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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 80 > Articles > Role Playing in Neopia

Role Playing in Neopia

by solemnwolf

Untitled Document CHAT BOARDS - Learning how to role-play is a simple enough task, given the facts that most role-play in Neopia uses the Message Boards, or Neomails, some even in Guilds specializing in role-playing, to enact. Anyone who has ever read a decent book already has an idea of how to role-play, they just need to the first few hints to help out. Most role-playing done in Neopia, no offense, is rather low caliber, and while some enjoy it, for the more veteran Role-players, this can be little more than a headache. And frustrating, I know. Most of these amateurs don't really know better, since most people wouldn't give them the time of day to teach them.

Naturally, role-playing can be about any thing, and in the world of Neopia, it's usually focused around- Neopets, naturally! Most people tend to enjoy role-playing their own Pets, and if their pet has it's own petpet, then that, too. But you don't necessarily have to role-play your own pet. But, I wouldn't suggest role-playing someone else's pet, either, unless you have their explicit permission to do so. Most people also enjoy role-playing in modern Neopia settings, but that isn't necessary when using your imagination...

Hints and Tips on Character Creation

The first thing you need to know before you begin, is proper spelling, and at least decent grammar. How can someone understand what you're trying to say if you cannot spell, or make it grammatically correct? Some might find this frustrating, and I've heard a fair share of "I'm not in school!", but no one enjoys role-playing with someone they cannot understand.

Another good tip, is to always think out the characters you plan to play, be they human or Neopet alike. Everyone should have a well defined personality, and their own personal traits. What are their hobbies? What do they like to eat? How are they with strangers? Perhaps under stress? But before coming up with a definite personality, it's always a good idea to make a background for the character, first. Things in a character's past always have affect a character's personality, and even maybe their future. Maybe your character was abandoned, and doesn't fully trust their new owner because of this. Or perhaps they were spoiled when young, and now demand nothing but the best.

Aside from having a background, you always want to have a well-thought out name. People take a serious name a lot more... well, serious, than they do a silly name. For example: Nemina might receive a better response than Philly6759, but this is not always the case. It also depends on your role-playing ability itself. You can always come up with a personality first, but you'll need to build your background around it, so that it makes sense to those reading it, or hearing about it.

Some pets, or their Owners, maybe even their petpets, might have special abilities. I have seen, time and again, those with these abilities, overuse and abuse them. Remember, people don't like role-playing with a god(dess). And never assume that an action you make will automatically affect another person's character. That is up to the opposing character. And you don't want to have too many abilities. Like fire breathing, invisibility, and mind-reading all in one character. Be realistic! A character like this will tire quickly if he uses so many abilities so much.

A lot of role-players like to add a little more life to their characters by adding a few things not normally offered by Neopet Paint Brushes. For example, would be Elitrin (lovely pup, him) who has wings, but his color (blue) doesn't offer these. Have fun, modify your pet. Make him/her stand out, and make him/her unique. There is nothing wrong with this.

One last tip: Never go along with stereotypes. Lupes aren't all mean, and they don't ALL like to eat Chias. Sure, most of them do, but YOU don't have to!

Hints and Tips on Role-playing

A good idea, is to first find out as much as possible about the Setting in which you intend to role-play You might want to find out whether it's a forest or city intended, who the locals are, how everyone speaks. You might want to adjust your character for places such as a forest, especially if your character is a city type. As well as the time the Role-play There won't be cars in medieval setting, so honor the creator, as well as your fellow role-players, and follow the rules intended for the setting, and/or given by the creator of it.

Always take any chance to interact. Monologue is boring! And you don't always have to play the same characters over and over again, experiment, have fun, that's what role-playing is all about. Most people like to slip in a few NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to add color to their role-playing, and fill in the gaps as needed. Depending on how critical the NPC is to the role-play itself, you may want to give the NPC a name, and a background, though not as thorough as your own PC (Player Character). Of course, naturally, lesser important NPCs rarely need even a name. That shopkeeper, or perhaps unimportant bystander, doesn't need such a thorough look over, but adds background to your role-play

Now, you finally get around to role-playing itself. Always make sure, as said before, your posts are spelled correctly, and have at least decent grammar. You want everyone to understand you clearly, so no mistakes are made. But when writing a post, put feeling into it. Be descriptive. No one wants to read a One-Liner post, or even two-liners. Be descriptive, and put a little emotion into it, perhaps how your character feels, his/her facial expressions, much can be told by the way a PC (Player Character) stands. Always make Role-playing posts at least two paragraphs long, and well defined. You want others to understand what you're doing, and what's going on.


Role-playing is meant for fun. If you're having a hard time doing it, or it's just not your thing, don't do it. You don't HAVE to if you don't want to. If you're enjoying yourself, then have a blast, that's what's it for. :)

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