier then the regular version. Itís helpful to give the arrow enough energy to go a little farther, because the target moves around so much.

7. Cliffhanger
Costs: 15 NP
You usually win: 100 NP (and intelligence boost if on hard)
Cliffhanger is good for the people good at Wheel of Fortune and hangman. Sometimes theyíre trickier because of the regular sayings with a NeoPets twist. Your parents wonít be much of a help here.

6. Lenny Trivia
Costs: Free!
You usually win: 25 NP for every correct answer
Lenny Trivia is a great game for new players. Itís totally free, and with four correct answers you get 100 NP. Some are trickier then the other, but with a huge bundle of questions, you can afford to miss a few.

5. The Wheel of Excitement
Costs: 100 NP
You usually win: 200 to 10,000 NP, assorted prizes, or pain
The Wheel of Excitement is for the richer of the Neopians. Iíve hit 10,000 and 2,000 a couple times, and has been a big help in the game. I havenít hit prizes often, but theyíre usually healing potions. The pain? You'll have to find out for yourself.

4. Meerca Chase
Costs: Free!
You usually win: 100 to 500 NP
Iím not the best at this game, seeing I can only play on easy without dying (hehe) but it pays out if you keep a cool head. Fish Neggs help a lot, being worth 50 NP each, and every Negg counts. Just watch out for the red ones.

3. Poogle Solitaire
Costs: 15 NP
You usually win: 50 to 500 NP
Poogle Solitaire is good for problem solvers. Once you know the way to get down to a few Poogles, you can win this game over and over. The one drawback is you can only play for NP once a day.

2. Cheat!
Costs: 50 NP every round
You usually win: 4,000 to 6,000 NP total
Cheat! is on of the highest paying games. The one major drawback is that it takes so long to play. You usually make the same amount of NP for catching cheaters as you do for winning the round. A tip for all the fellow Cheat! players out there: Donít cheat unless you have to. Stupid moves will only make you lose.

And of course, the number one game isÖ [drum roll]

1. Switch-A-Roo
Costs: Free!
You usually win: It depends
The newly released Switch-A-Roo has become my favourite game, and probably will for any other long playing NeoPets user. Medium is pretty easy, and I have yet to lose. Letís say you have been playing for 400 days. The maximum bet you can place is that times two plus 20 NP. So you could bet anything up to 820 NP. If you select medium and win, not only will you win your bet back, but youíll win an extra 820 NP also! This is the greatest game, I believe, seeing itís freeÖunless you lose of course.

I hope this guide helps you get the NP that you need! These are the best games in my view, but it might vary for different players. Remember to try out a game first before betting high amounts on it, just so you know what youíre doing. Bye!