The Neo-Market Report

by Stereolab

Once again the Neopian Times welcomes our resident financial experts Neil Kauvuto and Maria Blumeroono for another installment of the Neo-Market Report. In addition to bringing you the latest from the floor of the Neodaq, our hosts will also be joined by Alan Poogleton, the new Director of Operations for Chiatech Password Security, who will be here to discuss the company's attempt at a new start in the wake of the recent password scandal. And now, here are Neil and Maria…

KAUVUTO: Hi and thank you for joining us as we present this week's edition of the Neo-Market Report. As always, I am your host Neil Kauvuto. And to my left is our lovely co-host Maria Blumeroono. Maria, there's been a lot of action on The Street so let's get started…

BLUMAROONO: Right you are, Neil. Things have been absolutely frantic as the Neodaq has doubled in a matter of days. Having closed around 2500 on Friday of last week, the index has vaulted into the rarified air of the 5000 mark. Leading the way are such blue chippers as Kacheek Telecomm, which cracked the 100,000 NP a share barrier, and Neggwork Commerce, which has rebounded from last week's poor showing to boost its shares to over 60,000 NP each. Other winners this week have included tech stocks like Techrobatic Fitness Videos, Neopian Channel One, and Yippee, as well as up-and-comers such as Peophin Water Parks, Shoyrux Enterprises, and Fearie Clothing Ltd., who saw better than expected returns on their line of designer Halloween costumes.

KAUVUTO: And, of course, there are those companies which managed to perform poorly in the face of such Bullish circumstances. Some of this week's losers include Confederation of Fish Lovers and PD Secure Storage, who yesterday held a press conference confirming that a rash of burglaries had occurred at one of their branches in Neopia Central.

BLUMAROONO: At this time we are fortunate to be joined by Alan Poogleton, who earlier this week was officially named as the new Director of Operations for Chiatech Security. Alan, thanks for coming on today…

ALAN: Thanks Maria, I'm honoured to be here today as a representative of the new Chiatech.

BLUMAROONO: Now, I'd be remiss in not mentioning the cloud of controversy that has surrounded the departure of your predecessor-

ALAN: Well Maria, I understand that it's your job to bring up such topics but, to be honest with you, as far as I'm concerned all that stuff is in the past. I have no control over the things that Bruce [Delaney, Chiatech's former Director of Operations] did during his time with Chiatech. I'm just trying to focus on what we can do to retain our position as a leader in the password security market.

KAUVUTO: Since the recent troubles your company has had, what new measures are being taken to insure that the security leaks that have plagued your company cease in recurring?

ALAN: You see Neil, at the moment we are currently devising a new encryption system which we feel will go a long a way towards solving these issues, but what our customers need to realize is that the best way to keep their accounts safe is to remember to not give their password to anybody! A substantial portion of our password violation incidents (PVI's) are caused by customers who inadvertently give out their password, and we feel that if they can keep this in mind then the number of PVI's will decrease sharply.

BLUMAROONO: Well it appears that investors like what they're hearing from Chiatech. This week your stock has made substantial strides towards regaining its former prominence.

ALAN: I have to admit that, as rosy as that sounds, I personally don't keep much of an eye on the stock price. The way I see it, I'm going to personally give 110% towards making Chiatech the best in can be, regardless of how our investors feel. As long as I keep my focus on what's best for the company then I think our investors will continue to like what they see.

KAUVUTO: Well that's going to do it for us this week, but be sure to join us next time for the Neo-Market Report. Thank you, and good night.