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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 51 > Editorial


Will you be releasing the Faerie Kougra Plushies at all Limited Too stores?
Yes, Faerie Kougras should now be on sale in all the Limited Too shops. They are NOT limited edition so there should be enough for everyone to get one.

What happened to petpets in the UK? Nothing's been said for a while and they should be comming out this month.
They are coming out this month (in fact Donna and Adam will be over there to see how the launch goes). As soon as we have a definite date we will let you know.

Just wondering, how do you pronounce MAGAX? Is it as it seems or is it with a "j" sound?
Its with a J sound...

Hey I have noticed that Meridell has a lot of stuff to do with potatoes. I was wondering if that had any thing to do with the great potato famine in the late middle ages in the real world?
Nope, its just there really isn't much else in Meridell apart from wierd cheeses, giant marrows and potatoes :)

Where did you get the word for Tombola from? Is it from the italian language meaning bingo?
It most probably has latin origins, but the idea and name are based on the summer fetes Adam and I were dragged to when we were little. In fact quite a few of the more silly games on Neopets are based on games they have each year at these fairs.

I was wondering why one of the Matts and Greg are angry programmers - did Adam take away their asparagus or something??
No, they are just naturally angry people :)

Why does Jhudora refuse to give me a quest if I've done one of Illusen's Quest's that day?
Illusen and Jhudora REALLY don't get along, in fact they despise each other so much that they refuse to have anything to do with anyone that has helped the other Faerie for a day or two.

What is the Advent Calendar? Can you get stuff from it every day in December?
An Advent calendar is a special calendar that has a door for each day of the month. You open each door on the correct day and behind each door is a picture (and if you are really lucky a piece of chocolate). The Advent calendar on Neopets works in pretty much the same way. You visit the calendar everyday in Decemeber and there will be a new animation and a cool present (rare item, neopoints etc) everytime.

Do Scamanders really turn into Draiks?
Nope, the only Petpet that has any magical ability is the Krawk.

Is it true that Adam and Donna are getting married and that's why there was the strange caption!?
Ha ha ha... erm no that is most definitely NOT true.

I have read the html guide in full and looked in the fun images but I can't figure out how to add a picture available on Neopets to my pets's webpage.
You just need to type the correct URL. To find out what the full url of a picture is right click on the picture and choose the 'properties' option. You will now see a window that tells you the dimensions of the image and will have something similar to this ''. That is the url. Just put the whole url in side image tags like so

<img src='' width=150 height=150>

in your webpage and the image will appear.

You said in a previous editorial that, with very rare exceptions, an owner can only win the Pet Spotlight once. Does the same hold true for the Site Spotlight?
Yes, we try to only give the award to each player once so more people have a chance to win.

Will their be a training school for Petpets?
Most probably yes, it is an idea we have been thinking about doing for some time now.

Getting the new land Meridell is great, but are we ever gonna find out more of what happened to Maraqua?
Yes, we will continue with Maraqua, although not for a while as we have a lot of things planned involving Meridell in the not too distant future.

I was wondering when you are going to create Neoschools?
Matt (the not-so-angry programmer) is working on them now...

What happened to Jelly world?!!!! Was that idea totally blown off?!!?
Jelly world was a joke, you didn't seriously think we would make a world made out of jelly now did you :)

Are there certain days when you can get a limited edition pet like Poogle or Ixi? ?
Yes, when we release more limited edition pets it is announced on the news page. Just keep checking back and you may be lucky.

Is the Light Faerie Disco going to be a game or a place where pets can go and party?
He he... you will just have to wait and see...

How did Neopets advertise? I found out about Neopets from a friend, and so did she, but how did it spread from CA, to the whole world?
Actually it spread from a small town near Guildford in the UK to the rest of the world :) Most of our players found out about Neopets through word of mouth. We really didn't advertise at all, there have been a few magazine adverts and we have banners on a couple of sites, but the vast majority of our players are recommended to Neopets through friends and family members.

Are you ever going to come out with another episode of Sacrificers?
Maybe not Sacrificers, but yes we will be doing a new game involving the Neopets staff later on.

Need more help?
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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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