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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 133 > Editorial


When I joined a guild there was a post and I need to know if it is true I think this is right . It said if you post something like "this truly does work on 5 different boards go to Faerieland to find a random paint brush and 1000000 of neopoints approved by the staff. Is this actually true? - Matster_of_darkness
No, it is not at all. In fact that guild could get deleted for doing things like that.

Could you please add a place in Tyrannia where we can look at all the species available in Tyrannian (Since you do have it for most other worlds)? Thanks In advance. - Ma_Predator166
Ooh yes, we totally forgot to add one. I will get that done this week.

Do they sell Draik eggs at the Meridell Food store? I can't find them there. - Esdariel
Yes, they are sold there, but they are all rarity 95 and over so they are very hard to find.

What species is the Court Dancer? - Cindy_23492
She is an Aisha.

Is it possible to get a loan from the bank cause I could really use one? If not please make it that way. - Curlygirl247
Loans are something we tried in the very early stages of Neopets. In all honesty it was a total disaster with people not paying them back and going in to negative Neopoints etc. We had to take them down as they were ruining the site.

What kind of neopet is Master Vex - Lenoin
Master Vex is a Mynci.

I recently bought one of the Neopets magazine and it included a timeline. On a bubble it said that you once gave out a billion neopoints in a giveaway!! Are you ever going to do it again? - Critter725
It is true, we did do a billion Neopoint giveaway a long time ago. We may do one again (it was very popular as you can imagine) although there are no plans to do it in the near future.

Is there any way you can make an avatar for people who have a lot of Collectable Cards in their NeoDeck? I mean, there are avatars for Stamp collectors and for people with lots of items in their SDB. :) Olpbabe
I don't see why not :)

My pet has eaten a whole bunch of Gourmet Foods. In trying to fill out a list of what he hadn't eaten, I ran across a problem -- there are no actual item names on the foods-your-pet-has-eaten page. I can't identify most of these on their own, and the image URL doesn't always help either. Can you make it so that the page lists the names of the items too? - Oryne
Ooh I see your point, yes it could be a lot easier if you actually see the item name. I will check with out programmers and if it doesn't cause too much stress on the database we will add this.

I was wondering if we could have a pirate day? - Moon_star_5
Oh yes, definitely. One is already planned to co-incide with National Talk Like A Pirate Day!

When I bought the petpet Angelpuss, I noticed that in the footnote (or whatever you call it) it says "Angelpi are sweet...". What I'm trying to ask is, if its Angelpuss, Angelpi, or both? Please help me out with this pondering question of mine. - Celestialbuwanpalais
More than one Angelpuss are referred to as Angelpi.

Can you make it so we can post neopet links in Neomail? - Faeriedragon66
Actually this is one of the many changes to Neomail that we are currently working on. It should go live later next week.

Do you think it's possible to make a history of Neopia on Neopets? You would have each world in the order they were founded and the history of all the major storylines, for example the battles of Meridell and Neopets v2. - Darkangelgrl101
This is what the Neopedia is. We are adding a lot of new stories and articles soon so it should start to look a lot more complete.

Who is in charge of writing the background music for the games? I have had the Meepit Juice Break song stuck in my head for two days now and it shows no sign of getting out! - Gigask
Hehe, it is in my head also. Its just so cheerful! The music is normally designed by the programmer working on the game. The mega-talented Oliver is responsible for Meepit Juice Break!

When I was reading the editorial, I noticed that every question had a user name whom it was from. Are you supposed to sign your name, or does the computer system automatically know it is you? - Redsox_chick16
When you submit your question we automatically add the username of the person who sent it. You do not need to include it in your submission, although you can if you like.

Is there a chance that Lord Kass might release some more of his guards and soldiers? - Freakqueen
Yes, I would say there is a very big chance of that :P

My neo-mail is not working! Did I do something on neopets wrong? It says DB not working. - Annefrank98
You didnt do anything. This was an error that happened to some people this morning. We were testing out the new Neomail system and it broke for some players. It is now fixed.

It says at the Darigan citadel that you can join his army. I want to so much, but there is no place to sign up. Can you explain? - Chocolatemilk372
Oops, that is left over from the old war. I will have that taken off this week.

Since it's Gadgadsbogen, I think it's a good time to update Jhuidahs picture at the cooking pot to make her look more like she did during the Volcano Plot. She is so cool that she deserves as nice a picture as Illusen has. Also, how about a Neopedia article starring Jhuidah? - Pig_937
Of course, it would only be fair to give her an update :)

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"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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