The History of Neopia and Neopia's Economy


I've been playing NeoPets for longer than I like to admit now, and since I first started (oh, the good old days) there have been many dramatic and major changes to the site. Just think about what NeoPets was like when you first went on it. For me, there was no Gormball (horror!), no Mystery Isle (what, no traveling?), no other worlds, not as many games, and definitely no Battledome on the horizon. Those are all good points, but what not so good points have occurred since then? Well some of the prices of things have gone rather strange lately. 250 NP to open a shop and 10,000 NP to get a pets pet? that can't be right now can it? The reason Neopia is like this is because of the price of things in the market.

Last week I encountered a copy of 'caring for Tatsus" for 1250 NP What's going on? are these people mad? The reason is, people who are starting out see the price of some things that are rare and say, 'hey, I'm selling my items far too cheaply, people must be making loads while I'm making pennies. Lets put the price high." And the reason everyone seems to be doing better than you is because of cheats. YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT! CHEATS!!! Many cheats and bugs have been blocked out, but some still live, like the infamous "hunter seeker" program. Please, Neopians, don't use cheats. Why do people use them? NeoPets is a game. It's meant to be enjoyed. You are supposed to have fun making money and raising your pet, not letting some program do the work for you. Now on to my next point, yesterday I spent thousands of NPs on weaponry and stock for my shop, and now I have only 900 NP.

This experience has really opened my eyes, and I know how hard it is trying to get back on track, and earn enough money to raise four pets and a business, due to everything getting more and more expensive. Just think about this when you price your items. If you are rich, put your price a bit lower for the little people, and donate!!! Don't forget to donate to the money tree. But those rich Neopians who hang around the money tree and get the items quickly, you know who you are. I hope you have had fun reading my article, and have learned something from it. Bye for now!!