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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 77 > Short Stories > The Rainbow

The Rainbow

by memo

Untitled Document

As I was walking down the hall of Neopian High School towards the lunch room, I felt a hoof touch my shoulder. I turned and saw my best friend Lorea. We are both plain blue Unis. She fell in step with me, and we walked through the lunchroom door.

     "Hey, clipper," she said. "Have you heard the news?" I shook my head.

     "No, what is it?" I asked.

     "There's going to be a new foreign exchange student in our homeroom! He's from the Mystery Island," she exclaimed, obviously about to burst with the news. "He'll be here tomorrow!" My eyes widened.

     "Really? That's so cool!" I said. We sat down at our usual lunch table with our friends, a Faerie Uni and a purple Uni

     "What's cool?" Equidust, the Faerie Uni, asked.

     "A new foreign exchange student from Mystery Island is coming here tomorrow," Lorea replied.

     "That is cool," agreed SkySnip, the purple Uni

     "Did you hear about the Valentine's dance?" questioned Equidust.

     "No, when is it?" I replied.

     "In two weeks," SkySnip answered. At that moment, a handsome shadow Uni sat down a few tables away. His name is Feristar. He seemed to be staring at our table. We looked at him for a few seconds, then resumed conversation.

     "I think Feristar wants to ask you to the dance, clipper," teased Lorea.

     "If he did, I wouldn't accept," I stated. Just then, the bell rang that signalled lunch period was over, and we all walked out of the lunchroom together, then went our separate ways to our classes. I walked with SkySnip to our next class, English, which is my favorite class. The rest of the day went quickly, even Gym, my least favorite class, then Lorea and I walked home together.

     "So, why wouldn't you accept Feristar if he asked you to the dance?" asked Lorea, breaking the silence. I glanced over at her.

     "You know why," I answered. He had teased me about being an adopted pet and not being painted at the beginning of last year, and I avoided him whenever I could since.

     "You aren't still holding a grudge against him, are you?" she questioned.

     "Of course I am." I replied.

     "Why not forgive him? Its obvious he is sorry and its obvious he likes you." We walked in silence until we reached my house, then I turned in at the gate while she continued to her own house. I walked into the house and upstairs to my room, plopped down on my bed and stared at the ceiling, my head swimming with Lorea's words. 'Its obvious he likes you.' "Does he really?" I wondered aloud. Then I turned my thoughts to another subject, namely, the new exchange student. I wondered what to wear to school the next day, I wanted to make a good impression. I wandered upstairs to my owner's study. I peeked in and saw her typing away at her computer.

     "You want something, clipper?" she asked without turning from the screen.

     "How did you know it was me?" I questioned. She shrugged and smiled.

     "You are the only one home, besides, I heard your hooves," she replied, "you want something?" she asked again.

     "Not really, I was just wondering..."

     "Wondering what?"

     "Can I get painted?" I asked suddenly. She turned from the computer and stared at me.

     "What brought this on?"

     "I don't know," I replied. My owner turned back to the computer, saved what she was typing, and turned it off.

     "Paint brushes are expensive, clipper," she said. I sighed.

     "I know, I just thought I would ask." I turned and started to walk out of the room.

     "I'm sorry," she said softly. "I am trying to save up to buy one for you," I turned back around.

     "Really? What kind?"

     "A starry paint brush, I think they look nice," she said.

     "They do. I hope you save up enough sometime."

     "I'll try." I hugged her and started to go back downstairs, but I stopped and went back into her study. She looked up from the computer again. "Yes?"

     "Can I invite Lorea to sleepover tonight?" I asked.

     "Sure." "Thanks, memo." I ran downstairs to my room, plopped down on my bed and called Lorea. "Lorea? Could you come over?"

     "Of course!"

     "I need help deciding what to wear tomorrow, you know, with the exchange student coming. I could help you too."

     "Sure! I'll be over in a minute or two," she said. She lives on the same street as me. I picked up a book and started to read. True to her word, a minute or two later I heard the doorbell.

     "I'll get it!" I screeched, for my brothers and sister were home from school. I ran downstairs and opened the door. We ran upstairs. "Can you sleep over?"

     "Yes." By the time we had finished picking out what to wear, it was late, so we rolled out our sleeping bags on the floor. "So, did you think about what I said earlier about forgiving Feristar?"

     "A little bit. Maybe if he asked me to the dance, I might think about it. He is handsome..."

     "...and he does like you," finished Lorea. We soon fell asleep.


Early the next morning, we dressed and did our makeup and manes quickly. When we got downstairs to the kitchen, my owner gave me a strange look about my makeup on an ordinary day, but said nothing. By the time my siblings got downstairs, Lorea and I were just finishing breakfast. We decided to leave for school early. On the walk to school, we chatted a mile a minute, excited about the new student. Once at school, the first pet we saw was Feristar. He gave me an admiring and surprised look, but he kept his distance. In our homeroom, a strange, starry male Uni entered with the teacher. Lorea and I exchanged a look. This must be the new exchange student I thought, and I knew she was thinking it too.

     "Good morning, class!" our teacher said. "This is Royal_Eye, the new exchange student from the Mystery Island! I hope you all will make him feel welcome. Why don't you take the seat over there, between Lorea and clipper," he said, the last remark directed at Royal_Eye. Lorea and I exchanged another look, and gave a silent smile at each other. As Royal_Eye sat down between us, I caught sleep over eye as he glanced behind him from his seat near the front of the room with a slight frown. I wondered why he would be upset if Royal_Eye sat by me, unless Lorea is right and he does like me.

     When class was over, Royal_Eye walked out with me and Lorea.

     "Hi, I'm Royal_Eye, but my friends called me Roy," he introduced himself.

     "I'm clipper, and this is my best friend, Lorea," I said.

     "My next class is Neopian History, do you know where that is?" he asked.

     "Sure!" Lorea jumped into the conversation. "Its my next class too, why don't I show you?" she offered. He quickly accepted, and they walked in the direction of their class. My next class was Math, so my classroom was in the opposite direction. We didn't see each other until lunch. I was about to walk into the lunchroom, when I heard someone calling my name. I looked, and saw Feristar walking towards me. I nodded at him politely, and attempted to go into the lunchroom, but he caught my hoof.

     "Can I talk to you, clipper?" he asked.

     "Okay," I said, wondering what in the world he wanted to talk to me about.

     "I just wanted to apologize again for teasing you last year, and..." he hesitated, as if he was nervous.

     "And what?" I asked.

     "And... ask you to the Valentine's dance," Feristar blurted out.

     "I accept your apology, I should have a long time ago, but I can't go to the dance with you," I said softly.

     "Why not?"

     "I want someone else to ask me," I almost whispered.

     "Royal_Eye," he said, not asked. I simply nodded. He nodded too, then darted into the lunchroom. I walked slowly in myself, and bought lunch, then sat down at our usual table. SkySnip, Equidust, and Lorea were already there. They immediately noticed my silence.

     "What's wrong, clipper?" SkySnip asked. I only nodded at Sleep over table, where he was eating lunch.

     "He asked you to the dance, didn't he," said Lorea. I nodded again.

     "And?" Equidust prompted me.

     "I turned him down."

     "Oh," they said in unison. We watched Royal_Eye sit down at Sleep over table, and they seemed to talk, though we couldn't hear what they were saying.

     On the way home from school that day, Lorea asked, "Why did you refuse Feristar?"

     "Just because," I said. She kept asking questions, but I didn't answer. The weeks passed by quickly. Soon it was just a week to the dance, and no one else had asked me. The worst day was Wednesday, when, while we were walking home from school, Lorea seemed to be hiding something from me. Finally, I just asked her right out what was wrong.

     "Nothing's wrong, but, I hate to tell you this, but, Royal_Eye asked me to the dance," she said softly. My face fell, but I mustered up a smile.

     "I'm glad for you, of course, but I just wish he had asked me," I said, saying the last part almost to myself.

     The next day, I started to walk home by myself, because Royal_Eye was walking Lorea home, and they had already left, sharing his umbrella, because it was raining. I didn't have an umbrella, so I was stalling at school as long as I could. I finally decided to brave the storm, but just as I stepped out in the rain, an umbrella was held over me. I looked up to see Feristar.

     "Can I walk you home?" he asked. I smiled up at him.

     "Sure." We started walking, when I decided to say something. "Thank you, for sharing your umbrella with me."

     "It was no problem," he said. We reached my gate, and just as I as about to walk into the house, Feristar stopped me.

     "Uh, clipper, can I ask you something?" I nodded. "Now that Royal_Eye is going to the dance with Lorea, will you go with me?"

     I smiled. "Yes, I would love to." He looked surprised.

     "Really?" I nodded. He grinned from ear to ear, and gave me a quick hug. "Thanks."

     "No problem." He started down the street to his own home, and we waved at each other. "Bye!" I yelled.

     "See you tomorrow!" he called back. I skipped into the house, not noticing when it stopped raining. When I walked into the house, my owner was waiting for me.

     "Where have you been, clipper?" she asked.

     "Walking home," I simply replied.

     "For 30 minutes? Its only a five minute walk!" she exclaimed.

     "Well, first I was stuck at school, because of the rain, then..." I told her the story, ending with, "And then, he asked me to the dance, and I accepted."

     "I'm happy for you, but please don't stay out so long next time, I was worried about you! Your brother and sister were home 25 minutes ago."

     "I won't" I ran upstairs to call Lorea and tell her the good news. When I got back downstairs, I looked out the window. "Hey! It's stopped raining, and there's a rainbow outside!" I opened the door and walked outside. I smiled up at the rainbow, thinking of the dance.

The End

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