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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 30th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 80 > Continuing Series > The M & M Detective Agency And The Warf Of The Chaskervilles: Part Four

The M & M Detective Agency And The Warf Of The Chaskervilles: Part Four

by battlesunn

Untitled Document

Thomas was beginning to get nervous. It was very late at night, and he was becoming more and more sleepy as he trekked on. Every so often he would look to the trees that bordered the path, occasionally catching glimpses of what looked like a flash of pink darting through the bush. He really hadn't realized how much he hated the color the pink until now. Thomas suddenly stopped and stood stock still. He had heard something. His heart pumping deep within his chest, Thomas gripped his spray bottle, ready to attack whenever Fuzzy showed his face.

     The Lupe's sensitive ears picked up a sound coming from behind him. He turned, but it was too late. The spray bottle fell to the ground as Thomas put up is paws in a futile attempt to defend himself.

     "No! No! NOOOOOO!"


Marvin and Mark were bored and hoofsore. They had been travelling for almost two hours now, and hadn't seen so much as one lousy scrap of fur or pawprint. They clip-clopped onwards without saying a word to each other, before Marvin finally broke the awkward silence.

     "Listen, Mark. I'm really sorry. I've been quite a Thornberry lately. I... I just got sort of jealous that you were so impressed by Thomas, and I just kind of blew up. I was mean to you, and to the Lupe."

     To his surprise, it was Mark who was cutting him off to say sorry, as well. "It's okay, Marv. Actually, I've been pretty Grarrlish myself since we got here. I guess that I just wanted you to, I don't know, respect me more?" He blushed a deep red, the color contrasting sharply with his white fur.

     Marvin smiled, patting Mark on the head. "Hey buddy, it's okay. We're still pals, and that's the important par--"

     Mark cut him off by whispering a loud, Shhh! He put a hoof to Marvin's mouth as he peered out into the dark foliage.

     "Did you hear something?" he asked urgently.

     "Yeah," Marvin replied, glancing nervously around the marsh. "Do you think it's Fuzzy?"

     "Could be. We'd better keep on our toes, just in case."

     The two Moehogs gripped their spray bottles tightly in their hooves as they stared at the rustling bushes. They were immensely relieved to see two Lupe ears poking out of the leaves.

     "Oh, Thomas! It's you. We thought you were Fuzzy. Say, could you give us a hand? We think that he may be nearby..."

     Marvin's words trailed off as the Lupe slowly stood up, revealing the rest of himself. It wasn't Thomas. At least, not the Thomas that they knew. This Lupe was tall, barrel chested, brown colored, and wearing a pair of tattered blue shorts. Mark's eyes grew wide as he took in the sight before him.

     "Oh no..." he groaned to Marvin. "I think that Fuzzy got Thomas!"

     Thomas the WereLupe lifted his dirty brown maw to the moon and howled, a terrifying, ground shaking sound that nearly froze the blood of the two young Moehogs. Instinctively, Marvin stepped in front of Mark, to protect him, as his chocolate brown eyes met Thomas' flashing green ones. Marvin pawed the ground, lowering his tusks and snorting. Thomas roared, and charged. Marvin was ready. At the last possible second, he ducked down and flipped Thomas over with his tusks. The Lupe hit a rock, and was instantly knocked out. Marvin smiled, helping Mark up off the ground with his hoof.

     "Marvin!" Mark gasped. "That was incredible! How did you do it?"

     "Oh you know," he said airily. "I just picked it up off the Internet."

     Upon seeing Mark's terrified face, Marvin knew that something was wrong. "What is it, Mark?"

     In response, Mark stuttered out some nonsense words and pointed at something behind Marvin with his hoof.

     He slowly turned and saw Fuzzy, in full glory. His fangs were bared and his eyes were glowing bright green. In a fit of sheer Marvin jumped straight up off the ground.

     "Eeeep! It's the Warf of the Chaskervilles!" he shrieked. Upon landing, however, he accidentally connected a kick with Fuzzy's back, rendering him instantly unconscious. Marvin stared at the fallen Warf in astonishment.

     "Wow... That was surprisingly easy," he mused, scratching his head.

     Mark shrugged. "Well, you know. Even though he's a maniacal, demonic phantom... He's still really just a little pink Warf."


Marvin, Mark and Thomas were all seated, sipping tea in the living room of the Chaskerville mansion. Fuzzy had been captured and successfully returned to his ever loving self, and after Fuzzy had been restored, the WereLupe bite that Thomas had received had disappeared, making him a blue Lupe once more. He was cuddling Fuzzy in his lap, chuckling softly as the Warf batted at his paw. He smiled at Mr. Chaskerville.

     "You know, when he's not wreaking havoc on all of Neopia, he can be pretty cute."

     Mr. Chaskerville grinned. "I'm glad you think so, because I have a little surprise for you three..." He clapped his wings together sharply, and when he did, three butlers came in, carrying with them three little Warf puppies.

     "Puppies?!" Mark exclaimed.

     Mr. Chaskerville nodded. "Yes, Warf puppies. The three picks of the litter!"

     A Kougra butler handed Marvin a blue Warf, which promptly bit Marvin's ear.

     "Ow!" he cried. "Don't these things come trained?"

     A Grundo gently laid a sweet looking green Warf into Mark's lap, where he promptly fell asleep.

     "Cool!" Mark grinned. "He looks just like Crop Circle!"

     And lastly, Thomas received a cheerful looking yellow Warf, who was just as charming as he was. Upon seeing Thomas playing with his new Warf, Marvin suddenly remembered something. Mustering up as much dignity as he could, he gingerly approached the Lupe.

     "Hey, Tom. I'm really sorry about how mean I was to you. You didn't deserve it, I guess the green Ixi of jealousy kind of clouded my judgement for awhile, and anyway..." He trailed off, not quite sure where to go with this conversation. It was Mark who saved him.

     "He wants to know where you're going now, Tom," Mark said, smiling.

     Thomas sighed as he scratched his Warf behind its ear. "Oh, I don't know," he mused, eyes twinkling. "I suppose I could just wander off... Put myself up for adoption, maybe."

     "What?!" Marvin demanded. "You certainly won't! Not when we need you."

     "Yeah!" Mark added. "We want you to join our detective agency!"

     "Really?" Thomas asked, his tail wagging in excitement. "You mean it?"

     "Of course!" Mark said, grinning. He suddenly looked thoughtful. "I suppose we'll have to change our name, though."

     "How about, The Smarties?" Mark suggested.

     "Oh, come on Mark," Marvin groaned, rolling his eyes. "If our clients didn't think that we were a candy company before, then they certainly will now!"

     Thomas chuckles. "We'll think of something later," he glanced down at his Warf. "I think that these little guys need some names more than we do."

     And so, with another case successfully solved, the two Moehog brothers set out for home with four new members to the team. The Warf puppies, Sherlock, Ace and Bullet, and of course, Thomas. The cheerful, charming blue Lupe.

The End

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