What It Feels Like To Be Abandoned

by A Blumaroo

Hello. I will not tell my name, because I do not want to offend anybody. I am a blue Blumaroo. I have a story to tell. My owner said I should tell it because of all the pets that get abandoned. So here it goes.

I was abandoned a long time ago. Back in summer. I was still pretty young, so I don't really know why my old owner abandoned me. But I am pretty sure it had something to do with Neopoints.

I remember her getting me up early one morning, we lived in a old apartment building in a bad part of town. She looked troubled. I noticed she didn't wake any of her other three pets up, and I began to wonder. She took me to the kitchen, and for once, fed me a half decent breakfast. She was silent the whole time, which was strange. Why isn't she in her shop? I thought. This whole thing was strange. Then she told me to take my favourite teddy bear(a ripped and torn hand-me-down) and that we were going out.

Not many people were out. It was still early morning. She took me to a strange building. I had seen it, but I never knew what it was. She opened the door and we were in a plain white hallway. There were two doors. One said Adoption, and the other said Abandon. Now I knew what this was, this must be a pound. My heart started beating fast.

I closed my eyes as she pulled me towards a door. Please don't abandon me! please, PLEASE don't abandon me! I screamed over and over in my head. We reached a door and she pulled me inside.

I opened my eyes and looked around. There was a door that said Pound on it. There was lots of screeching, yelling, and whining coming from behind it. A mean lady looked at us. My owner went up to her. "I would like to put my Blumaroo up for adoption please." She said. She looked timid, and kind of sad as she said it. The lady eyed her.

"You sure?" she growled.

My owner gulped. "Yes ma'am." she said.

"Fine then." the lady said. She grabbed my paw and pulled me away.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted. "NO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME!" I screamed as the lady pulled me towards the door leading to the pound. But my owner was already on her way. I started to cry. Why was she doing this to me? I was so confused.

The lady threw me into a wire cage. The room was very cold and I shivered. I looked around. All the pets looked very sad, very tired, and very hungry. They didn't even bother to look at me. I noticed a lot of them were crying. I sniffled, and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up the next morning. I blinked. Some pets were awake, and some were asleep. I noticed some looked so weak. I was starving so I turned to the Skeith next to me.

"Excuse me," I said. This Skeith didn't look half as scary as I usually found them.

He was almost too weak to lift his head. "What?" he could barely say.

"I was wondering when we get fed" I asked.

"Not often, never really" he sighed.

"Never?!" I said.

"Never at all? How are you still alive?!"

"They only feed us enough to keep us barely alive." He looked toward one of the pets. "Some never adjust though," he said. Someone adopted me that day. He was mean and traded me to someone else, who then put me back in the pound, angry because she was scammed by the mean person that claimed I had lots of battle abilities. It took a week for someone to adopt me. By that time, some pets disappeared, some were adopted, and others just sat around.

I was happy when my current owner got me. I have three brothers and sisters and my owner loves me a whole lot. She even sent me to the best hotel with all the extras. I hope everyone out there makes and effort to adopt at least one of their pets. Then there would be much less in the pound.