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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 37 > Editorial


What was the very first neopet item you ever made?
Hmm that has got to be the Green Apple, closely followed by Grapes :)

I saw someone selling a Neopets account on Ebay, is this wrong?
Yes, it is completely against our Terms and Conditions. We do check auction sites for people trying to scam innocent players and have a very good relationship with their support teams. The auction lots are removed promptly and we freeze all Neopets accounts belonging to the person who posted the auction.

Will you ever make a Shadow Usul morphing potion?
No, the Shadow Usul is one of a kind.

If you change your Neopet's species, why doesn't their webpage change to the new species?
If you haven't edited your pet's page it will automatically change. If you have changed anything you will need to set the page to default (its a button on the bottom of the edit page) before it will be updated.

Is it really possible to buy stuff at the hidden towers for 1NP?
Ha ha.. no way... you'll be lucky to get anything from the hidden tower under 1 million NP.

How do you write a description for yourself on your User Lookup page?
Go to the 'Help' page and click on 'User Prefs'. You can then enter your own description there.

Will sludge ever change back to the item it once was?
Nope, once an item has been turned to sludge it is a brown gooey mess forever.

Do you intend to make every Neopet available in every colour?
No, there are some pets that will never be painted a certain way (e.g a faerie skeith), it adds to the quirkiness of the pet's character and makes certain colour combinations extra special as only a few species can ever be painted that way.

Can the Wishing Well give out retired items?
Yes, although it probably won't very often.

Can I use a magical plushie more that once?
No, once you have used it the plushie will change into a normal non-magical plushie.

Where is the Neggery located?
In the Ice Caves. Click on 'Explore' then click on 'Terror Mountain'. The Ice Caves are half way up terror mountain. Alternatively you can type 'neggery' into the searcg box on the help page, or yellow search bar.

How big can your shop go or is there no limit?
Your shop can get as big as you can afford to upgrade it. There is no limit.

I was given a lottery ticket, how do I use it?
The lottery ticket is valid for that day only, the lottery is judged at 4am NST. You can see what numbers you were given on the Lottery Page (click on GAMES in the yellow side bar and then search for LOTTERY). If you won you will be awarded your share of the prize, your username will be posted on the lottery page and if you are over 13 years old, you will receive an email letting you know you won. If you are under 13, you need to check the lottery page the next day to see if you won. The lottery ticket is only a temporary item, it will not appear in your items and you cannot sell or trade it.

In the background for The Neopian Times there is a star, what is this item?
It is one of the Flotsam Battledome items. The Flotsam Starblade.

Where can you find e-mail neopets cards?
Click on 'World' and then 'Send Greeting'.

When will Lost Desert petpets be added to the 'All Petpets' section on the 'World' page?
Oops, the Desert petpets had been left out, it is fixed now, although the 'All Petpets' page only lists the most common Petpets, so some may not appear.

What happened to NST when the clocks changed?
It changed the same way that PST did. (It went forward one hour)

I recently bought 21 books to read to my pet and she rejected 15 of them! Does her level need to be higher? Why doesn't she want to read any books?
Some pets are just extremely choosy about what they want to read. Try trading the books you bought for other ones and see if she will read the new ones.

I heard from a friend that you could alter how many NP you give to the wishing well by simply changing the address. Is this true?
Nope, you can change what it looks like to you, but the Wishing Well is not fooled so easily...

Why does everyone keep calling the Uni at the Pound Rosemadder?
Thats not her real name, it was just in a Neopian Times comic once so everyone has started calling her that.

Is the "usul lemon bomb" a one use item?
No, the "usul lemon bomb" is a multiple use item for Usuls.

Why can't you change the name of an adopted pet?
Because everytime someone tried to change their pet's name we would have to bring the site down for hours. If you can't find a pet in the pound that you like the name of, why don't you try creating your own?

So the Zafara has a new battlepose, eh? I was wondering if your going to give the Zafara a total makeover..
No, we just wanted the Battledome poses to be updated so the Zafara looked more like it was fighting and less like it was dancing :)

What's St. George's Day? Why is it celebrated, and what for?
St George is the patron saint of England. There are many legends about his heroic deeds, the most famous being St George and the Dragon. Once a year English people honour St George on St George's day. For more information try typing St George into yahoo or a similar search engine.

I have heard about the purple Chia plushie but will there be any Lupe plushies coming out?
Yes, don't worry a Lupe plushie is planned for the future.

Why doesn't the "bonus round" in Meerca Chase work? I mean the new hidden level?
Lol, it was a joke, there isn't a new bonus round.

How many Faerie dolls are there?
There are nine Faerie dolls that have been released at the moment.

I was wondering how you make your shop unique?
When you create a shop you can enter your own description for its name, shop keeper name and shop front. Using HTML you can make it different colours, change the layout and make it completely different to anyone else's shop. There is a HTML guide in the 'Help' section which will take you through the basics.

Can you move furniture OUT of your Neohome and put it up for sale in your shop?
Yes, click on 'Furniture' in your Neohome, then click on the room you wish to remove the furniture from. Once your room has loaded you can click on the grey button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to a page where you can choose which items to remove from your room. Click on the item you wish to remove and it will move to 'Your Items'. From there you can put it in your shop, or do whatever you wish with it.

How many people allowed to join a guild?
As many as you like, there is no limit.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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