The Life of Poogle49--Life Is Hard

It all started 5 months ago when I was not even born...

by jenn49

Looks are Everything?!

I was her very first NeoPet..but that was a long time ago, and things have changed....

by Sah the Acara

Meet Flame the Tame

As they walked deeper into the forest, it started growing darker and darker.

by dameraven

The Mischief Makers

The Seven Mischief-Makers, as they called themselves, devoted their time to wreaking havoc in Neopia.

by ioanacristina007

The New Addition

"Yes, uh huh, that's right, Ms. Worley. Ten O' clock tomorrow sound good?" I looked up. My owner was talking to the head of the adoption agency.

by Missy398 (a Wocky)

My Owner's Mistake

I couldn't believe it. My owner was going to leave me with a strange man for a week.

by cleffalover (through the eyes of a Quiggle)

Poogle Mountain

Up in the clouds where it's too cold for most NeoPets to go, there is a mountain. But not just any mountain, Poogle Mountain!

by Kaupu

Purrows the Little Aisha

Once upon a time, in the land we all know and love called Neopia, there lived a small Aisha named Purrows.

by aishachick100

The Time I Visited Neopia

To her amazement, the colors on her screen started to swirl up! Then all of a sudden a wind picked her up and sucked her into the computer!

by Kate19

What Did I Do?

My day began as a regular day, I would wake up, get my own breakfast, because my old owner first of all was always to lazy to get out of bed in the morning...

by Secret28

A Wizard Is Born

Caspian was irritable and exhausted, and certainly in no mood to haggle. But he kept his cool. "Sir, I must kindly ask you to leave if you are going to have that kind of attitude in my shop."

by silverdragon6