The Adventures of Quia the Gelert and Lupe: Part One

by theexplorer1f6iop

Quia was no ordinary Gelert, or no ordinary Lupe, he is part Gelert, part Lupe, so I guess you can call him a Gelupe. He was born on an UNEXPLORED ISLAND, which will soon be discovered as this story unfolds. So here it goes. Two explorers were traveling, on different boats, and what a coincidence, well actually, most of this story is a coincidence, a baby had just been born on both, one was a Gelert, one a Lupe.

And as they came closer, the last piece of land was being formed to make a new island and it soon was going to erupt. And because they were paying attention to their babies only, they collided, when the new land erupted. Both boats exploded, the new parents died, and the babies were shot up in the air, collided, turning into a single NeoPet, the only NeoPet made out of two.

As you read this story, remember that Quia has two minds, each one says different things.So he may say one thing, forgets it, and says another. He usually forgets everything he says. It was two NeoPets in one, and it had a very long and complicated story...

It grew up to be three on that island, and for a long time, it didnít have a name. But it got one sooner or later, when an explorer ship hit the sand. It was an Aisha ship.

"LAND!" yelled Sir. Greise. Quia woke up, and sat up.

"Bad sir?" he asked.

"What is it?" Greise asked one of his workers.

"A Lupe," said Greg.

"No, itís a Gelert," said Zaww.

"Could he be both?!!" yelled Greise.

"Iíll get a closer look," said Zaww. "He is both!"

"Well Iíll be darned! He is both!" said Greg.

"What should we call Ďim?" said Zaww.

"He probably already has a name," said Greg.

"Ye too young to be all by yourself, we have to put ye on board," said Greise.

"So what your name, kid?" asked another explorer, Lady Tiffer.

"Name?" said Quia.

"You know, what name yer mum and father give ya?" she said.

"No nameÖ" said Quia.

"Kidís got no name," said Tiffer to Greg.

"What Ďbout Quia?" said Greg.

"Good," said Quia.

"Good," said Greg.

"How did ye end up here?" said Tiffer. Quia shrugged.

"Doesnít know how he came to get here! Get that!" laughed Zaww.

"Who are ye?" said Tiffer.

"I donít knowÖ" said Quia.

"I donít know," repeated Quia.

"You already said that," said Tiffer.

"Huh?" said Quia.

"You hungry?" said Tiffer.

"No," said Quia.

"Yes," said Quia.

Quia walked right, then stared. Then he walked left, and turned.

"This kidís messed up," said Greise.

"Whatís he doing?" said Tiffer.

"No," said Quia.

To be continued...