Need Neopoints?

by ProphetSerendipity

I may be able to help...

Every week there are more and more articles in the Neopian Times about making Neopoints. And I may just be adding to the clutter, however, I may be able to help the readers who are truly interested in every bit of information they can get.

I'll start with a little story about myself. I started out in December - right before the new year. I'd been a NeoPets member before, but their site got so much better than my computer could handle, and to make a long story short, I was forced to abandon my pets and donate all I had left to the money tree and give what few items I had to my Neofriends.

With my return came many changes and unexpected surprises. Things had become a lot more expensive, however you also got more out of the games, and there were more opportunities to make Neopoints, and more Neopoints at that. So I had my Gelert, Funahou, and 550 Neopoints A very average start to say the least.

Now, a little under two months later, I'm nearing the 200,000 NP mark in my bank account. So how did I manage to make all these Neopoints? I won't lie - this did not come to me right away and many times I had to leave Funahou alone, hungry overnight. But here are my tips for you, on how to make Neopoints the easiest way possible.

~ Play games. Gormball, Codebreakers, Bullseye, Kikomatch, Pokematch and a few others are very rewarding and the more you play them, the better you become, thus giving you more Neopoints If you win, say, 500 NP from one game DO NOT spend them all right away thinking you can go back and get more. These games do have limits on how many times a day you can make Neopoints

~ Sign up with sponsors. You get 250-500 points just by filling out a few forms. It helps the NeoPets team as well, since they need to get funding from sponsors to keep us Neopians happy and to keep themselves from getting into economic troubles! My personal favorites are the ones you get plushies for. If you get a rare one? Hold onto it, I'll talk about THAT next! Rare plushies can be sold for top dollar - but make sure it's not excessive!

~ Create a shop. So what if it costs 250 Neopoints to open one. Sign up with a sponsor and use that money to start your shop if you must. You'll start out low, yes, I did too. But if you check your prices with the shop wizard, trust me. Keep your prices competitive and lower them slightly if you notice no one has bought anything from you in awhile.

~ Don't go out and buy that buzzer or bloopy you want. Your pet does not need a pet to survive. It needs food and toys to keep it full and content. Buying things like faeries and codestones will not help you this early in the game. Once you get a nice amount of Neopoints then a Faerie once a month or a codestone every now and then will not kill you. But not now.

~ Bank account. Yes, you even get a few Neopoints by opening a bank account!! If you put your Neopoints in there, the ghosts will not steal it. And you get a deposit box, too! My deposit box is chock full of rare items. Every time I get one I put it in my box for safe keeping. I don't want the pant devil to come and steal my starry Blumaroo plushie and I don't think you want yours stolen either. And once you get above 15,000 NP you get daily interest. That's free Neopoints people...

~ Give yourself an allowance. If you win 10,000 NP at the Wheel of Excitement, go put 9,000 of it in your bank account and spend the other 1,000 on things for your shop or your pets. And reasonable prices, too. For 1,000 Neopoints I can probably track down some pretty good deals and make a nice profit off of my shop while I'm at it. The more Neopoints you make in a day, the more you can spend in a day. As long as you gain Neopoints then you're on the right track.

~ Don't fall for scams. People who claim to have a contest in which they will give you 1 million Neopoints if you buy the most from their shop are flat out lying. You can't "give" people Neopoints Items are another story, but don't expect to get Codestones or a full set of Faeries from someone with a size 5 shop... that's just being a little silly, isn't it?

~ Submit and contribute! If all else fails, use your creativity. Submit to storytelling, poems and pictures, and, if you put any effort into them, most likely at least one will be accepted. And then you get some more free Neopoints, isn't Neopia great? If you keep using your talents, who knows where you can go or how much you can make!

By now you're all probably grumbling because I have 200,000 Neopoints and I probably have one of those computers with a T3 line and a 1.8 Gigahertz computer, right? WRONG! I have a 56k dail-up, and it is near impossible to get anything from the shops. And I use my laptop to access NeoPets most times. And it's hard, since I have no mouse.

If I can become successful under these conditions, those of you with fast connections and nice equipment to work with can totally leave me in the dust. If you don't put any effort into NeoPets, then you won't be rewarded as you like. But please, this is for fun. Do not get frustrated and do not get mad. NeoPets is a game and it's made for our enjoyment. ;) Even if it is a little bit addicting.