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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

30th and 31st July - Discovery of Meridell

  • For some inexplicable reason, you just feel like kissing Mortogs today. As you wander into Meridell, you can't help but notice that it is busier than usual. To avoid the crowds you stumble into Meri Acres Farm. Lost in the fields you wander deeper into the farmland until you happen upon a friendly farmer.

  • Welcome, stranger. You certainly picked the right time to visit Meridell! ...What do you mean you just wandered over here! Didn't you know today is an extra special day for us here in Meridell? Why, even down here in Meri Acres, we celebrate this day with extra turnips, berries, and cheese. It all reminds me of a time way back when--
    What in Neopia are you doing?! You're chasing all the visitors away! Welcome one and all to Meridell! My name is Morris, and I would like to take you on a personal tour of this great land and I'll show you all the wonderful sights we have to offer here!

  • Today is one of two very special days for Meridellians. The other day is King Skarl's birthday, where we have a grand feast for a whole week! King Skarl gets to eat most of the food, however... And we lowly Neopians never get invited to the banquet so we have to have our own. In fact, only Royalty gets invited to the palace! Take these Tonu, for example! Now that they can be painted Royal at the Rainbow Pool, they will most definitely get an invitation to celebrate with King Skarl! (Lucky, aren't they?)

  • Did you know?: Meridell was discovered on the 30th Day of Swimming! This day was named "Discovery of Meridell Day" by a team of Calendar Experts in Y4.

  • We heard tonight there will be a spectacular magical light show in the sky, courtesy of our resident wizards. If you can't get a decent plot of land to sit in, you might want to head on to the Gift Shop to purchase a good sized parapet to perch on top of. How they sell these things in a gift shop, I have no idea. It must be magic too!

    It's like a magical floating castle in the sky, without the castle!

  • Help! Krawk Island is missing! I repeat, Krawk Island is missing!
    That is rather unfortunate, Mister... Super Stretchy Chia... However, I am not sure how we could assist you here. We're rather far away from--

  • Neopians, we need your assistance! This fellow named Gavril McGill is asking everyone for help with retrieving all the pieces of the island...
    Sir, aren't you part of the Defenders of Neopia? I think this Mr. McGill would want your help as well!
    Of course I'm going to help! It's just that something very important has come up! A new Random Contest has begun! I wanted to wish all the entrants good luck, and congratulate last week's winners. Look at what a marvelous job they did on their entries! They are all about the Defenders of Neopia. Isn't that grand?

  • Did you know?: King Skarl once won an eating competition in his youth after he devoured 1,805 miniature mince meat pies.

  • *huff huff* Are you still here? Good - I think we've finally escaped that strange Chia. Oh my, look! Come closer, and you should be able to peer into the Petpet Puddle... Look at those little Petpets dance in the magical waters! It seems even they want to celebrate the Discovery of Meridell! The Quetzal and Pandaphant are now dressed up in Royal colours.

  • Hmm. Where are we? I see a bit of parchment here. Let me read it out loud. "The next round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin! Head on over and vote for your favourite." Ah, I think I know where we are now! Please follow me.

  • Morris pushes you past a bustling area with what appears to be very busy Neopians. A giant headline reads, "The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Keep your eyes open for great stories and adventures like A Case of Werelupes and The Jewel of Maraqua."

  • You glance over past the Neopian Times to see a banner that you can't help but read. "Celebrate the Discovery of Meridell with the latest Poems! Come in and read such works as 'All Hail Meridell!' and 'Red and Blue'!"

  • Did you know?: The Turmaculus sleeps a lot. The only exception to this is when he is awake!

  • I apologize for the detour. It seems we've ended up in the heart of Neopia Central. My my, look at this! There appears to be a Meridellian display in the Art Gallery! I wonder if they have any artwork of me there? Hm? Why me, you ask? Have you never heard of me? I'm known as sort of a hero of Meridell... Well, one of many, at least. Come, let us admire the artwork!

  • As you turn to follow Morris into the art gallery, your eyes happen across the latest items in the Toy Shop. Quigukis? They look... familiar, somehow, and you can't help but stare in awe for many hours. After a while, you realize you should probably head back to Meridell to check out that magical light show Morris had mentioned. Speaking of your new friend, he is nowhere to be found...

  • You won't have to worry about where to place these new extra-super-duper-special-secret Neoboard smilies. All you need to do is figure out how to find them!

  • Nickelodeon Game Card Bonus! From July 31st-August 8th, when you buy a $25 Nickelodeon Game Card from Toys R Us in the US and redeem it online, you will receive a FREE one month membership to Monkey Quest and 500 bonus NC! This promotion is only available with the $25 Nickelodeon Game Card purchased from Toys R Us in the US, not any other cards!

  • U.S. Residents: Only a few days left in our sponsor Sony The Smurfs virtual item giveaway! Make sure to claim your prizes this weekend and play the Smurfy Central Park Patrol game before they come down on Monday! Remember, if you've been Smurftastic and claimed every daily prize, you will earn an exclusive item brought to you by Sony The Smurfs!

29th July - Ruki Day

  • Everyone's been hunting down any remnants of Krawk Island and Gavril McGill is predicting that it won't be much longer before we found all the pieces! Yay! Don't forget to finish all your searches today because tomorrow there may be a new task for us!

  • Happy Ruki Day! It looks like the Ruki can be painted Spotted at the Rainbow Pool, but we also have a very sad looking Ruki hanging about as well! Oh, I guess that means the Ruki can now be painted Grey, also! :)

  • A brand new selection of Poems is up, including such works as 'Twisted Tales of the Mutant Ruki' and 'Ode to the Second-Hand Shoppe Keeper'!

  • Step into the Toy Shop to admire a couple of new Ruki themed marionettes that are now in stock!

  • Beep beep beep! This week's Petpet Spotlight winner is Spade the N-4 Info Retrieval Bot!

  • Ceruleansage's Neohome in Meridell has won the Neohomes Spotlight this week! Take a look at their 'Meridellian Stronghold'!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Trestin Stamp. 105 people guessed correctly, earning them 19,048 NP each.

  • Celebrate Ruki Day and head on over to the Art Gallery to admire all the new images!

  • We visited a part of the ocean that used to be the approximate location of Cap'n Threelegs' Academy, but we didn't hear anything, not even a 'glub glub'. :( We hope he comes back to make up for this somehow!

  • Rukis should be happy to learn that there are now two new outfits available to them at the Clothing Shop!

    We love it!

  • LAST CHANCE! This Sunday is your last chance to celebrate the NC Mall's 4th Birthday! Hurry in to the NC Mall today to get items from the Birthday Shop including the 4th Birthday Mystery Capsule, Wish Candles and the Gift Box Mystery Capsule before it's too late. Visit the Birthday Shop today!

28th July

  • Yummy! The Alien Aishas certainly have gone out of their way to create some gourmet items for you! At least, that's what we think they said. Judging by the new items, we're not really sure...

  • This week's PPL award has been given to the Bubblisaur. Well done Jack, Marshmallow, FredricK, Bubbles, and all the others.

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. The answer to last week's was COZ IT IS CLOSE TO US. 1495 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 1338 NP each.

  • Is Dieter Better Than You? You might want to stock up on some Bloat B Gone before you attempt to find out! ;)

  • 'Una cueva un tanto rara...' is the name of our Kreludor Cave Of The Week, sent in to us by fafiobri2!

  • We have a new addition to the Spooky Petpets shop! This special Petpet is called Schnelly!

  • Who is your favourite orange Blumaroo? If you answered Bonju, then you should be delighted to learn that he now has a Neopedia article!

  • Oh, no! Doctor Sloth told us that his precious Grundos from the Grundo Reeducation Center project have gone missing! Help him raise the funds to search for his Grundos by bidding on his latest auction.

27th July

  • A couple of brand new plushies have appeared in Plushie Palace - the perfect items for your collection!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Caption Contest #440. 122 people guessed correctly, earning them 16,394 NP each. Our mpic master also offered her apologies to the 160 souls that guessed "Jhudora". She was cackling (a bit like Jhudora) when she said it though, so we're questioning her sincerity...

  • burchelly has won User Lookup of the Week with their brilliant Baby Uni-themed lookup!

  • This week's Gallery Spotlight spotlight winner is paintedpeophin for their gallery, 'Peophin Palooza'!

  • Get the latest in Sakhmetian decoratives for your Neohome from Osiri's Pottery shop!

  • The Peophins in this week's Caption Contest don't look like they had a very fun Peophin Day...

  • A brand new selection of images are up for you to admire at the Art Gallery!

  • Blumaroll is back! Roll your way to winning exclusive Blumaroll prizes. If you're really lucky, you can even win a bonus item! Blumaroll will be available for a limited time. Visit the NC Mall to purchase your Dice Packs today!

26th July - Peophin Day

  • Has anybody found Krawk Island yet?? We just think it's odd, being such a distinctive island and all... You would think somebody would have found it at this point. Oh, well. Let's keep looking!

  • In other news, it's Peophin Day!!! The Peophin can now be painted Maractite and Split at the Rainbow Pool!

  • _BrennaNichole_ is one lucky Peophin as she has won the Pet Spotlight this week!

  • The Collectable Sea Shells shop has released two Peophin themed items for you to add to your album!

  • A brand new Story Telling beginning by tj_wagner is up!

    All through the night she had considered her problem, until finally she had come up with a solution - she would have to simply find her own adventure. While it might lack the finesse of one of her stories, she would finally have something of truth to tell to her friends. Of course, simply finding an adventure might prove difficult, but Valerie was determined to give it her best try.

  • Congratulations go out to Regisht and Kits! Each has proven spiffier than the rest in the Customisation Spotlight. Voting for this week's contest has begun. Good luck to this week's entrants!

  • 'A Family Tradition', 'The Mother of All Peophins', and more Poems are up for you to read as you celebrate all things Peophin related!

  • We hope you like all the Peophin Day themed images we've added to the Art Gallery!

  • We would tell you to visit Cap'n Threelegs right about now to get some free training, but he seems to be missing... We don't really know why. *pause* Oh. I see. :( Well, this is awkward! Hopefully if he ever returns, he'll be more than willing to make up for his absence.

  • Two delightful new outfits have been created just for the Peophin! Head on to the Clothing Shop if you'd like to pick up a few pieces!

    The perfect attire for an excellent adventure!

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