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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 30th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 80 > Short Stories > The Legend of Faerieland

The Legend of Faerieland

by bellossom45

Untitled Document

The sun had not yet begun to rise from its nightly sleep, at five forty-five in the morning, but I was rising from my pretty Kau-print bed. I stretched my arms as high as my small muscles would allow me to, and put on my robe.

     It would only be moments before my four Neopets raced down the stairs like Poogles, (though my youngest is a Poogle), because I had given them the so-called "disease" of waking up early. Luckily, I'd have enough time to get some omelettes and jelly from our pantry.

     I watched the stairs as the parade reached its destination-the kitchen. Today, they were lined oldest to youngest, Marie (Aisha), Ponycune (Peophin), Unicute (Kacheek), and KTgirl (Poogle).

     As soon as they got down the stairs, the parade crashed. Unicute came dashing to the counter. My other Neopets followed. I handed my pets either a breakfast of gooey jelly, or an egg-filled treat. I watched KTgirl and Ponycune eat like Snorkles, and Marie and Unicute eat very daintily. They rushed out to play games right after the last bite went down their esophagus. Marie remained in the house.

     "Aren't you going somewhere today? Didn't you say you were going to Faerieland?" I asked, curiously. I always asked questions, even when I was the only one to ask a question. Marie had an I-just-wanted-to-know look in her Aisha eyes. Wait a minute, Aishas don't have eyes;then how can she have a look? Did I imagine it? I'm losing myself. Anyway...

     "I... I wanted to ask you something," Marie stammered. She was embarrassed. Wow, my Neopets sure do inherit a lot of habits from me. "Almost all the worlds have a legacy; what about Faerieland? Tyrannia, the Lost Desert, and Meridell all had wars, Krawk and Mystery Island are like Maraqua, and the Space Station belongs to Doctor Sloth! Doesn't Faerieland have a special story?"

     My body got hotter than a volcano, and I began to sweat. I hated it when I didn't know answers. I noticed she left three worlds out in her query, and that *thing* I heard about between Krawk Island and Maraqua. I thought I would sweat all the liquid in my body, but I didn't.

     "I know!" Marie exclaimed. "You can make up a fictional legend for Faerieland! You're good at making up stories!"

     I was about to tell Marie a solid NO. I could have rejected her on the spot, but suddenly, my train of thought was on its tracks. Ideas were sprouting up to me like daisies. So, I began telling Marie a fake legend from scraps of my imagination.

     I sat down in a red chair by our fireplace, grabbed a Neocola, and motioned Marie to sit across from me. I didn't look like a storyteller-the Neocola in my hand, my untidy, uncombed hair, and my dirty pajamas. I was surprised Marie didn't seem to notice.

     "Well, a long, long time ago, we did not have the Faerieland we have today. In fact, if it wasn't for evil people, we would have never had Faerieland. Faeries didn't have a lot of good luck. That was, until they met a kind Kacheek name Myra."

     "Didn't the Neopets Team create-" Marie commented. I should have expected this.

     "That's why they call it fiction, Marie," I said. "Myra was raised by wise and magical Aishas, who taught her the art of magic. She knew how to build a city like Faerie City, and a world like Faerieland. The faeries, as of now, didn't exactly have a home, and, for Illusen, Meridell had not yet been discovered. For years, they had stayed in homes of citizens of Neopia at night. Some who housed faeries were blessed, but it took a toll on the faeries' magic. This was what Faerie quests evolved from. Of course, not all Neopians were hospitable, and the blessing for the others was bleeding the faeries' magic dry.

     "One day, all the faeries met in the Soup Kitchen-"

     "Why didn't they stay in the Soup Kitchen at night?" Marie had found yet another problem with my story. I felt like I was in a contest.

     "I like your questions, Marie, but you should remember I am winging it," I didn't like being mean to my Neopets, and Marie was my favorite pet.

     "While the faeries were having their meeting, a poor Blumaroo came in for soup. He was talking to his little Wocky sister about Myra. Fyora had heard of Myra as being 'the Witch of Neopia', but the things they were muttering to each other as they were fed gave her a better idea of what wonderful things Myra could do. After the two poor Neopets left, Fyora suggested going to Myra. Even the dark faeries agreed they needed to go.

     "It wasn't a long journey to Myra's peaceful home between Neopia Central and what would soon be Meridell. As you know, faeries do have wings, and the Faerie Queen knew the terrain very well. Soon Psellia the air Faerie was floating happily to Myra's flowery doorstep, and the other faeries followed her, relieved to have reached their destination.

     "Fyora knocked on the last door in Neopia any Faerie would ever have to knock on for help, and Myra ran up to the door with tea cradled in her paws like infants. Myra was not surprised at all, which did surprise the faeries.

     "'I've been expecting you,' Myra said softly.

     Marie was silent, not making a single comment. I smiled slyly.

     "'Many Neopians come to my home, and ask me to make you a place to stay. I understand both sides equally, don't get me wrong,' Myra informed the faeries.

     "'That's what we came to ask you!' a young fire Faerie chimed in. 'We can't go on like this. We need a home! Some of the Neopians are kind, and some are not! One even sent Fyora-' This made Fyora blush-'out! There's a crazy Lupe trying to bottle us!' The fire faeries looked sad, as did all the faeries. Myra had invited a rain cloud of sadness into her humble home.

     "Myra sighed very heavily. 'I tire of hearing these things from you and Neopets alike.' It didn't look hopeful. 'Because of this, I guess I have no choice but to help.' The faeries shouted, and hugged each other. Some danced and threw hats up in the air. None hugged Myra, for they kept their manners with the little Kacheek"

     "Who cares about manners?" The loveable, interrupting Marie strikes again. I wanted to tape her mouth shut, because I was redder than a beet. I held back my anger, and continued with the story.

     "The Faeries worked hard to make their new home. The Air Faeries made the clouds solid, and pushed them into form. The Water Faeries made the Healing Springs. Jhudora created her home, and the playful fire faeries made up games to keep them amused. The Light Faeries, who were more serious, made shops, and, later on, the Faerie Paint Brush. The rest of the Faeries helped Fyora create her castle. Soon, Faerieland was done at last."

     "Yea!!!!" Marie clapped her hands. "What a great story!" Well, Marie seemed to like it.

     "It's not over yet!" I told Marie. As I said that, KTgirl came home.

     "Hi! What's going on? Wasn't Marie going to the Employment Agency this morning?" she asked.

     "Sit down!" Marie yelled a KTgirl went up the stairs. "Guess who's telling a great story, but you missed some!" In vain, I shouted, Please, someone help. KTgirl was the queen of questions. Maybe she'd be silent.

     "Fyora gave Myra a Faerie totem as their token of appreciation. She decided not to give them to Neopians, because they held access to Faerieland. Fyora didn't trust the Neopians any longer. To her dismay, one night, she tumbled in her bed, and a bag fell through the clouds. People began coming to Faerieland, but no faeries saw them or noticed. That is, no one but Doctor Frank Sloth."

     "Oh no!" KTgirl screamed."Not Doctor Sloth! Has this story been this scary the entire time?"

     I ignored KTgirl, because I was sick of comments. "Yes, the evil Doctor Sloth. He smiled an evil smile that showed very, very ugly teeth. He looked bloodthirsty, and, being evil, he most certainly was feeling that way. 'Mwhahahahahahaha!' he cackled to himself. 'If I could take over this, this Faerieland, I can change it into a giant ray, and turn all the Neopets into my mutant slaves! It's the perfect plan!' Neopians knew of Sloth, but few knew of the existence of Faerieland. As he had said, it was the perfect plan."

     "Doctor Sloth never took over Faerieland!" KTgirl and Marie said in unison.

     I sighed, and didn't answer. I just went on. "A week later, Sloth went with his evil plan. Fyora was cleaning her throne when he arrived

     "'Hello, Fyora,' he said.

     "'Is that you, Psellia?' Fyora was very comfortable at a time when she should have been screaming for her life. No sooner did she discover it was Doctor Sloth, he tied her up. Then, he sat on the throne and cackled like a madman, which he was. All the other faeries surrounded him, but he just called his guards and ordered them tied up as well. It was a time for fast thinking, and that was something all water faeries did very well. They came up with a plan, which they said was their only hope. They had to tell Neopian about Faerieland, and fast.

     "'We're going to have to tell them, Fyora!' Psellia screamed as the guards came closer. 'There's no way around it! We'll just have to trust them all!'

     "'Fine,' Fyora spoke softly. Psellia made a voice echo in the winds: Come to Faerieland-the faeries are in danger. A light Faerie opened the gates."

     "Hey! This couldn't have happened!" My pets shouted in disbelief.

     "You know, you two, it's not supposed to blend in with history. That's the art of storytelling. That's the way this was supposed to be. I know it's a fake legend. Exactly." I didn't like my tone when I said this. I felt terrible, and wanted to change so many things. So, for the sake of storytelling, I just kept telling my story.

     "Neopians flocked into Fyora's castle like Kaus. They had no time for looking around. They stormed to the throne, hand-in-hand with their strongest Neopets, and fought to take down Doctor Sloth. The faeries just watched them fight for something that didn't belong to them.

     "The fight lasted several days, and healing potions were scarce. The only person that could keep score was the Battle Faerie, and she tried to be fair. At last, the fighting stopped, and the people-as always-came out victorious. Because of what Neopians had just done for them, Fyora granted the owners and their Neopets entrance to Faerieland on the twelfth day of the Month of Sleeping. Faeries and Neopians alike began to trust each once again, and the shops got more powerful. Fyora showed her thanks by opening the Hidden Tower. On the top, she engraved these powerful words: For keeping Faerieland safe-the Hidden Tower is for everyone. That is Faerieland's story."

     I was so caught up in my story, I didn't notice Ponycune and Unicute had returned, and all my Neopets were clapping. I couldn't believe they were clapping, because it was so ridiculous.

Author's Note: Like I said in my story, I understand this can never blend in with the true history of Faerieland. So serenade me with boos. This is just a nice story for your amusement. I always thought that reality was very boring.

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