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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 76 > Continuing Series > The Cookie Sellers: Part Two

The Cookie Sellers: Part Two

by squieshie

Untitled Document

So, we agreed, we would make a business. I would bake the cookies, Rayneboery would handle the cash-register, Xraie would get all of the dough we needed, and Waffle-Ducky would serve the customers. It was perfect.

     "Okay. Lets start right now!" I suggested. The others agreed, and ran off to do their jobs. Rayneboery and Waffle-Ducky started to build the stand where we would sell the cookies at. Xraie sped off to the Food Shop, just a few blocks away from Soup Alley, where we live, at Neopia Central. I, on the other hand, started to dish out tons of cookies onto the cookie sheets with the cookie dough we had left over from the batch that Squieshie made.

     A few minutes later, Rayneboery came in. "We finished building the stand," she said, looking around for a cash register in the cupboards.

     "Already?!" I asked, amazed. "Wow. That was fast. I hope Xraie comes back with a lot of cookie dough!"

     "Yeah, really," Rayneboery replied, pulling out a dusty cash-register from a cupboard by a desk.

     "Well, I'll start putting these in the oven. Make sure you sure a sign so people will know we are selling cookies!" I told Rayneboery as I slid a sheet of cookies into the oven, and set the timer for 12 minutes.

     "Okay. That's what Waffle-Ducky's doing right now. We've got it covered." Rayneboery sped out of the door to assist Waffle-Ducky. I began to dish out a whole new batch of cookies onto a cookie sheet while waiting for Xraie to return with tons of cookie dough.

     Five minutes later, somebody opened the door. It was Xraie. She had the biggest grin you would ever see on her face. "Got it!"

     "Finally!" I said, relieved, as I took the five plastic bags filled to the top with cookie dough packages in them.

     "These weigh a ton!" I exclaimed, throwing all five bags onto the island counter without care.

     "Yeah. I bought thirty packages of them. I hoped you wouldn't mind."

     "Thirty Packages?!" I asked, breathless. "You think that many customers are going to come and buy a cookie for 5 Neopoints?!" I raged.

     "Well, yeah, actually," Xraie replied. "They only cost 5 Neopoints. Of course they are going to buy a cookie. A lot of people are hungry this time of day."

     "Oh, well, okay. Go out and help the others with setting up the stand,"

     "Okay!" Xraie flew out of the door, and closed the door slowly.

     I began to empty the five bags of cookie dough packets, stacking them each in stacks of five. When I finished, I had six rows stacked up. I was ready to go. I opened one package, and threw all of the cookie dough pieces which were cut into little squares so you didn't have to scoop them up like ones in a bucket, onto a cookie sheet. I spaced them all out, and started another batch of cookies so I would be ready with another back-up in case more customers came.

     About three minutes later, the timer for the cookies went off, and I pulled the sheet out, and carefully set it down on the counter (which was pretty big, because all of the cookie dough packages, and cookie dough sheets were laying on top of it), and reached out to get a spatula which was laying by the sink. I scooped each golden brown cookie up, and set it on a plate, which I would take out to the others, and give to them so they could give the customers the cookie they paid for. When I was done placing all of the cookies on the plate, I raced out of the house, and gave the plate of cookies to my sisters. They were all standing at the well-built stand, with cheesy grins plastered on their faces. I slid the plate in front of Waffle-Ducky.

     "Thanks!" Waffle-Ducky said, cheerfully, waiting for a customer to come by.

     "No problem. Hey - is that a customer?!" I replied, pointing to a skinny little Lime Chia which was waddling shyly towards the stand. A blue Lupe was padding along the sidewalk right behind her.

     "Can I buy a cookie?" The Lime Chia asked sheepishly.

     "Sure! That will be 5 Neopoints, please," Rayneboery said, as she retrieved the 5 Neopoints, and Waffle-Ducky handed the Lime Chia her cookie.

     "Thank-You!" The Chia took a bite into the cookie, and licked her lips, examining the little morsel, and she was on her way.

     Now, of course this was good news, we had just gotten our first customer. But there was something eerie I noticed. The Lupe I was keeping my eye on the whole time had vanished in a puff of smoke! I shrugged it off, but if that kept happening more, I would surely tell the others, I decided. I marched back into the house to get another sheet of cookies out of the oven, put one back in, and deliver the fresh, and piping - hot new batch straight towards the stand where all of my siblings were standing.

     I made my way back into the kitchen, when the timer went off. I ran over to the oven, took the sheet out, and set another one in carefully, and set the timer again for twelve minutes. I dished out another packet of cookie dough, now I had two other cookie sheets lined up ready to go into the oven when the other one was done cooking. I used my spatula to place all of the cookies that had just came out of the oven a few moments ago onto a plate to take back out to my sisters. When I was done, I raced outside, and saw that there was only one cookie left out of the whole two plates.

     "We're selling like a rocket!" Xraie exclaimed, joyfully.

     "I can see that," I replied, setting the plate down, and taking the other two plates to put back into the kitchen.

     "Business is great!" Rayneboery said, relaxing in a chair.

     "Yeah," I replied, eating the leftover cookie.

     "Oh, look, here's a customer!" Waffle-Ducky said, straightening up.

     A baby Grarrl approached the stand. "Hello," he muttered. "I'll have a cookie please." The Grarrl handed over 5 Neopoints, and Waffle-Ducky handed over his cookie, thanking him. The Grarrl joyfully bounced off gnawing at his cookie. I dashed into the room where the TV was, and sat myself on the big white fluffy couch, and turned the TV on to the news channel. Xraie and Waffle-Ducky sat beside me hurriedly.

     "It seems that many things looked over at the others before going back inside the house to bake some more cookies. Rayneboery was gone.

     "Where did Rayneboery go?" I asked, looking under the stand.

     "Well, I saw a puff of smoke right out of the corner of my eye. Maybe she did a magic trick or something," Xraie explained, not even turning to look at me.

     Something weird was happening. At first that Lupe disappeared in a puff of smoke, and now Rayneboery. "Did you guys notice anything else weird while I was in the kitchen?" I asked.

     "Er... Well, yeah. Kind of a lot of things. Like this whole group of Aishas' disappeared in a puff of smoke after this Skeith ate one of our cookies. Oh, and this-" Xraie started.

     "AAHHHH!!!" I yelled, pulling both Xraie and Waffle-Ducky into the house. I turned on the TV right away, and changed the channel to the news.

     The newscaster Lenny came on. "There are many things that are disappearing today here at NeoPets. It might be a glitch that the NeoPets Team needs to figure out, but who knows. Here are a list of things that we know have disappeared today: Aishas, Lupes, Angelpi, Kacheeks, Peophins, blue Bruce balloons, mini dice, Usuki dolls, Poppits, Nimmos, Slorgs, Tonus, Cybunnys, cherry-tastic Faerie pie, books, rainbow Elephante lolly, Aisha ears, white Aisha ears, Aisha angel cookie, bubbling blueberry cheese wedge, chocolate cherry cheesesteak, cheeseburger, the food shop, yellow Gelert plushie, Gelert battle blade, fluffy Faerie pancakes, Blumaroos, Blumaroo pancakes, Meercas, all of the NeoPets Games, Faerieland, Faeries, Poogles, Scorchios, Koi, Skeiths, Unis, Buzz, Myncis, Kyrii, Zafaras, Techos, Chombys, Kaus, Eyries, Jetsam, Kikos, Lennies, Korbats, Jubjubs, Pterii, Moehogs, Tyrannia, borovan, dung, chocolate Brucicles, gold chocolate coins, decorated trees, snowmen, filled cookie jar, sticky snowflake, cranberry sauce, Tombola, sandals, bottles of black sand, Korbatlopigus, Chias, blue orange Chia pop, and so many more items that we could not possibly name them all," The newscaster Lenny said, panting. "Oh, and just on the list, Shoyrus."

     I looked over at Xraie. All I saw was a puff of smoke. "Xraie's gone!" I shouted, still watching the TV carefully.

     "There are only 17 more species of Neopets left. They are: Lennys, Grarrls, Draiks, Krawks, Ixi, Gelerts, Kougras, Grundos, Zafaras, Acaras, Quiggles, Elephantes, Flotsam, Tuskaninnys, Usuls, Bruces, and Wockys." The newscaster Lenny said.

     I ran outside, pulling Waffle-Ducky along. There was a group of a whole bunch of Neopets eating the cookies.

     "Waffle-Ducky," I said calmly. "All of this stuff is disappearing because of people that are eating our cookies."

     "Customers?" Waffle-Ducky asked.

     "Yes. And I think I figured it out. When each customer bites into one of the cookies, whatever they hate most in Neopia, disappears."

     "Really?" Waffle-Ducky asked.

     "Yep. Now lets go!" I ran toward the gang of Neopets which were eating out cookies. "HEY!" I shouted, racing towards them. "Those are OUR cookies! Hand them over!"

     "Make me, stupid little Ixi," A Flotsam said. "I hate you. I hate you more than everything else in the whole Neopia," The Flotsam was just about to take a bite out of his cookie he didn't even pay for.

     "NO!!!" I screamed, as I tackled the Flotsam right as he was going to take a bite. I threw the cookie into the street, and started to punch the Flotsam.

     "What the-" A Quiggle said, getting ready to jump on top of me.

     "Whoa-" I started, quickly moving out of the way. The Quiggle landed on the Flotsam with a thud.

     "Why I oughtta!" Shouted the Flotsam, running towards me, the whole gang following the Flotsam. I ran as fast as I could down the streets of Soup Alley all the way to 17852, Winding Wood Drive, Neopia Central. I burst open the door, without even knocking.

     "Kaupeey! Ulaur! Help me!" I shouted throughout the house. I found them, eating cheese in the kitchen.

     "Oh. Hi, Taitl. Anything weird happen to you? Lupey and Choomby are gone," Kaupeey, a Christmas Kougra asked, taking a huge bite out of his cheese.

     "Yes! I know! Xraie and rayneboey are gone! And it's all my fault! If I hadn't of baked those cookies, and sold them, none of this would have happened! A whole bunch of things disappeared from Neopia, and it's ALL MY FAULT!" I started to bang my Ixi hooves against the floor, banging my fists, too. I was mad. Really mad.

     "Er... Okay." Kaupeey replied.

     "How is this your fault, again?" Asked Ulaur, a green Ixi.

     "I was the one who baked the cookies, the cookies that whenever somebody ate one, whatever they hated most would disappear!" I exclaimed, getting slowly up, calming myself down.

     "Oh... Well, that's a problem!" Replied Kaupeey, scratching his head.

     "Aren't you guys worked up about this? I mean, soon everything in Neopia will be gone! We have to go back to my house and get the cookies burn all of the cookies! C'mon! We gotta hurry!" I shouted, grabbing both of the boys and dragging them outside.

     "Well, okay... I guess. But won't our owner be worried if we aren't home?" asked Kaupeey.

     "Isn't she already worried that Choomby and Lupey are gone?!" I asked, running down the driveway, signalling for Ulaur and Kaupeey to follow. They did, and we ran fast, really fast, down the streets of Winding Wood Drive, straight to Soup Alley.

     When we approached closer to my NeoHome, we saw the gang of Neopets hanging around across the street from the cookie stand. The were standing in a circle, huddling around something.

     "C'mon, we gotta take a peek at what they're looking at!" I whispered to Ulaur and Kaupeey, tiptoeing towards the gang.

     "Look at her," The Blue Flotsam which had been running after me said, pointing at what the group seemed to be huddling around. "She's just a stupid Baby Gelert."

     I gasped. They had Waffle-Ducky! I crept a little bit closer, trying to see what had happened to Waffle-Ducky. When I was at the perfect angle, I saw that she was tied against a tree, and had tape over her mouth.

     "There's Waffle-Ducky!" Kaupeey shouted out loud.

     "Shut up, stupid!" I exclaimed, then clapping my Ixi hooves over my mouth after realizing what I, too had done. The leader Blue Flotsam slowly turned his head.

     "RUN!!!!" I shouted, starting to sprint the other way, towards out house. Ulaur and Kaupeey following swiftly. I stopped for a split second at the cookie selling stand, to grab what was left of the cookies, but they were gone. I looked around. A member of the gang had the plate plate of cookies, and he was eating them.

     "Why are you stopping?!" Ulaur asked, stopping to wait for me.

     "I have to get those cookies!" I shouted. "Go on into the house and hide!" I called. The Flotsam grinned, as I turned around to face him.

     "Ready, boys? Get her!" The Flotsam instructed, running after me. I had to get to Waffle-Ducky and free her. I ran around the streets, and dodged every one of them whenever they tried to grab me. Finally, the got so tired of chasing after me, they went into the house to search for Ulaur and Kaupeey. I quickly ran over to Waffle-Ducky and untied the ropes and took the tape off of her mouth.

     "Whew, thanks! We gotta go save Ulaur and Kaupeey, though!" Waffle-Ducky ran towards the house, I following behind her quickly.

     "Where are they?" I asked, looking around.

     "Uh... wait! I hear something!" Waffle-Ducky exclaimed, her ear twitching.

     "Oh! It's Kaupeey and Ulaur screaming!" I shouted, running downstairs into the bonus room. I saw Ulaur and Kaupeey in a cage with their feet and hands tied together by rope, and their mouths covered with tape. "Hey-" I started. "Where did that cage come from?!"

     "They must have brought it in," replied Waffle-Ducky, creeping closer towards the cage. "I think they are in Rayneboery's room, messing around with her stuff. I'll go in there and kick their butts, you rescue Ulaur and Kaupeey, and when your finished, come be my back-up, okay?" Waffle-Ducky burst open the door, and I raced towards the cage.

     "How odes this thing open?!" I asked myself, kicking the cage. Waffle-Ducky was punching all of the gang members, and whenever they tried to swipe her, she would back-flips to dodge them.

     "Hiee-yaa!!!" She exclaimed, dodging another attack with a front-flip, and slide tackling another one of the gang members. "Oh, I found this key that one of the members dropped!" Waffle-Ducky replied, panting, and fighting back against a member of the gang. She threw the small key towards me, and I caught it, quickly opening the cage, as I untied the ropes on Kaupeey's hands and legs, and doing Ulaurs swiftly afterwards.

     "Wow, thanks!" Ulaur exclaimed, smiling.

     "What's happening?" questioned Kaupeey, getting up, and brushing himself off.

     "Umm... Waffle-Ducky's taking care of it," I replied, pointing into the other room where Waffle-Ducky was, still tackling the gang that didn't seem to ever give up.

     "Oh my gosh," Ulaur said, looking into the room at Waffle-Ducky beating up the gang members.

     "Wow! Waffle-Ducky is kicking major butt!" Exclaimed Kaupeey, running to Rayneboery's room to get a better look.

     A few minutes later, Waffle-Ducky had just finished slide tackling the last guy. She panted for a second, and wiped all of the sweat off of her face.

     "Waffle-Ducky!" I called, approaching towards her. "You did you learn to do all of those moves?!"

     "Oh, didn't I ever tell you? I do gymnastics and karate!" Waffle-ducky smiled.

     "When? How do you possibly have time to do that?!" I asked.

     "Oh, at the night, when you are asleep. Squieshie takes me in. I would go to a daytime class, but there were no positions, and anyway, if I do it at night, I get special training, because I'm the only one in the class!" she smiled again.

     "Er... okay, but we still have to do something about all of the stuff that has disappeared!" Ulaur reminded all of us.

     "Oh, yeah..." I replied. "Well, I have an idea. Follow me!" I ran upstairs, and into the kitchen. I checked on a pack of cookie dough, and read it aloud. "It says here, seventy-five percent off. Results of eating could cause anything to happen, even make things disappear."

     Waffle-Ducky, Ulaur, and Kaupeey looked shocked.

     "So," began Kaupeey. "Maybe Xraie bought that cookie dough because it was seventy-five percent off!"

     "Yeah," agreed Ulaur.

     Waffle-ducky grabbed another package of cookie dough, and read on the back. " There is no way of treating the damage of the things that disappear from eating these cookies," Waffle-ducky froze.

     "We can say goodbye to all of our family that disappeared," Ulaur said, sadly.

     "Wait," I froze. "Waffle-Ducky, read that again."

     Waffle-ducky picked up the package of cookie dough again, and read what it had said another time. "There is no way of treating the damage of the things that disappear from eating these cookies."

     "Oh, yes there is," I replied, running out of the back door, and into the backyard.

     "What is it?" asked Kaupeey.

     "The Crystal Juppie," Waffle-ducky replied, astonishingly.

     "Yep. It grants any wish you want," I said, picking it up carefully.

     "Make a wish, then!" Ulaur urged.

     "I wish," I started. "That everything that disappeared from when people ate our cookies would come back, and that those kind of cookies that Xraie bought would disappear,"

     There was a great wind, and blue sparkles filled the air. It was an amazing sight to see. After a few seconds, the wind died down, and the Crystal Juppie vanished in a puff of smoke.

     "Whoa," said Kaupeey and Ulaur together.

     "Lets go inside!" I called, running towards the back door of the house. I crept inside, and saw Xraie and Rayneboery sitting at the counter drinking milkshakes.

     I smiled. Squieshie was awake now, reading a book on the couch. She seemed satisfied.

     "Where were we?" asked Xraie.

     "I dunno," replied Rayneboery.

     "Did somebody save us?"

     Rayneboery smiled. "I think so, Xraie. I think so."

The End

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