Lupina of Verdancia: Part Three

by thegreatlupelover

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As they entered Arlino's cave, the two friends looked around. Surrounding them were shelves lined with books, potions, and magical items, all neatly stacked and sorted.

Arlino led them past all these shelves, and they soon found themselves in a large cavern. At the entrance stood a blue Kougra and a green Aisha.

"You've finally arrived!" the Kougra said excitedly. "I'm Emala and that's my best friend, Lily."

"Hi," Lily said shyly.

"I'm Lupina," Lupina said, "and this is my best bud Rosy. Nice to meet you."

"So you're the one with the Lupe Moon Charm." Lily's eyes widened.

"Oh, wow!" Emala said, impressed.

Arlino interrupted the conversation. "You do not have a lot of time. Come. You must get your supplies." He led them over to the center of the cave, where a big pile of stuff stood.

"Here, for each of you, I have a map, a book, three of each type of Faerie, three healing potions, three frost cannons, 1,000 Neopoints, and a Small Metal Shield. I also included a full set of Gelert Armour and a Gelert Wand for you, Rosy. For Lupina, I added a set of temporary Morphing Potions. For Emala, I added 10 Basic Lightning Beams. For Lily, I added two blasters and a Wooden Blocking Shield. I also gave each of you a random paintbrush. Here, take your packs. You must go now. I would suggest you each open one of each Faerie once you get outside. I also suggest you paint yourselves; it might come in handy."


The four new friends sat outside, painting themselves carefully. Rosy had gotten a Cloud Paintbrush, to her delight. Lily was absorbed in a Faerie Paintbrush, and Emala was busy in painting herself shadowed. Lupina had just finished with her Fire Paintbrush.

The foursome looked at each other, making nice remarks.

"Oh, Emala, you look awesome like that."

"Lupina, you look so daring!"

Lily put a halt to the chatter. "Now we have to open one of each Faerie, remember?" She opened a jar and freed one of her Air Faeries. "Cool!" she said. "I got Air Shield!"

"I got Invisibility," came Lupina's voice front right behind her ear. Suddenly, Lupina popped back into visibility.

"Flight," Emala said.

"Haste," Rosy announced her new ability.

"Now comes Darkness," Lupina said. She lifted the lid from the jar. "Night vision."

"Mine is Drain Life," Emala said.

"Be careful around us!" Lily shuddered. "Mine is Temporal Leak.

"And mine is Shroud," came Rosy's voice.

"Well, we must be of good faith," Lily laughed. "I can just barely see you."

Soon, for earth, Lupina had Tough Skin, Rosy had Magic Pebbles, Lily had Alchemy, and Emala had Regeneration. Then, for fire, Lupina had Boil, Rosy had Fireball, Lily had Song of the Volcano, and Emala had Fiery Gaze. Then, for Light, Lupina received Bless, Rosy got Sun Ray, Psychic Blast was given to Emala, and Lily got Magic Torch. Lastly, for water, Lupina got Water Jet, Rosy received Water of Life, Lily got Water Breathing, and Emala received Bubble Shield.

"Well, with our new abilities, we should be able to handle the first part of our journey," Lily said happily. "Now, it's off to battle!"

Lupina consulted one of her books. It was an atlas of Neopia. Apparently, they needed to head southeast. That meant crossing the river.

"I guess we'll have to swim across," Lupina said decisively.

"Sorry," Lily apologised. "But I can't swim."

The four friends sat and thought about it a little. Then Emala turned. "Of course! Lily, you got that ability from your water Faerie, Water Breathing! You can walk along the bottom while the rest of us swim across." The rest applauded this idea.

As Lupina entered the stream, she shivered. Now, because of her fire color, water seemed even colder. However, she swam safely across. So did the others. Then, Lily, looking rather afraid, stepped into the water. She began walking. Now only the tips of her long ears were showing. Now she was completely submerged.

Five minutes later, Lily's ear tips were showing. Then her head. Then her body. Now she was all the way out!

"That wasn't so bad," Lily said, flapping her wings to dry them.

"There's only one problem: These." She indicated her wings.

"Oh well," Lupina said. "It worked. And I'm feeling warm enough to go on."

The friends walked on through the trees. It was a pleasant day. A gentle breeze, combined with the warmth from the sun, dried them off quickly.

As the friends continued southeast, Rosy took out a book called 'The People of Neopia.' She flipped the pages until she found the area that they were in. She then borrowed Lupina's atlas and discovered that to keep going southeast, they would have to go through a maze of caves. When they got to the center, there would be a teleporter that would take them to the other side of the mountain that the caves would be inside. But guarding that teleporter would be an army of evil Korbats.

When Rosy explained to the rest, they stopped to develop a plan. They would rope themselves together in the cave so they wouldn't get lost. Lily would use Magic Torch to light the way, and Lupina would scout ahead using Night Vision.

Lily decided to look through one of the books in her backpack. It turned out to be a treasure.

Inside, the book was packed with directions on how to get through mazes, cross rivers, climb mountains, and other sorts of things. But the best thing was, they had specific directions for this maze. The book even suggested that, before entering, you should free a Light Faerie So they each did so. This time, Lupina got Flash, Rosy got Mote Dance, Lily got Restore, and Emala got Bless.

With their new abilities, the four questers set off. Soon, they arrived at the entrance of the caves. Lily activated Magic Torch, and, just for safety, Lupina activated Night Vision.

As they entered the cave, Lily read from her book. "At the first intersection, turn left," she said."Oh, and now, go to the center. Right. Right. Left. Center. Left. Right. Now go to the center and we should arrive at the center."

And sure enough, they arrived at the center. It was a huge cavern, three times the size as Arlino's main cave. In the center was the teleporter. But before it hovered a formidable band of Korbats.

Rosy jumped straight into action. Activating Mote Dance, she used Sun Ray at the mob closest to the teleporter. They shriveled up in the light. Lupina jumped forward and used Flash. The Korbats were blinded. With a Psychic Blast from Emala, another group of Korbats were gone. Spotting the leader, Lupina jumped on him. He savagely bit into her leg, but a Flash blinded him. Rosy used Sun Ray, Emala did Psychic Blast, and Lily tore madly at his wings. She blasted a laser beam, and used a frost cannon to coat the Korbat leader in yellow frost. Still, the Korbat fought on. Suddenly, Lupina's Lupe Moon Charm began to glow. The glow became more and more intense. Then, with the sound of a cannon, the light exploded. It flooded the room. With a psychic blast from Emala, the Korbat shriveled up as life passed from his body. Rosy jumped up to see if there were any Korbats left, but they had all disappeared when their chief passed away. Then she looked back down. Lupina, exhausted, had fainted. Rosy quickly used Water of Life. Soon, with Rosy's magical water, they were all healed and ready to go again.

"Who's first?" Rosy asked.

"Lupina!" the vote was unanimous. Lupina stepped forward and placed her paw on the teleporter. Instantly, she found herself in a woodland glade. She lay down on the soft moss and waited for the others. Soon Emala was lying beside her. Finally, Rosy came through the teleporter right after Lily. Lily quickly fluttered out of the way.

After resting a while, the friends journeyed on. As the sun set, they lay down to sleep. Lupina wanted to stay awake and think, but the moss was so soft and cool, she drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...