The Kindness of Strangers: The story of Shadole

by Cabbitlady

Day breaks on the shore of Carribea Bay and the sun glistens with an inspiring warmth. One would think that this was the most wondrous sight in the world, the gulls flying, the natives singing, the sound of the sapphire waves caressing the soft, silky, beach. This is how it is, every morning on Mystery Island (which makes Carribea Bay the most spectacular place to visit). This is how my life would be every day, and I love that. Or, I would have.....

Sometimes you take your life for granted, and you really don't notice until it's gone. This is something both my owner and I would have to learn. Everything was going just fine, nothing unusual to happen. Just the same old boring stuff. Playing beach ball at the sea shore, swimming with the Peophins, managing my mothers store. The store. That did it. My mother, psychochica51, was bored with her life. Suspecting she was the most unfortunate person in the world and thinking all she had was her store. The most she cared about was her store so she revamped. We all thought it was amazing, VampireSaige and I. The store had cabbit pictures hanging on the walls, it was renamed Cabbitville, there was even a life size poster of Ryo-Ohki. Psychochica51 even changed her name to cabbitlady for the shop! Now that's really what did us in.

The name cabbitlady inspired her and she grew into rapid excitement. We overheard her on the phone talking to her brother, pikabond. "Yes, so I'm going to have it changed! Isn't that great? Oh I know! Uh huh, Oh yeah, well I'm going to p-" At that point we thought she was turning around so we flew to our rooms, literally.

We were jumping up and down on our beds! Mom was getting a new name! Hurrah! But how? Unfortunately, we were about to find out. We took a stroll down to Neopia central. We thought we were getting a new family member when we arrived at a curios wooden desk, decorated with things ranging from tickle gum, to poison snowballs. VampireSaige and I were almost bounding down the hallway to search for a sister when it happened. Cold yellow hands covered in liver spots picked us up and we were tossed into separate cold, dank cages. We, had been abandoned. Our mother came down the hall. Perhaps it was just a joke! Well, it wasn't, she told us she would be back in a few minutes to pick us up. VampireSaige and I gossiped about the boys at school. Suddenly I heard footsteps. Saige jumped up and screamed "Mommy!" Unfortunately it wasn't.

I sat in my cage, lonely, watching another girl walk off with Saige, crying in her arms. I saw the back of the lady's jacket. It had said Bli- then it was cut off by the Uni's wings. When would I see the Uni? When would I be set free to rejoin my sister? Oh, I was set free all right. But not to be reunited. Another girl walked down the hallway. She looked nice and she picked me up. "My, you are a cute little Eyrie! Look at that beautiful Christmas coat! But we will have to clear up that Neopox..."


"Well, I'll see what I can do. Uh huh. Well, First I want Neopox Pizza and I'll think about it. All right, good-bye."

That was my new mother. We lived on the same island just a few miles down of my home. We were in Sunset Harbor. The sun shone even brighter and the gulls sang even louder. I didn't care. I was moodier than ever. Nothing could make me happy. I had the Neopox, my sister and mother were gone, and now some secretive business. Psh. I hated my life. The only thing I hated more was humans. The lady came to me and I snarled. "Relax." She said. Yeah right, I thought about asking her if she was ever put in the pound but kept my tongue. "Your mother is sending over the Neopox Pizza and then you might go back to her."

The word might almost sent me into a fit of rage, but it also soothed me. Later that day, she picked up the phone. "Sorry, you aren't getting Shadole back. But you will get her pet. Good bye."

I heard the news. I Flew around the house screeching but I couldn't move much longer for the pain of my ailment forced me to come crashing down onto a tiger striped cabinet. I barely had my eyes open when I saw my pet pet, of which I had forgotten, a bat boy being put into a box and exchanged with another. Something smelled foul, I hated humans more than ever now so I told myself it was my owner. But it was the pizza. She put it in my mouth and the Neopox came off. My eyes brightened. I can't believe this! She was so kind! But after all I had done...why...I started regaining my respect for humans through out the time I spent with my new mother when the phone rang. I jumped around, maybe it was another chocolate bar offer!!! Nope.

"OK, yes I will. I can see she misses you very much. She is happy but each time she sees a cabbit she gets very depressed. Tell you what. For a paint brush, I will do it. Purple would be lovely. Oh OK. Then green. Yes, she'll be right over."

My eyes grew wide like saucers. "Shadole, girl. I love you. I'm going to regret this, but, you are going home to your mother."

At once I flew up, as happy as could be and my stomach was full of butterflies. Then I looked at my foster mom's face as she fitted a jacket onto my wings. She was tearful. We walked solemnly down to the beach and every once in a while I glanced up. Tears were silently dripping from her face. I had realized for the first time that humans really were caring. And were not evil and cruel. We stopped and I looked up. There was my mother! I leapt into her arms as she gave a green paint brush to my foster. I wrapped my wings around her and turned my head to my foster. She was smiling, weakly. I jumped down and strolled over. I nodded my head and something strange happened. From above my eyes, came a Dewey drop. It was small, and pure. I looked at my foster and spoke for the first time to her.

"Thank You T5," T5 was her nickname. "You have taught my a lot. You have raised me well. Take this drop. Put it into a cup and it will forever be filled. I won't forget you."

We had our final good-byes and walked quietly home. When I arrived there I saw two others. One looked like the old me, and the other just like my sister! I was awestruck. My mother said, "Welcome home, these are your sisters, they were born shortly after you left. This is Tosh, her real name is TheOriginalShadole. And this is Vampire_Saige. Call her Vierra, she wont respond otherwise. They have been waiting a long time."

I didn't wait for further explanation and we began to ruff and tumble all over the place. Suddenly we all stopped. We all looked up and simultaneously said. "Momma, where is Saige?"

The End

We all enjoy ourselves these days, we roll around on the sand, play in the shop, and go to Faerieland quite often. Saige is still not with us, and Cabbitlady my mother is still making negotiations with the foster parent. And my sisters, well, they are all part of another story...a story I will tell another day.