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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

6th September
  • Issue 56 of the Neopian Times is now live. Full of bizarre stories, fun comics and more fish flavoured ice cream than you could ever wish for...


  • Starting Monday, when you use your petpet in the Battledome your Neopet will multiply the damage he or she does by the level of their petpet! OUCH!

  • MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Check out the latest addition to Limited Too, the Red Kau Plushie! Available as of yesterday in all stores!!!

  • Aha that reminds me... the Red Kau is more pink, in fact we have a lot of red pets that are more pink, or orange, than red. What we will be doing slowly over the next few weeks is introducing a pink and orange paintbrush, and re-colouring the existing pink pets to red. Yaah!

  • Aww you can now turn your Tonu into a cute little baby Tonu...

    Coochie coochie coo!

  • A rumour has been circulating around Neopia recently... people are talking about a strange land, where everything is made out of orange jelly... could it be true?

  • We have a new Mystery Pic. The answer to the last one was 'The Tuskaninny in the Smoothie Shop'. Only 7 people got it right hehe.

  • If you want to keep your Neopet in tip top condition you just HAVE to buy these three new Grooming Items.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight award goes to Seaseel_2000 a rather sporty blue Tuskaninny.

  • Now is your chance to fold like a cheap deckchair... in our latest game from the land of Meridell.. Round Table Poker. It's you versus four opponents at a time - to see who can win the most money over a certain number of hands.

    By the way, the poker players couldn't afford an actual round table, so they had to make do with an octagonal one instead :(


  • For UK users - the Claire's Store Locator is now working again. Click on the 'Lost Kitten' link on the page that pops up.

  • These rather peculiar looking cakes are the newest addition to the menu at Grundo's Cafe.

  • Oops, we forgot to put yesterday's Site Spotlight award up, congratulations to Missphd and BookerF for their fun Krawk webpage.

  • Today's Better Than You features Spectre the Jetsam. Can you beat him at Igloo Garage Sale?

  • You were only supposed to wake the Turmaculus once per day, d'oh. This has been fixed now.

  • Three more stamps have been added to the Mystery Island collection. Happy hunting!

  • The next stamp album theme is going to be Tyrannia, but there are no stamps out yet for it (maybe monday...)

  • The winners of the latest Poetry Contest have just been announced.

5th September
  • STAMPS!!!! Now you can start your own Stamp Album by collecting cool rare stamps from all over the site. Can you get an entire collection???

  • The maximum bet in a Turdle Racing has gone up to a staggering 1,500 NP. Go Stinky Go!

  • Attention all NQ fans... work on NeoQuest II HAS begun :)

  • Draik Day is going to be the 9th of Gathering by the way, as that is when you will be able to hatch Draik Eggs! See, Draik owners we haven't forgotten!

  • Hurrah! The Caption Competition is now live! I'm sure you can think of something funny for this one!

  • Ok, the Pant Devil has gone now :)
4th September
  • The Pant Devil has been seen napping at the bottom of the Money Tree. You want to have him as a Battledome Challenger? I suggest you rush there asap!!!

  • Draik Eggs on sale at Merifoods??? How disgusting!!! If you get one, hang onto it, as you never know what may happen...

  • The Turmaculus is Meridell's answer to the Snowager. He only talks to petpets, and if you manage to wake him up, and he is in a good mood, you never know - he may do something nice. If he is in a bad mood, well... we won't go into that... he didn't get so big by eating tofu that's for sure :)


  • We have added a new page to Krawk Island - Krawk Island Fashions, where you can see all the different Neopets that can be painted by a pirate paintbrush!

  • The Babaa and Doglefox have been added to our How To Draw Petpets section!

  • Petpets can now gain levels! You can view their level on the Quick Ref page.

  • I have a secret... Anyone who has one of those annoying 'I have a secret to make NP, give me an item and I will tell you' scams will now be frozen immediately. If you have one in your shop, trading post, user lookup, pet lookup, auction, guild etc I suggest you remove it pronto!

  • It seems Draiks can now be painted CLOUD at the Rainbow Pool!

  • Oooh we haven't seen these for a while, some new recipes have gone on sale in the Faerie Foods shop.

  • The winners of the latest Poetry Contest have just been announced.

  • Aye, ye can now get yer scurvy hands on a Pirate Chia! (you just need to get hold of a Pirate Paint Brush)

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight goes to Alohomora the Moltenore, owned by Kiwi_Custard.

  • The Breadmaster has released three new tasty treats including hot crossed buns!

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today - the answer to the last one was the 'Shapeshifter Button in the Yellow Bar'.
3rd September
  • Auctions are working again now!

  • Today's Site Spotlight features Arroyu the Korbat, and yesterday's Pet Spotlight (see we hadn't forgot) was Mom_to_all, owned by green_meadow_under.

  • Why not enter the 212th Caption Competition?? See if you can think of anything funny and win a prize!

  • This week's Story Telling Competition has just started!

  • Now, Eyries come in Island Flavour. Mmmmmm tasty!

  • We apologise, Meridell IS actually comprised of lush green meadows and not small white boxes with red x's in. Neohomes should now be working normally!

  • We are not sure whether these have been released already, but here they are anyway - new to the Rainbow Pool, the Shadow Tonu and the Starry JubJub!

  • If you have not got your prize for sending in Pics then you should get it today, sorry about the wait.

  • If you have managed to get your very own Ganuthor, you can now paint it Blue, Green or Brown at the Petpet Puddle.

  • We have a new Lenny Conundrum today (finally!!!). Sorry about the wait, but it puts tremendous mental strain on Adam to work out the answers to the previous question.
2nd September
  • It's a holiday today (Labour Day) so none of us will be in the office. Don't worry, we will all be back tomorrow :)


  • Don't be sad and blue, read the latest issue of the Neopian Times! You will soon forget your worries as you giggle at the comics and browse through all the new articles, short stories and continued adventures :)

    ... *sniff* ...

  • For some reason, the Auctions were going slowly over the weekend. It is fixed now, but to relieve the pressure on our database we have blocked all new auctions till all the current ones have been processed.

  • The site ran smoothly all weekend thanks to the changes we made last week (well, apart from the Auctions) - we managed to get a record 459,486,000 pageviews over the two days!!!
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