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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Celebrating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Editorial


I love to collect stamps, but the post office seems to have the same ones every time. When I search the shop wizard,stamps are usually priced too high. Can the rarity be reduced so they are cheaper? - Rubeka624
We will be changing the rarity of some of the stamps including lowering the rarity of the most recent sets and maybe even retiring the older sets. Keep checking New Features for any updates.

I have been forever trying to get a hold of a Draik Pet and now a Koi. How often do you release them and is it typically in the mornings or afternoon hours? (PLEASE!!!! I REALLY REALLY would like to get both of these pets) - Kaleah85
We rarely release more limited edition Neopets. If we do, we will announce it on news. We vary what time they are released to make it fair for people in various time zones. Normally you can expect more limited edition Neopets to be released around their special day.

What's going on? The Snow Faerie quest has been down for a couple weeks now and I can't get in. It's not just me, I've heard many people saying that they can't access the Snow Faerie's quest. Could you please bring it back? - Dendechampion2
I had some programmers look into this and it seems to be working just fine for them. Can you please submit a detailed bug report using our Bug Reporting system and they will try to find out why it isn't working for you.

Are you going to make a Default Yurble Avatar? All the pets have one and I think it would only be fair if the Yurble had one too. - Agumonnt
Yes, it should be released early on this week.

Are there any Asparagus Chia Pops on the site or are they unreleased? OR is it just something that ONLY Adam will have? I have searched everywhere and have found none. - Cowardly_lion
Magical Chia Pops are harder to get hold of that the ordinary ones. Asparagus Chia Pops have been released though, try looking in auctions or other people's shops and you should find one.

Could you pleaseee pleasee add some kind of new Faellie items? Like perhaps an avatar... - Endulin
Faellies already have more than a lot of other Petpets, but I will see what I can do...

When will the new Neopets Magazine come out? - Rumrasin623
It should go on sale in the next week or two. Look out for an Island Uni on the cover :)

Which one is your favourite pop tart flavour? - Nazli90
Hmm.. I think that would have to be the basic strawberry flavour.

Is the Fake Kass Charm a toy, or not? See, when I bought one, I wanted my pet to play with it, since you get them from the Darigan Toys place...yet when I tried, it didn't show the "play with ". Is the charm just meant to look pretty in shops? - Ryoko1380
It is a toy, you should be able to play with all the Darigan Toys now.

The Tooth of Terask is a second level prize given after completeing the Neoquest II at EVIL difficulty. Yet it only does SIX ICONs like most of the other first level prizes earned after completing the game at normal difficulty. Could this be a mistake since most of the other second level prizes earned from the difficulty level of the game are 10 icons weapons? - Neodaystar
I am not sure about that. I will talk to the person in charge of scripting the prizes and make sure everything is as it should be.

I was wondering how to get a Dung Petpet Paint Brush because they aren't in the shop wizard or auctions! I want one so bad because I have a warf that would look wonderful in it. - Zzapper5
You can get hold of a Dung Petpet Paint Brush in the same way as any other Petpet Paint Brush. They are very new though so a lot of people will be snapping them up as soon as they see them on sale.

Heh :) You will be pleased to know that Meepit plushie is due to be released shortly so you can have one of your very own.

Will there ever be any ssydney items or days named after him, and did you release any plushies of him? - charmed_wizzard
You mean someone actually likes Sydney, even though he cheats???

Back on Elephante day (January 16th) , three items were released (The Elestone, Gilded Elephante Claw, and Ancient Elephante Bracelet. Since then, I have been trying to find the items, though in vain as they still don't seem to exist...anywhere's....was this an oversight? Or are they just that rare? They look cool and would look very nice on my recent Elephante addition *HINT HINT* -Suimaru
Oops! They were overlooked. I have released them now :)

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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