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Lupina IV and the Ring of Power: Part Two

by thegreatlupelover

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Potion Exhibition

It was two days later. I was in the potions classroom again, but this time I was making a different potion. This potion would allow change shape to any other NeoPet like I could do with colours. I had just finished pouring in each of the morphing potions, and now I poured in a pint of Rainbow Pool water. I added in the same powdered Golden Ivy Leaves and Purple Grasper. Then I shot a Sparkshooter into the mixture three times and added the same air spell I had used before. I put it on the fire and opened a copy of Faerie Tales. Before too long, the potion was done. I left it to cool and read another story. Then it was ready. I drank it down. I got the same sensation. Then, when the feeling stopped, I gave the mental command to become a Gelert. I watched as my body, legs, and head became thinner and elongated slightly. Long strands sprouted from my ears. I found myself a Gelert. I turned myself into a Christmas Gelert. Then, laughing, I transformed into a Cloud Gelert. I looked just like Rosy IV! I thought of great-grandma, the two-time hero of Neopia. She would be proud of me if she could see me now. She had never been able to turn different colours and transform into different species. Happily, I transformed back into myself and headed to the library. I felt like some late night reading.

Libraries never cease to fascinate me. Myra has a huge library, with multiple copies of every book in Neopia. I remember when I was little, trotting down the wide staircase into the ballroom-sized entrance hall, running around and through the big finished pine door. I recalled the musty smell of the bookshelves as I searched for my great grandmother. I would find her, sitting in a corner, peering down through her glasses at the dusty pages of some old tome of knowledge. She would take me on her knee and read to me. She taught me to read.

I skimmed over the shelves, finally stopping at the collection of Faerie books. Faerie books attracted me. I couldn't explain it. I looked at them. Wonders of Water, Falling Leaves, Breathe, A Light At The End Of The Tunnel, A New Day - there were so many to choose from. Finally I chose A New Day. The Faerie Queen's biography was likely to be interesting. Within a few minutes, I was absorbed in the book.


I woke up. It was 7:50 AM. Potions class started in 10 minutes! I leaped out of the armchair. Suddenly, I realized a dramatic way to enter the class. I transformed myself into an invisible Grarrl. I took a few steps. No, too noisy. I switched to an invisible Kacheek and walked out into the hallway. Much better.

Turning, I saw the last of my class filtering into the classroom. Hurriedly, I walked silently in behind them. Instead of sitting in my usual chair, I stood silently by the doorway. I watched as Rosy, Lily and Emala showed their potion results. It was rather impressing. They had each done some pretty cool potions. As Emala stepped down from the little stage, I crept soundlessly onto it.

"Next up, Lupina," Ms. Carma read off her scroll. Rosy spoke up.

"She's not here."

"Well, why not?" asked Ms. Carma.

"Well, she wasn't in her bed last night, and she didn't get in line to come to class," Lily cut in.

Just then, I transformed back into a fire Lupe.

Ms. Carma looked up. "Oh, wonderful, Lupina, a Invisibility Potion." But I could sense her disappointment. She wanted something more advanced from one of her star students. Actually, I was a little offended that she thought I would do something as simple as that. I had made an Invisibility Potion for a pastime a couple weeks ago, but I had given it to Emmy, a green Tuskaninny who didn't seem to be able to do anything right and was always being picked on.

"No, Ms. Carma," I said. "Not an Invisibility Potion. Two other potions. Namely, a Painting Potion and a Multi-Morphing Potion."

The class oohed and aahed as I displayed my abilities by morphing and colour-changing from species to species, colour to colour. I even (although it's one of the species and colours I despise) turned into an Avocado Chia - ugh. I don't see why ANYONE would want to turn their Chia into an Avocado - or better yet, create a Chia at all. But some people are strange.

I continued my demonstration for a few more minutes and then I started explaining the theory of the potions. "Golden Ivy Leaves help energize and conduct the changes. The addition of the Purple Grasper is enough to stop the potions and paints from activating until the Air Spell tells them to. And I control the Air Spell," I finished. Everyone applauded. I went back down and sat in my chair, watching contentedly as the other students displayed their works.

Next, we learned about how to teleport in Charms class. That would come in handy next time I had to make a long journey, but first I would have to pass my test. Everyone needs a license to teleport, I wasn't allowed to try the test until I was six months older. What a bore.

The rest of the day went by smoothly. When it was time for bed, we all trooped upstairs. I lay down on my bed, happy and content, ready to go to sleep.

To be continued...