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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Collecting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 80 > New Series > E-Gates and Extraterrestrials

E-Gates and Extraterrestrials

by ridergirl333

Untitled Document "Welcome! You got mail!" My computer announced this like getting mail was some sort of accomplishment. I groaned at its cheery tone. "Welcome yourself, mister," I muttered. I went to the Neopets web site, fed my pets, got some omelette, you know, the normal stuff. Since I was running low on Neopoints, I decided to play a few quick rounds of Gormball at the Space Station.

     Suddenly, the screen flashed a brilliant green. The light stung my eyes, blinding me. Then, my monitor went dim again. Green stars swirled around the screen. A hacking cough seemed to ring from the speakers, followed by an almighty ACHOO!

     A rainbow blur raced out of the screen and smashed into a bench on the other side of the room. It was followed by a green figure. A blue form started to get sucked out of the screen, but then shuddered and returned to where it came from.

     Cautiously, I approached the motionless figures. "Oh my…" I stood, breathless and terrified over the limp, unconscious bodies that were my two eldest NeoPets. Carefully, I dragged RubyRainbow333 and EmeraldFlame555 onto a carpeted floor where I thought they'd be comfortable. I gently placed a pillow under their heads and wondered. How in the world did they get here?

     A few hours later, Ruby awoke with an agonized groan. "Oh, ouch!" the rainbow Uni tenderly touched the large bump on her head.

     "Hey, Ruby! When did you get two horns?" Emerald joked. Ruby shot the green Scorchio a poisonous look.

     I quickly changed the subject. "So, how are you feeling?"

     "Like I confronted the Pant Devil without my full Uni body armor," Ruby moaned.

     "Really? I feel just fine," Emerald said cheerfully. I gave them an ice pack each, knowing that Emerald's joyfulness was merely an act. He considers himself the "man of the NeoHome" and he finds it necessary to "fix" things that haven't even been broken. That is, they weren't broken before he laid his destructive claws on them. Of course he'd try to act tough.

     Definitely freaked out by this whirlwind of bizarre events, I called the one person who I felt could help me cope with this situation. My best friend Cathy (Neoname Musician*). She's normal. Nothing like this would ever happen to her.

     "Jen! Thank goodness you called! You'll never believe what happened."

     I admit it. I'm wrong. There's a first time for everything.

     She told me about how the virus had visited her computer. Her two oldest NeoPets (Comet* and Indigo*) were now roaming around the house, playing with her dog Shelby. "We have to get them back!" Cathy cried. "They don't belong here! They're two colorful, out-of-place NeoPets. What if some nutcase mistakes them for aliens or something and hurts them?" I told her that the virus had done the same to me.

     "Well, Cathy," I said. "I have to check on the pets. Plus, that virus may have done damage to the computer. I should check that too. Talk to you later!" "Bye." Cathy concluded.

     I went on the NeoPets web site again. When I went to the quick-ref section, things got a bit… weird. Instead of showing my NeoPets and their stats and stuff, I was shown an exact picture of the living room of my NeoHome SapphireCloud777 my blue Eyrie was lounging around on the tiger sofa. AmethystSkye111 my purple Peophin was playing with his coloring book. "Oh my goodness!" I was totally taken aback. Sapphire got up. Her feline paws made next to no sound on the floor.

     "Ridergirl?" she asked. "How'd you get in the NeoHome window?"

     That's when it hit me. I was the first human to ever make contact with NeoPets. I beamed with pride as I continued to speak. "Sapphie, get your brother. There's been a problem."

     "What's the matter?" A blue figure with a witch's hat loomed out of the darkness. Its voice was female, yet deep and husky. Then, the mysterious thing came closer. It was a Kau with a golden star on her back. Kauvara!

     "What's Kauvara doing here?" I asked Sapphire.

     My Eyrie sighed. "It's because of that Water Faerie that she sold you last week. She is sick."

     Suddenly, I realized the truth. "Wait! Faeries can't get sick! They're bits of digital data in a computer! Come to think of it, NeoPets are bits of data also! This is all a dream. I must be dreaming. I can't talk to a NeoPet!"

     Kauvara trotted right up to the screen. "But we are real, Ridergirl. We are as real as the wind and the air. Just because you cannot see it, does that mean that it doesn't exist?"

     "But I feed my NeoPets from this side of a computer screen! How can I have any influence on your lives if I'm over here and you're over there and…"

     Kauvara spoke again. "Everything you do makes a difference, young one. By feeding your pets, you open an electronic gate, or e-gate through space and time. E-gates are constantly opening and closing." She paused in fear. "However, one gate remained open today. When e-gates remain open for too long, they grow. Four pets were sucked into your world. If this gate isn't closed soon, more innocent ones will fall prey to a ruthless foe. Indeed, whoever created this e-gate is our foe, for it won't be long until all of Neopia is in your world. Every building, item and petpet will be dumped onto your streets. Now, our enemy is creating more gates, therefore twisting and tangling the threads of space-time itself! But the maker of the gates is weary, as are his or her creations. I'd give it another week until more pets are sucked through."

     I stared at her in amazement.

     The starry Kau read my face like a book. "How do I know this?" I have sources, young one. When I was a calf, studying brewing in the Tower of the Light Faerie, I discovered a concoction that would give me… powers. I can now sense things that occur in other galaxies. Unfortunately, I only have limited magic. I can't sense details. I know that e-gates were built, but not who made them. I know that our communication is only made possible because the e-gate in question has expanded to twice the average size. I also know that at this precise moment, a Lupe named Comet is covering his sister Indigo with half-melted marshmallows." Sapphire laughed.

     "Well," I said. "I have to go. I think Emerald is doing something similar to Ruby. Kauvara, could you be back at my NeoHome at ten o' clock tomorrow?"

     "I believe so," Kauvara stated.

     "Bye Sapphire."

     "Bye Ridergirl!"

     Kauvara had given me a lot to think about. Various galaxies with not-so-alien life! Holes in space-time! It was like something on the sci-fi channel!

     I had to get our NeoPets back within the week, or the world may fall into ruin. The idea gave me the chills, but at the same time, I liked the prospect of a bit of adventure.

     So much for a boring summer vacation.

To be continued...

Authors Note: Musician/Cathy and all of her NeoPets wish to remain anonymous. Therefore, the numbers after their names will remain confidential.

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