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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Celebrating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Continuing Series
A Story of Skyfire: Part Four

"YLANA! What were you doing? No, better yet, what were you thinking? You disobeyed a direct order back there, you know that?" Aclaimisha hollered.

by chipster33

Before We Knew Him: Part Five

"To get right to the point, our king feels that we should have it. The Lady Illusen agrees. So…we want it."

by feriku

Darkness Binding: Part Two

"I see," Yorvick replies, "so the shadow is trapped against its will. And what about attacking the Kougra here?"

by nomad2

Eyes of the Moon: Part Four

"Look, you're not Anna, as my Anna is sitting safely at home."

by chocolateisamust

Journey of a Knight: Part Six

"No no! Not your battle Jeran, I wanted to know how Skarl's sword was!"

by laurensama

Lost and Found: Part Three

"Tell me… Do you remember anything about your past; before, you remember living in the alley?" Illusen questioned him.

by the_wanderer128

Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part Six

"It is a lady sir, a spy. She made very careless inquiries about you at the market."

by shadyy15

Mr. Fix-It, I Presume?: Part Two

"Oh?" Ms. Gorgeous turned towards me with a smile fit to dazzle Frank Sloth himself. "So you're the famous DeSoni. Janet told me all about you."

by appaloosa500

Nikola's Jewel: Part Ten

"Spirit! Darkmoon! Dantus! Aurelia! Bluey’s awake!"

by leb388

Princess of Erodaire II: Part Three

"Why?" I asked as my hands shook and dropped the hilt upon the floor. "Why did you mention her?"

by christinetran

Rainy Days: Part Five

"Payne and Mia are our roommates. They're our friends. And I'm worried. The rain is getting dangerous now and everyone's on edge. There's no telling what could have happened."

by child_dragon

Storm Eyes: Part Fifteen

Tears ran from his eyes and mingled with the torrents of rain that poured onto him and Cassie. He squinted up into the driving rain and wanted to scream. The land was crying too, but it couldn't come close to matching his grief.

by allhailtheprincess

The Defenders of Light: Part Eleven

"It is just like the Lord Darigan incident," said Chameleon. "They have harnessed the power of the Chaos weapons and have now eliminated half of the army."

by npmasterx01

The Legend of the Red Sands: Part Six

"Don't draw attention to yourself," Kohla warned. "Remember, you're still a wanted criminal, as am I."

by thegreenmooseofdoom

The Light Faeries Apprentice: Part Four

"She's still in the cell," said Neofaerie, jerking his paw in the direction of the door they'd come out of. "She wanted us to go and find you, actually. Do you think you can get her out?"

by neo_star_queen

The Maraquan Kougra: Part Four

Wow, I'm so close to my own house, Nate thought. "Have you seen the brick house on the corner?"

by playmobil_is_my_life

The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries: Part Three

After several tugs, Sebastian was freed from his paper prison. As soon as their giggles at Sebastian's expense were exhausted, the four Super Authors faced their new battle: the bookshelf.

by erika_idle


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The Sinister Camarilla: Grog and Parting
Marishio weakly lifted the large amount of grotesque food scraps in his arms. "We’ve been digging in there for hours, boss."

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I go there to study, do homework, escape the practice of brother’s band and get a nice cup of Borovan. Café Vita serves the best Borovan on this side of Neopia...

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"You can hardly go to Tyrannia anymore without hearing banging drums and sizzling electric guitar!"

by chloe_myers

Neopia Avenue

by violinoutoftune

An Unpleasant Shade of Green
Teaching my Pet Rock to sing.

by kittylover907

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