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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Celebrating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Short Stories
A Warm, Icy Cold Heart

It was that very night on the top of Terror Mountain that as her siblings slept under the cold, icy snow, Jentekai crept into the shadows to save her family.

by amorai

Café Vita

I go there to study, do homework, escape the practice of brother’s band and get a nice cup of Borovan. Café Vita serves the best Borovan on this side of Neopia...

by roxycaligirl101

Decisions, Friendships And A Difficult Question

"I'm terribly sorry... and you are right. I am a lonesome Zafara. And it's not because I'm uncanny or anything of that sort. It's just... I don't like talking to people or pets in general."

by blubblub317

Free Food?! Where?!

"Come on! It's a just a Plain Omelette. You eat all the other kinds. What's wrong with it? Pleeeeeeeeease eat it," Fantasy wheedled.

by fantasy_scifi

New Neopet on the Block

"Not everyone's like that... and because we're new, we just don't have much colors... yet!"

by jen4ever4ree

The Fortunes of Faeries

The fog in the ball started glowing much more brightly, until even her skin paled in comparison. The fortune-teller stared intently into the ball. Suddenly she sat back.

by kittykmae

The Mysterious Egg

Jenny gasped, "Oh my gosh! Is that a…?"

by playmobil_is_my_life

The Pint Sized Pirates II: A Reunion With the Past

"Aye, lad, aye! Anyways, to a Pirate, a real Pirate, the best odds are always the ones against ye… remember that, won’t ye?"

by tambourine_chimp

The Saga of Jeran: What Happens Between the Wars

Memories of a past Whack-a-Plushie game flashed through his mind. Suddenly, Elos groaned. Today was the championship game.

by lapria

The Sinister Camarilla: Grog and Parting

Marishio weakly lifted the large amount of grotesque food scraps in his arms. "We’ve been digging in there for hours, boss."

by wolfofthewoods


Perfect Your Poem

Every time you read in the New Features section that some new poems have been released, are you one of those people who rushes to check the Poetry Gallery looking for yours? Are you often disappointed to find that your poem was once again overlooked? If you answered yes to the first two questions then this article is for you!... more>>

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Finding the Perfect Petpet For Your Pet With One Hundred Thousand Neopoints or Less!
It's hard to pick out a petpet because there are so many to choose from. I will admit that the brilliant looking ones are the rarest and most expensive.

by evilmarionette

Will Roses Crowd the Garden of Talent?
"You can hardly go to Tyrannia anymore without hearing banging drums and sizzling electric guitar!"

by chloe_myers

Tale Spinner: Part One
"Little one, you have many talents little Carina Vayle. I feel you are responsible enough to handle a simple gift so I present to you this trinket to replace your broken pencil."

by scarrift

Hannah of the Pirate Caves: Part One
"When you’re done, come into the kitchen to eat your supper. And please, Hannah, leave your book behind."

by chocolateisamust

Neopia Avenue

by violinoutoftune

An Unpleasant Shade of Green
Teaching my Pet Rock to sing.

by kittylover907

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