The Alien Aisha Rogue: Part Three

The Chia looked at the Wocky, tense with a fire in his eyes. Understanding what he meant, Intrepid_7 nodded.

by outrageous7

Demonsong: Part Two

The mist suddenly evaporated, as did the pictures, for the ground was beginning to tremble beneath the hut.

by dragonsfang

Dreamscape: Part Two

"Your father didn't tell you? The king has sent the four forces to help you!"

by moonsaiyanprincess

The Last Bowl of Soup: Part Three

When we got outside the sun was shining and the rain was only drizzling, leaving a damp feeling in the air.

by Littlestarfaerie

NEFF Adventures: Part Five

A particular bright flash of lighting occurred, and they were surrounded by pairs of red eyes.

by mkjagz

The Second Chance: Parts Two and Three

To be honest, street life wasn't exactly better than life at the pound.

by vivienip

Prypha and Merfeud: Part Four

Prypha flew as fast as her fragile wings could take her and found Terren's hut. He was packing his things for leaving.

by avidwriter88

Sense of Fate II: Part Five

But I thought about that already. I rigged that Dark Jewel to carry a bomb that'll destroy Neopia if anyone touches it.

by Ultima999

The Neopian Adventure: Part Five

The only sound heard was that of Hairiru's claws tapping the floor as they climbed the height of the tower.

by _drake_