The Adventures of Quia the Gelert and Lupe: Part Two

by theexplorer1f6iop

"It’s like he got ‘em brains. He has two noggins or sometin’," said Zaww.

"You’re right, he is part Gelert, part Lupe," said Tiffer.

"Ow did ye end up like this, boy?" said Greg.

"Ummmmm, what?" said Quia.

"Ow did ye end up like this?" he repeated.

"I’m hungry…" said Quia.

"This kid's gonna be a problem," said Greise.

Next morning…

Aisha’s meeting. "What are we gonna do with this, um, uh, Gelupe?" said Zaww.

"Why don’t we make ‘im a worker or slave?" said Freit.

"He’s still an infant, why don’t we just lock ‘im for know, and when we get back we’ll make ‘im a slave?" said Greg.

"We don’t need ‘im, just git rid of ‘im," said Mary.

"Hmmm, I don’t know," said Greise.

"I say we lock ‘im up and make ‘IM a slave, don’t we need a extra one anyway?" said Tiffer.

"Agreed," said Greise.

Tiffer heard Quia screaming in the other room.

"Get in the cage, you baby!" yelled Aseeil.

This group of Aishas weren’t mean, they just didn’t care if they found a pet lying on an island by itself, they were the type of Aisha that cared more about their village and family members. The Aishas also had slaves, mostly dog NeoPets like Quia.

"I’ll get you!" yelled Quia.

"You will? Well see you around! Try to "get us" on the way! Ha!" laughed Freit as he closed the door.

Tiffer came in. "How you doin’?" asked Tiffer.

"Shut up! Get away!" yelled Quia.

"Saying that isn’t going to help you," said Tiffer.

"Saying what? I didn’t say anyth- shut up! Get away!" said Quia.

"I saved your life…if everyone agreed with Mary before I reminded them of Greg’s idea, you would be a goner," said Tiffer.

"Why do you have slaves, why don’t you let them be free?" said Quia.

"I...well, don’t ask so many questions, it's bad for you!" said Tiffer and went out of the room.

To be continued...