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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Articles > Love Is in the Air!

Love Is in the Air!

by glowing_dreamz

Untitled Document It's nearly that time again, when lovers and friends all around the world gather So... have a special someone that you want to get a Valentine present for? Having problems choosing or deciding what to get for a friend of yours? Well, no problem, because in this article of The Neopian Times, I shall be giving you some suggestions on perfect presents for Valentine's Day!

Items under 500 NP:
Item: Loveberry
Description: The Loveberry pulsates and twitches just like a real heart.
Rarity: 101
Estimated Price: 200 NP
Comments: This is a very inexpensive berry, which has an adorable shape of a heart. If you REALLY cannot afford anything else; this would be a suitable gift for Valentine's Day. If you can afford something a little more expensive, then don't buy this gift. Personally, I would not purchase this gift for friends for Valentine's Day. This gift is a little too common and inexpensive to purchase for loved ones. But if this is all you can afford, then get them this gift. It's the thought that counts.

Items under 1000 NP:
Item: Deluxe Bouquet
Description: This bouquet is filled with the finest selection of Neopian
flowers. Each bunch is unique!
Rarity: 78
Estimated Price: 900 NP
Comments: This is another inexpensive gift, but is an improvement, compared to the Loveberry. Flowers are very common, yet lovely things to give to others on Valentine's Day. With the assortment of flowers and colors shown in the Deluxe Bouquet, this would make an elegant and affordable gift to give to others!

Item: Heart Shaped Charm
Description: This cute plastic necklace makes a great gift for a loved one.
Rarity: 102
Estimated Price: 500 NP
Comments: This is the 2nd cheapest Valentine-related item you can find. With a price of 500 NP, this cute little toy makes it a reasonable buy for its cost.

Item: Instant Roses
Description: Grow your own roses with these fantastic seeds.
Rarity: 60
Estimated Price: 600 NP
Comments: Another inexpensive gift, which is slightly cheaper than a bouquet of flowers. A rose is a wonderful gift on Valentine's Day, which is common to give to others. The beauty and simplicity of this rose makes it a reasonable gift for anyone.

Item: Pretty Bouquet
Description: A colourful bouquet that will delight anyone who receives it.
Rarity: 75
Estimated Price: 900 NP
Comments: This is another inexpensive gift, but is an improvement, compared to the Loveberry. Flowers are very common, yet lovely things to give to others on Valentine's Day. This bouquet also had a good assortment of flowers, and is similar to the Deluxe Bouquet. This bouquet sells for about the same price as the Deluxe Bouquet, but has a lower rarity. Personally, I would purchase the Deluxe Bouquet instead because it has a higher rarity, and yet sells for the same price as a Pretty one.

Items under 10000 NP:
Item: Bottle of Love
Description: This stylish glass bottle is filled with hundreds of red paper hearts.
Rarity: 68
Estimated Price: 2800 NP
Comments: Bottle of Love! The name says it all. With hundreds of cute, little red paper hearts in this bottle, it makes it an adorable and a good buy for such an inexpensive price of less than 3000 NP!

Item: Chocolate Heart
Description: This beautiful chocolate heart has a soft fondant filling and a white chocolate flower on top.
Rarity: 80
Estimated Price: 6500 NP
Comments: A cute and tasty gift for anyone who has a sweet tooth for chocolate! This gift is pretty affordable as well, and makes it a nice touch to anyone Valentine's Day. With its heart-like shape, it also makes it a suitable gift for such a holiday that relates to love and caring.

Item: Heart Fruit Tree
Description: Add a wonderful chocolate scent to your garden with this fragrant Heart Fruit Tree.
Rarity: 101
Estimated Price: 6000 NP
Comments: This is the only Valentine-related garden item I know of so far. With the price of 6000 NP, this heart-filled tree is a cute and suitable buy for a Valentine present!

Item: Three Red Roses
Description: What can be more romantic than three beautiful red roses?
Rarity: 80
Estimated Price: 5500 NP
Comments: This gift also relates to flowers (and yes, they are roses again). More expensive than the flower bouquets discussed earlier, these roses are romantic and lovely for anyone who wants to cheer up a loved one (preferably, giving these roses to a female).

Item: Valentines Cookies
Description: A handful of fresh heart shaped chocolate chip cookies.
Rarity: 70
Estimated Price: 3000 NP
Comments: Yummy! They are cute chocolate chip cookies that are in the shapes of hearts! This is a tasty and appealing treat for any person who loves to eat baked goods. Need I say more?

Item: Valentines Muffin
Description: Chocolate, strawberries and fresh vanilla icing make this a treat your loved one will adore.
Rarity: 75
Estimated Price: 5000 NP
Comments: Another yummy treat this Valentines Muffin is! Another one of the few baked Valentine goods! A chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate and vanilla icing (not to mention, a heart-shaped strawberry on top), this muffin makes it a delicious delight for everyone.

Item: Valentines Day T-shirt
Description: This extra rare valentines T-shirt is a must this season.
Rarity: 90
Estimated Price: 9000 NP
Comments: Wow! This is the only Valentine-related clothing! With the cute, huge heart-shaped logo in the middle of the shirt and the pretty red and white colors, this piece of clothing definitely a popular item to get for Valentine's Day.

Items under 100000 NP
Item: Heart Fruit
Description: Heart fruits are very tasty and one of the only chocolatey tasting fruits around.
Rarity: 101
Estimated Price: 11000 NP
Comments: Heart-shaped fruits? Wow... this is so far, the only known fruit that resembles a heart. A perfect and unique gift for any one of your friends or family!

Item: Lovely Lime Easter Negg
Description: Give your NeoPet this special treat and they will love you forever. *** WORTH 10 NEGG POINTS AT THE NEGGERY ***
Rarity: 101
Estimated Price: 22000 NP
Comments: This is one of the two Valentine-related neggs. Unlike the other negg, this one cannot be found in the Neggery. With its cute hearts and vibrant colors, this Lovely Lime Easter Negg is a wonderful gift for any negg lover.

Item: Sweet Heart Negg
Description: A magical negg, that can only be found at the Neopian Neggery. This unique negg has a special treat inside.
Rarity: 101
Estimated Price: 14000 NP
Comments: Aww... cute! This is one of two neggs that are related to Valentines Day. This negg is the cheaper of the two and makes an ideal present for any friend. You can find this negg by trading in 15 Negg Tokens to the Neggery.

Item: Valentines Bruce Plushie
Description: This adorable little Bruce plushie is extra soft and squishy.
Rarity: 89
Estimated Price: 75000 NP
Comments: Ooooh... cute! Yes, this is one of the 3 released Valentine plushies known so far. With the wonderful shades of pink, and the heart-shaped logo in its chest, it's a cute and adorable item for any plushie lover!

Item: Valentines Chia Plushie
Description: Show someone you care with this extra soft valentines Chia plushie.
Rarity: 89
Estimated Price: 60000 NP
Comments: Another cute plushie, all in shades and tints of red and pink. With its happy grin and its cute complexion, this plushie would also make a wonderful gift for a loved one. And it is slightly cheaper than the Valentines Bruce Plushie as well!

Item: Valentines Earrings
Description: The ideal gift for that special girl in your life.
Rarity: 88
Estimated Price: 13000 NP
Comments: One of two Valentine jewellery released so far! These cute, heart-shaped earrings are a must to give away to a friend on Valentine's Day! (And note that the description says that this is a gift for a girl! Do NOT get this gift for a male!!!)

Item: Valentines Quiggle Plushie.
Description: Who can resist this super soft Valentines Quiggle plushie?
Rarity: 89
Estimated Price: 55000 NP
Comments: Another cute plushie, the last of the three Valentine plushies. With lots of hearts on its body and a cute grin, this plushie is an ideal gift for a friend. (I would personally recommend this gift to a male, since this plushie doesn't have too many shades/tints of pink!)

Item (s) under 500000 NP:
Item: Valentines Day Ring
Description: What can say I love you more than this beautiful ring?
Rarity: 95
Estimated Price: 350000 NP
Comments: This is the second of the two Valentine jewelley released. With the price of 350000 NP, this is quite a huge amount to pay for such a present, but is worth the money for any loved one.

Well, I hope this article has helped you in finding items to buy for your loved ones this year! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to Neomail me and I'll try replying to you in the next day or two. Well, get out there and get shopping! And in advance, I'd like to wish everyone a HAPPY Valentine's Day!

Author's Note: The recommendations of Valentine presents are my opinions and common things that do relate to Valentine's Day! You do not have to use these suggestions, if you can think of something better to give to a loved one, then use your own idea!

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