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Sibling Rivalry: The Lennys

by tensei

We've seen articles about that never-tiring Meerca in Meerca Chase and the brave Chomby facing his fear in Chomby and the Fungus Ball. But we've yet to hear about the inquisitive Lennys in Lenny Trivia, one of the oldest games of Neopia, and the Lenny Conundrum, one of the latest additions. Both of these Lennys baffle and amuse us with questions and all the while, we're making a Neopian living. I'm sure you've all noticed that their occupations consist of inquiring local Neopians, riddling us and quizzing our knowledge of the world which we live in. Despite this, it is a little known fact that they are, not brothers, as most of you probably think I'm about to say, but brother and *sister*.

The Lenny of Lenny Trivia was the first Lenny, a template, and he was of course named, Lenny. He was a curious little thing and practically devoured all sources of knowledge. Neopia was in the stage where they were trying to make the site more interactive and one of them decided to put Lenny's untiring curiosity to good use. This brought forth Lenny Trivia, a game which hundreds of Neopians use to not only make Neopoints but to expand what they know and realize what they don't know.

The Lenny of the Lenny Conundrum, who's real name, I have learned, is Lena, has always been in the shadow of Lenny. And the fact that it's a SHE and not a HE is also surprising to many of us. But Lenny and Lena are two peas in a pod, and Lena also held a never-ending stream of questions, to which she almost always knew the answer to. Lena, tired of her older brother (by two minutes) always in the spotlight, proposed her idea of the Lenny Conundrum to the NeoPets Staff, and lo and behold, they accepted.

Now that Lena has her share of fame, there is hardly any sibling rivalry, although there is an occasional argument over a question which they both have their own responses to.