The Land Of Noz: Part Three

by fletcherdog

The friends had grown closer together and were now traveling faster and making good time. "We just need to go through these woods and we're there!" Lindsay said with excitement.

"At this rate I will be home in time for dinner!"

The woods where dark and thick. "D-d-d do you think there are any evil monsters in these woods?" Dr.Sloth stuttered.

"Probably," Nomie said.

"What kind of monsters?" Lindsay asked nervously.

"Mostly Pant Devils, Ghost Lions, and I heard Balthazar lived in these woods!"

"Balthazar?" Lindsay asked isn't he that criminal faerie thieve? What would he be doing here?" she asked shivering.

"Well I heard that he lives near Noz and comes to Neopia sometimes to steal the faeries that live there."

"Oh my," Lindsay said. The friends began to walk faster. "Devils and Lions and thieves! Oh my!"

"Devils and Lions and thieves! Oh my!" they sang together.

Just then something jumped out at them from behind the bushes. "Ahhhh!" Dr.Sloth screamed and hid behind Lindsay.

"Oh!" the creature said, "I thought you where some singing faeries! Well, since you aren't, I can go back and try to get more sleep!"

"Wait a second!" Nomie said, "aren't you Balthazar?"

"You have heard of me?"

"Heard of you! You are wanted in 50 worlds!"

"Oh yes," Balthazar said, "I just can't stop stealing faeries! I wish I could stop but I can't! Look at the dark bags under my eyes! I haven't slept in weeks! I keep hoping that a faerie will fly by! It's out of control! I even try to count sheep but they just end up looking like wooly faeries!"

"Oh, we are going to the land of Noz to ask the Great Adam to help me get home and to give Slothy his power back and to make Nomie a NeoPet! Come with us! I'm sure Adam can help you!"

"Great!" said Balthazar.

"Let's go!"

They all set off through the woods and were out much faster then they thought because Balthazar knew the woods well. When they saw the end of the woods they started to run.

"Oh, I'm so happy!" Lindsay said, "I can't wait to go home!"

When they finally found their way out they where very surprised at what they saw. "Wow!" Lindsay said "It's the most beautiful place I have ever seen!" they all stared at the huge pink building. It had many lights and pointy roof tops that glittered in the sunlight.

The friends began to run up the flat pink road to Noz. Each of them had thoughts in their head of what their life would be like after the visit to the Great Adam. When they got to the door, Dr.Sloth had to ring the bell since every one else was too small to reach it. A tall, noble looking man answered the door.

"Yes?" he said.

"We have come to see the Great Adam!" Nomie said.

"What? No one can see the Great Adam! I haven't even seen him and I work here!"

"But we have come such a long way!" Lindsay said, "Can't we just see him for a moment?"

"No!" the man yelled, shutting the door.

"You better let us in!" Bathazar said.

"Yes! The Queen Faerie sent us!" added Dr.Sloth.

"Prove it!" the man said.

"Show him the ruby toaster," Nomie whispered to Lindsay.

Lindsay took the ruby toaster out of her basket and showed the man. The man's frown turned into a smile. "Well so she did!" he said, "Come in. Come in!"

The huge door swung open and they were all welcomed in by happy people all dressed in pink.

"Can you show us to the Great Adam now?" Lindsay asked.

"Sure! Sure!" the man said, "Just follow me!"

Just then the whole room filled up with dark smoke. "Oh no!" Nomie said, "Not that old Skeith again!"

But when the smoke cleared their wasn't a Skeith standing there, there was a message written on piece of paper that was on the floor. Lindsay picked up the paper and read: "Surrender Lindsay and the rest! Everyone in the Noz started to worry.

"Surrender from what?"

"Who was that note from?" questions bussed through the room.

"The Great Adam will know what to do!" someone yelled.

Everyone crowded around the door that lead to the Great Adam's room.

"The Great Adam has everything under control!"

A guard yelled, "Go home! Everything is OK!" Everyone started to leave except Lindsay and her friends.

"I said go home!" the guard shouted.

"But we have come such a long way!" Lindsay cried, "And I would do anything if I could go home right now but I can't."

"Oh, I will see what I can do!" the guard said and he turned away walking toward the Great Adam's room.

"Oh, you hear that?" Lindsay said with glee. "We might get to see the Great Adam after all!"

The friends talked about what they where going to do when their request was granted. The guard returned and said, "Follow me!" Everyone looked at each other as they followed the guard to the Great Adam's room.

"Go on in," the guard said.

"I am not so sure I want to go in," Balthazar remarked. "What if the Great Adam is angry with us?"

"Don't be silly!" Lindsay whispered. "He has no reason to be mad at us! And we came all this way! Let's at least try."

The Great Adam stood in front of Lindsay and her new friends. He was smiling. "I am here to help you."


The End