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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Relaxing, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 80 > Articles > A Neopoint-Making Plan to Earn You Millions

A Neopoint-Making Plan to Earn You Millions

by wolfskin_

Untitled Document NEOPIA CENTRAL - So, you want to be a Neomillionaire? Don't we all. Every issue of The Neopian Times features dozens of articles about making NP, playing games, and saving money--but I have never seen an actual plan. Countless times while sitting at the Help Chat I have seen some poor soul ask if anyone can give them tips for how to make some Neo-cash, and every time they are scoffed, ignored, and pointed to the game room with no explanation.

One day, I got sick of this happening--mainly because I was one of the poor people being pointed wordlessly to the game room day after day. So, one lazy summer Saturday, I sat down and outlined a plan. With this plan, I bought a laboratory map in two weeks (starting from 0 NP in the bank), and I have later used it to save up quickly for paintbrushes, codestones, battle weapons, and petpets. But enough yammering from me, here is my original plan, outlined step-by-step:


Every day, after I log on and before I even answer my Neomail, I head to the Explore link and hit all of the goodies. The order of my preference (you don't have to follow this, but I do recommend some order so you don’t forget something) follows like this: Wheel of Mediocrity (Tyrannia), Omelette (Tyrannia), Tombola (Mystery Island), Wheel of Excitement (Faerie Land), Healing Springs (Faerie land), Fruit Machine (Lost Desert) and Coltzan's shrine (Lost Desert).

Sometimes you'll just lose Neopoints. Sometimes you'll win a Faerie paintbrush. It's all the luck of the draw, but a simple study of mathematical statistics show that the more you do it, the better your chances are of some day hitting big (and besides--it will only cost you a maximum of 300 NP)!

(TIPS AND WARNINGS: Before you make your round, donate any spare junk you have to the Money Tree. Not only is it a nice thing to do, I've noticed that a lot of times you get more random events and sometimes your prizes are better. Also, whenever Tombola runs out of cash donate to him too! WARNING: if you have multiple accounts, don't be stupid and try to claim on more than one account. You WILL be frozen, no questions asked).


You might want to wait until you have a lot of spare time to do this properly. Go to the game room , sit yourself down, and play every single game of a certain type in one day. Figure out which ones you're best at (it's time consuming, but you only have to do it once--and no matter how badly you do, you'll still make a decent profit from all the games you play!) and remember or make a list. Then, every day go and play the games in the order of the ones you're best at. My order follows like this: Meerca Chase, Extreme Herder, Korbats Lab, Swarm, Carnival of Terror, Spell-or-starve, Destruct-O-Match, Codebreakers, Cliffhanger, Poogle Solitaire, and Pyramids. On most days I don't have a chance to play more than two or three of these, but that still puts a pretty profit in my purse. Figure out what your best games are, and what gives out the best Neopoints., and play them any chance you can!

(TIPS AND WARNINGS: As with the freebies, only play games on one account or get frozen. TIPS: if you can, keep two windows open. That way, you can play the games and still surf around, chat, answer mail, or do whatever you do in Neopia.


I know what a pain it is to try and make Neopoints. if you can't play the flash games, but there are plenty of good games that don't require flash. A number of websites offer answers to Cliffhanger, Poogle Solitaire, and Faerie Crossword. If you spend some time with it, those three games alone can give you almost 3,000 Neopoints. a day. Then play pyramids, Sakhmet Solitaire, Blackjack, and Dice-A-Roo. Even if you DO have flash, don't overlook these games! They require a lot of refreshing, and the more you refresh the better your chances of getting random events. Also, Dice-A-Roo can give you food, faeries, and lottery tickets--and the jackpot is winnable, I know from personal experience (it was only 400 NP at the time, but that's beside the point)


Now that you've made some Neopoints., go to the bank. Collect your interest, and deposit your winnings. NEVER CARRY MORE THAN 1,000 NP AT A TIME. Why? Well, there's a number of reasons. First, you can have it stolen by a number of Neopian bad guys. Whenever the Tax Beast takes 10% of the 100 Neopoints. you're carrying, it's not a big deal. When he takes 10% of the 10,000 you're carrying, you'll get a little miffed. Another reason is that if you are carrying it, you'll be likely to spend it without realizing. And, last of all, the more NP are in your bank account the more interest you'll be able to collect.


Now that you've done all that, a few hours might have passed and you'll be able to spin the wheels again. I go to Mediocrity first, then Excitement, then go to the Spooky Fairgrounds and spin the Wheel of Misfortune. You might want to skip the last wheel, since it can do some rather unpleasant things, but I am an avid collector of the evil plushies you can get from the wheel. Also, now that you're at explore, take a stop by Meridell. I always spend time in Meridell whenever no one is on to chat with, because the games are simple, fun, and don't generally require flash. First I bet on Turdle Racing 3 times, and then I play Pick Your Own, Potato Counter, and Tower of Turnips just because I think they're fun. (TIP: I really recommend having two windows open during all of this so that you don't lose sight of your usual neo-duties. I realize that's nearly impossible to do with some browsers, so if you're one of the people stuck with AOL, remember to take a break every so often!


You might say this step isn't necessary, but I beg to differ. What's the point in playing Neo if you don’t get to do what you love? Myself, I am an avid role-player, so I usually spend a good amount of time at the boards with my pets. Do whatever you like to do, and don't forget to have fun! An added bonus is, as I said before, the more you refresh the more random events you'll find, and there's no better way to do that than to wander around the site.

(TIP: if you spend a lot of time online, you'll get more than one chance to spin the wheels. ALSO, if you like to chat, spending time at your favorite chat board is a great way to find out about NP-making opportunities. Most every board has at least one person who will point out that Snowager's asleep or Turmaculus is awake, and it will save you frustration later)


I recommend doing this on a different day than you play every game in Neopia, otherwise you will go insane. But, at any rate, if you want to make NP it's a crucial step. As you wander, see if you can catch any restocks in any shop. The first time, it might do well to just watch, see what things sell at what speeds, what prices they're selling at, and then check those against the Shop Wizard. If you can make a profit, and think your connection is fast enough to handle it, then set up your tent in the shop. Don't just sit there and refresh; go to the shop, refresh once or twice, and if it stays empty go play with your pets or feed them, or check a Wiz price, anything. Hit the back button every few minutes and refresh again. Whenever you see something you know is selling for a profit, click on it and do as little haggling as possible. As you get better at it, you'll know what you have time to haggle for and what you don't. The best shops for restocks: Magic, Books, Chocolate, and Pharmacy, in that order.

(TIPS: prices change dramatically on some items, so be sure to stay current with wizard prices. Also, quest items, especially snow Faerie items, are hot, so see what people are asking for quest help with.)


Use the quick stock feature in Your Items to quickly and easily put in everything you've gotten from the shops. I usually only do this once a day on weekdays and twice a day on weekends, because I wait until I've hit all the restocks I plan to--usually at least two or three. Price them according to the Shop Wizard prices, and leave them. I empty my till every day after I play games, so I get the profits from the night before.

Well, there you have it: Wolfskin_'s patented moneymaking scheme. What, you were expecting it to be easy? Nothing worth having is easy (scammers prove that!) but this is simple and anyone can do it (I have a 28k modem and flash doesn't work half the time, and I can still make plenty of money!). Some final tips to help you on your way:

Horde items that you find, and don't sell them until you REALLY need the money. I only clean my SDB in times of dire emergency.

Don't waste Neopoints. on items you'll never use--honestly, if you don't battle, why do you need all those weapons?

Don't do ALL of this ALL the time. You'll get burnt out. Whenever I'm not actively saving for something specific, I usually only play two or three games a day and only stock items that fall from the sky and hit me on the head. Figure out a happy medium and stay there until you need something, otherwise you'll go nuts.

Please don't beg. It's obnoxious, and it gives people who ask serious questions a bad reputation, therefore we get nothing done.

And, last but not least--DO NOT BECOME CONSUMED. If you' spend 24/7 playing games and saving NPs, therefore ignoring your friends and allowing your pets to starve, you're losing the point. Stay in focus and HAVE FUN.

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