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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 80 > New Series > Of War and Amulets

Of War and Amulets

by yellowyoshi749

Untitled Document A young jade coloured Shoyru raced through the blinding blizzard as a dark figure pursued her...


"Are you sure she'll live? She took a good hit in the head and she was frozen when we found her."

     A young jade coloured Shoyru raced through the blinding blizzard as a dark figure pursued her...


"Are you sure she'll live? She took a good hit in the head and she was frozen when we found her."

     "Oh Floent, you should know she was alive when we found her. She hadn't been out there for very long."

     "But any creature who didn't come from Terror Mountain would hate the cold!" Floent argued back.

     Shayena and Floent continued to argue back and forth. As they did the Shoyru lying on the bed, in the corner of the room, opened her blue eyes.

     She sat up and looked at her surroundings. "W-where am I?" she asked softly.

     Shayena looked at the Shoyru and then ran to her, "You're alright!" As she stopped at the bed her eyes opened wide and she backed up. "You're Jadestone! I-I thought your fur had changed colour from the cold! You're like a legend!"

     Jadestone saw nothing special about herself, she was just plain old Jade, or so she thought. She shook her head, "I'm nothing special."

     "Yes you are!" Shayena cried. She ran over to a table in the small NeoHome and began searching through many piles of paper.

     While Shayena searched, Jade took in her surroundings. She was lying on a bed made of fresh bamboo. Candles dimly lighted the small NeoHome There was a door to her left, across the room. Straight ahead of her there was a dresser and a table beside it. She noticed the room was made of brick and supposed the other rooms were also of the same material.

     Shayena came back with a newspaper. She handed it to Jade, who read aloud, "Shoyru Saves The Day. Naught but a few days ago, the Shoyru Jadestone braved the corsair ship and defeated Captain Thrice and his entire fleet. When we asked a local village about her whereabouts they said that we weren't allowed that information. We asked why and a Scorchio said, '... because she has a destiny to fulfil and fulfil it she will' More on this story later"

     Jade looked at Shayena, "This is from months ago... how does it affect me now?"

     Well Jade, you've been in the paper since Thrice managed to swim back to Krawk Island. Everyone who sees you reports it to the newscast. So far they haven't found you again."

     Shayena shook her head, "Get some rest."

     Jade nodded and laid back. After a while she drifted off into a deep sleep.


The next morning Jade, Shayena, and Floent discussed all the matters that came up, including on how Jade had gotten there. She related the tale of how she had been chased, right up to when she had awoken in their house.

     "You were chased by one of the Shadow Army..."

     "The what?" Jade asked.

     "The Shadow Army. They live in the Haunted Woods and have been there for thousands of years. Pretty soon they will advance on the Lost Desert to gain control of the palace..." Shayena said sadly.

     The old battle light returned to Jade's eyes. She looked over at her sword on the bed she had slept in and put a paw over her necklace. The necklace was made of jade. It was an exact replica of her sword. Where there should have been the pommel stone a gold chain ran through.

     Shayena watched her and had the inkling of an idea as to what Jade was thinking, "You can't go after them! You'll get yourself killed Jade!"

     She shrugged, "The ice didn't kill me, the cold didn't kill me and neither will these guys. That or I die trying."

     "Are you sure that it's a good idea to go after them? I mean, they are an army, Thrice only had a fleet of corsairs and you had forty-eight slaves to help you, plus Sharn and Arwen," Floent said, worry creasing his brow.

     "I must help those that are in need Floent. You must understand. I need all the information I can get. What are they doing?"

     "They roam through the Lost Desert and go about destroying food stands and much more. Why do they do it? Because if they scare enough citizens they will be too scared to fight and lose hope, thus giving the Shadow Army the upper hand."

     Jade nodded solemnly, "Then I will need supplies to last me for..."

     "A good two weeks worth of traveling, depending on how fast you go and if you fly or not."

     "Then I need the nearest shop with weapons and supplies."

     The three looked at each other and fell silent.


Meanwhile, in the depths of the Snowager's cave, a Shoyru rummaged through the great ice beasts belongings.

     "Grrr!!! Where is it? Shokiba said that it was in the Snowager's cave!" she said bitterly. The Shoyru was silver in colour, and her eyes were a startling gold. She wore a gold tunic with a soft white cloak to conceal her from sight while traveling Happy Valley, and Terror Mountain. Her name was Kiata.

     Kiata got up off of the pile of treasure and scampered outside to see the time. She looked at the clock and raced back into the Snowager's cave.

     "Only five minutes until the Snowager wakes up from his afternoon nap," she murmured darkly. Then a gold glint caught her eye. As Kiata saw it the Snowager shifted in his sleep, moving items on top of it. Kiata dove into the pile of toys, Battledome and other items stashed in his large, icy cave. Items flew here and there. After a few minutes of searching frantically she found the gold chain.

     Attached to the chain was an amulet. There was a dragon curling around half of the left side of a Topaz stone. The amulet appeared to be only one half.

     Kiata's eyes glittered as she looked at it. "I FOUND IT! I FOUND THE AMULET!!!" she yelled triumphantly. There was a low rumbling behind her and it grew louder. Slowly Kiata turned around, only to look into the angry, deep icy blue eyes of the Snowager.

     The Snowager roared and that was Kiata's signal to run. She dropped to all fours and ran for her life. The Snowager followed her but stopped as he watched her near the entrance and run out.

     When Kiata was sure she was safe she sat down in a far corner of the Ice Caves. "Haha! I got the amulet! Master Orlan will be pleased with me!" she said happily as she got up. She walked out into Happy Valley and relief washed over her, "I will return to the inn and send Lea to Shokiba so that she can tell Master Orlan of my success!" With that Kiata made her way back through Happy Valley and towards the inn.


Jade stood at a cliff overlooking Happy Valley. She looked at the small wintry town and sighed. The past two days Jade had prepared her departure, buying food and weapons for her upcoming journey. She had bought a bow and set of arrows, along with a sling and pouch of pebbles. She had bought a good portion of food, though she wasn't sure how long it was going to last.

     Because of her new set of weapons, Jade had had to place her scabbard and sword on her belt at her waist. She had placed the bow and quiver across her back. She had also placed the sling and pouch of smooth pebbles in her belt.

     Gingerly Jade pulled the bow from her back and looked at it. Thoughts of Sharn, Arwen, and Starwin came to mind, mainly thoughts of Sharn. Memories flooded her mind. She then voiced the words she had been thinking of, "Someday... someday I will return to Neopia guys... someday." Jade slung the bow on her back once more and shed the tears she had been holding back.

     After she regained her composure she climbed down from the cliff and made her way back to Shayena and Floent's NeoHome for one last stay.


Kiata sat at a desk in her room at the inn, writing a letter to Shokiba. It read:

     Dear Shokiba,

     I am sending you this letter to inform you that I have obtained the other half of the amulet. Please inform Master Orlan that I have it and I should be back in the Haunted Woods as soon as possible.



    Kiata finished the letter and rolled it up. She then called Lea, her Airax. She picked up the two amulet pieces and studied them.

     She stared hard at the right piece and then the piece that Orlan had given her to help find the other half. This half of the amulet was silver, rather than be gold like its counterpart. It also had half a topaz with a dragon around the right half.

     Kiata looked up at Lea, "There is a story behind these two amulets. It is said that once, long ago, when Queen Latine ruled Sakhmet, she had her right hand, Moriana, make an amulet that held magic. Latine possessed powerful magic. When the amulet was made Queen Latine carved a piece of Topaz that looked like a heart, so that she would never forget the King, Arzen, who died in a war defending Sakhmet from the clutches of the Shadow Army. Not long after it was made the Shadow Army found out about it. They gathered up all the creatures that were evil, and with the help of the Brain Tree, Edna Witch, and the Shadow Usul they were able to break down Sakhmet's gates and stormed the palace. Latine's creatures fought hard to drive them away, and eventually they did, but the Shadow Army came back at them and took over Sakhmet. Rourge, general of the army, found the Queen and her amulet. Rourge had gotten a hold of the amulet when Latine had rushed into her room and snatched away the left half. That's the half I found in the Snowager's cave, the gold half. Anyway, they pulled and tugged on the amulet, Rourge had hold of the amulet while Latine had hold of the chain. Latine was a strong Shoyru but Rourge was also strong, being a Lupe and all. They fought over it for quite a while before the amulet broke in half. Rourge made off with the silver half while Latine kept the gold half. The silver half remained with the Shadow Army while the gold half remained at Sakhmet. Then thousands of years later Sakhmet's half was stolen by Captain Thrice. He was once on the Shadow Army's side, until they kicked him out for betraying them. After that he took up sailing and robbed Sakhmet. He stopped in Happy Valley last year and ended up dropping the amulet in the Snowager's cave when he tried to rob the vicious beast," she finished. Lea nodded and headed out Kiata's open window as he had been instructed to do.

     After he was gone Kiata sat down on her bed, thinking about the amulet.

To be continued...

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