Sense of Fate: Part Two

by Ultima999

Ultima999: What's up guys?

Sizzleburn: Ack! A huge monster from Dr. Sloth attacked!

Ultima999: You guys have had way too many of that new soda from-

Rekozen: Really! The Space Faerie told me in a dream!

Ultima999: Right.... No more sodas for you guys!

Sizzleburn: If you don't believe us than see the monster frozen right there!

Just as Ultima999 looks at the huge Bug Guy, they hear a loud bang outside.

Rekozen: Let's go see what that was!

Rekozen and Sizzleburn run outside as all of the NeoPets and NeoPet owners move towards the center of the Mysterious Island, a huge video screen appears over the sky. Dr. Sloth's face appears.

Dr. Sloth: Mua ha ha ha! Your pathetic island will be destroyed!

Someone: Bring it on!

Someone else: We beat you once!

Another person: You couldn't hurt a blind monkey!

Dr. Sloth: You're pushing it!

Everyone goes silent.

Dr. Sloth: This time I have a plan that will work for sure! Mua ha ha ha!

Sizzleburn (whispering to Rekozen): I think he's a bit stupid....

Dr. Sloth: I heard that! Who said that?

Everyone remains silent.

Dr. Sloth: Don't play dumb! Of course it's the blue Techo standing by the red Kacheek! I heard it plain as day!

Sizzleburn: Who? Me? Nah! You got the wrong Neo-

Dr. Sloth: Silence! Come here.....

Sizzleburn: (gulp) O-Okay....

Suddenly, a bright flash of light blinds everyone.

Space Faerie: Hold it right there Dr. Sloth!

Dr. Sloth: You again?! You spoiled my plans last time. Now suffer!


As the crowd watches in horror, the Space Faerie is transformed into an ugly, angry beast.

Evil Space Faerie: I...must...destroy....

Dr. Sloth: Then capture that stupid Techo over there!

Sizzleburn: Ah! No! Please!

The Evil Space Faerie chases Sizzleburn all over the island.

Dr. Sloth: As for the rest of you, your doom awaits you. I have summoned a giant asteroid to hit the Mystery Island. It won't destroy you, but simply...mutate you all into VirtuPets!

Ultima999 comes out with popcorn and a soda.

Ultima999: Hey! Keep it down! I'm trying to watch a movie!

Dr. Sloth: You just did something very stupid. Now prepare to suffer, just like the Space Faerie!

News-A-Roo: This is a special report! It appears that Dr. Sloth has taken over the Mystery Island! The Neo Defence Force is planning an attack on Dr. Sloth even as we speak. Also, we have received information about a giant asteroid, it seems to be heading straight toward the Mystery Island. Tune in at 10:00 P.M. tonight for more information!

Meanwhile, on the Mystery Island...

Rekozen: Ack! What did you do to Ultima999?

Dr. Sloth: Silence! I'll ask the questions around here! But if you must know I turned him into a toad.


Rekozen: Ack!

Evil Space Faerie: Excuse me, master. The Techo is very...fast.

Dr. Sloth: Nevermind that. The asteroid shall hit soon and VirtuPets will live on!

Sizzleburn (staring at the sky): Uh oh. It's coming....

Everyone hears tanks and jets streaming towards them.

General Korbat: Come out, Dr. Sloth, so we can blast you into dust.


Dr. Sloth: What? Are you TELLING me what to do?

General Korbat: I think I am, Sproutface!

Everyone: Gasp!

Dr. Sloth: That is...IT!

A powerful beam charges up. The tanks and jets released the thousands of bombs, nukes, cannons, and bullets like rain on Dr. Sloth All of which bounces off and starts hitting the crowd.

Everyone (running around): Ah!!!

Rekozen grabs Sizzleburn and picks up Ultima999.

Rekozen: We gotta get out of here!

Ultima999: Ribbit!

Rekozen: Oh shut up.

Sizzleburn: Look! There's a transport! We can get to Neopia and warn everyone there and save ourselves!

Rekozen and Ultima999 stare at Sizzleburn.

Sizzleburn: ....Why do all the heroes of stories act so honourable! I say we save ourselves to save others!

More staring each other.

Rekozen: ....Fine. Let's go.

Something has happened! You find a Kirby Doll on the floor!

Sizzleburn: Oooo! I've always wanted one of these....Say, don't we need this for a quest?

Rekozen: Come ON!!!

Rekozen grabs Sizzleburn who drops the doll and brings Ultima999 and Sizzleburn into the transport.

Sizzleburn: Okay, here we go!

Ultima999: Ribbit!

Rekozen + Sizzleburn: Oh shut up!

Suddenly, the Evil Space Faerie spots them and charges towards them.

Rekozen: Um, anyone got a weapon?

Sizzleburn:Well, no.

Ultima999: Ribbit!

Before they can say shut up, General Korbat jumps in front of them and blasts his Rainbow Frost Cannon at the Evil Space Faerie, who is transformed back to normal, but falls asleep.

Sizzleburn: Whoa! Thanks!

General Korbat: No problem. I'll come with you to warn the rest of Neopia. My soldiers will hold Dr. Sloth off.

Rekozen: Then we better hurry. That asteroid will hit any minute now.

Ultima999: Ribbit!

General Korbat: We'll split up when we get there. That blue Techo and I will go get the rest of the Neo Defence Force, while you, the red Kacheek, and that toad will go to the news station and warn News-A-Roo, the famous reporter!

Rekozen: Okay!

Sizzleburn: I guess....

Ultima999: Ribbit! Ribbit!

Rekozen + Sizzleburn: Oh shut up!