The Land Of Noz: Part Two

The great Adam? Who is he?

by fletcherdog

The Aisha Queen: Trials and Triumphs Chapter Three: Faerie_Green

I can't save you this time…but the Queen Aisha can.

by jigglypuff158

Battledome: Part Two

..it somehow managed to get out of its trapping bubble...

by booster_bunny

Why There Are No Black Lupes Part IV

The walls were made of black rock with little jadestones sparkling here and there.

by Silver

Chicken Fry: Part Two

...she was still flaming mad.

by avid_writer

Lost and Found: Part Two

That was right before the scream!

by Mewthree12

The Last Space Aisha Part III: Love, Evil, and War

...we want to know about our past...

by aishagirl104