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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 81 > Continuing Series > Celestilla’s Big Scoop: Part Two

Celestilla’s Big Scoop: Part Two

by taffychic

Untitled Document Orayny appeared bright and early the next morning. Perhaps a bit too early; Andromeda, Celestilla and I were still browsing on juppies and hot borovan when she appeared. I invited her to join us at the breakfast table, but she declined in favor of pacing the kitchen, mumbling and sighing gustily. I proceeded to finish a leisurely breakfast, doing my best to ignore my guest, who kept bumping my chair on her route around the kitchen.

     After ten minutes of being jostled painfully where I sat, I took the hint and cleared the table quickly. Celestilla and Andromeda meandered off to get ready.

     "Why don't you come into the living room?" I suggested. "You can tell me your story there."

     Orayny looked around uneasily for Celestilla. She seemed to have gotten cold feet about the "exclusive access" bit. "Er, don't you think we could talk on the way? I thought we'd stop by Neopian Central Headquarters to see if they…"

     I cut her off. "If you're trying to get away from Celestilla, you're crazy. I can't leave her and Andromeda by themselves. Besides, you promised her the story. I'd rather not waste time, though. You can tell your story on the way.

     Andromeda and Celestilla reappeared, my Uni with her trusty notebook and pencil around her neck. She's long mastered the trick of writing with her front hooves while trotting along on her hind legs. I haven't figured out yet how she holds a pencil, but obviously she manages quite well.

     I handed out umbrellas before opening the door. The rain hadn't abated since last night; a hazy drizzle blurred even the houses of my neighbors. Orayny bundled Wisteria into her coat and energetically charged out into the muck with Celestilla, Andromeda, and I bringing up a soggy rear.

     We quickly decided that the rain wasn't very conducive to conversation. At Celestilla's suggestion we stepped into a quaint coffee shop and found a private corner with a small round table and four chairs. Orayny treated drinks all round and reluctantly began her narrative.

      "This all began two days ago. The shop was having a busy morning so I left Wisteria and Jessimen in the backyard to play. They were enjoying a nice game of Neocheckers, according to Jessimen, when out of the blue Jacko the Phantom Painter appeared. He dropped a Baby Paintbrush on the ground, gave Jessimen a wink, and scuttled off.

      Wisteria came pelting into the shop jumping up and down and screaming that Jacko had given her a paintbrush, with Jessimen right behind her shouting that the paintbrush was his! I had to calm both of them down before I could get any sense out of them. Since the paintbrush was theirs, I gave them the decision about what to do with it. They agreed that we should sell it since Wisteria was already Faerie and Jessimen would die before being painted Baby. Wisteria graciously conceded to buying Jessimen a fire, fire, your pants on fire paintbrush with the proceeds as long as she got a new Usuki out of the bargain. Since I had been planning on going to the Trading Post the next day, I popped it into my safety deposit box and sent Wisteria and Jessimen back outside."

     "I don't think what happened next needs much explaining," she said, looking up from her coffee with a sad smile. "You have two pets of your own-" Andromeda opened her mouth, and then shut it again. "-you know what sibling rivalry is like. Wisteria and Jessimen were playing some meaningless game and somehow made each other very angry. Now, Wisteria tends to let small arguments and such slide; she had probably forgotten what the argument was about before it really started. Jessimen, on the other hand, is a plotter. On the surface he seems to forget as quickly as Wisteria, but on the inside, I guarantee he's planning revenge. Oh, the stories I could tell you!" Orayny heaved another sigh, giving Andromeda a sideways look as she noisily slurped up the end of her grapity slush. Andromeda gave her a big grin, showing purple teeth. Orayny quickly looked away.

     "Anyway, yesterday morning I woke up to Jessimen standing beside my bed, crying his eyes out. 'What's wrong?' I asked him, thinking he or Wisteria had come down with the NeoFlu.

     All he could do for a while was hiccup. Finally, he choked out the story. Wisteria had stolen his Shoyru plushie during their game the day before. He had planned to sneak into her room, steal it back, and hide a Slorg he had swapped his friend for in her bed. But, as luck would have it, I'd set the key to my safety deposit box on top of Wisteria's chest of drawers when I went to tuck her in, right beside Jessimen's plushie. When Jessimen flew up to the top of the dresser to get the plushie, he saw the keys… I suppose you can piece together the rest of the story, Celestilla?"

     "He got an even more sinister idea and took the key, flew off to the bank (which luckily or unluckily is open twenty-four hours a day) and withdrew the paint brush. He flew away with it in his claws, sneaked back into the house, and actually painted his sister in her sleep without her noticing, knowing how much she-and you-hate the Baby color," finished Celestilla with a flourish of her pen. Orayny nodded, impressed in spite of herself.

     "Jacko… the keys… no one noticing as a young Shoyru flew down the street late at night with an Unbuyable in his claws… sounds like a string of unlikely coincidences to me."

     "Unlikely, but true," protested Orayny. "After all, is there such a thing as a likely coincidence?" Point for the visiting team, I thought as my guest gave me a smug look from behind her mug.

     If Celestilla had had eyebrows, they would have been raised to her forelock. She looked at me. "I've reported on stranger stories than this, Taffy. Everything she says is possible… but it still doesn't explain the side effect that the paintbrush had on Wisteria."

     "Well," said Orayny, standing up, "there's nothing else we can do here. Let's head on to the Neopian General Hospital, shall we?"

To be continued...

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