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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 75 > Short Stories > Magnolia Meets Super Korbat

Magnolia Meets Super Korbat

by peachifruit

NPIA Headquarters, an Undisclosed Location Somewhere in Neopia Central

     "So, basically, what you're saying is that the museum's whole exhibit of jewels has been stolen, and you want me to go play fetch."

     Chief the yellow Wocky frowned. "I wouldn't put it that way, Magnolia," he replied. "But, in a sense, yes, that's what you're doing."

     Agent_Magnolia the disco Aisha sighed. It was times like these when she would rather be at home, curled up by the fire with a book, and Sys-op, her pink Kadoatie, of course. But no. Of course, no. Today was Monday, the first at-office work day of the week, and she was--of course--at the office.

     "Well, I really am sorry about all of this, Magnolia," said Chief. "I know it's a bit early in the morning."

     "Eh, it's work. It's supposed to be early." Magnolia shrugged, glancing at Sys-op, who was near-asleep on her desk. "She seems to be making the best of it."

     "So, tell Sara when you accomplish the mission if I'm away, and I'll be going now," Chief told Magnolia, scuttling out the door.

     Sys-op snored in reply as Magnolia stood up. "Well, we should be going out now. Sys-op." She frowned. "Sys-op. SYS-OP!"

     "--WHAT?" Sys-op sat up irately. "Magnolia, I was having a very nice nap, thank you very much."

     "We have to go now, Sys-op. The museum needs o--"



     Magnolia stood back, startled by the noise of the window shattering. She saw a small, green Korbat lying on the floor by Magnolia's rolling chair, covered in fragments of broken glass.

     "YOU'RE paying for that!" Sys-op shrieked.

     "I heard the museum was in serious peril," the Korbat explained. Magnolia noticed he wore a cape and black tights, with the letters 'SK' embroidered on the front of his shirt. "Well, then, never fear; SUPER KORBAT IS HEEEEEE--"


     Magnolia cut off the Korbat's introduction by throwing a nearby briefcase at him.

     "Heeeeey!" he moaned. "You ruined my introduction!"

     "Will you cut that out already?" Magnolia cried. "I don't care who you are! Do you know how much that window's going to cost us to replace?!"

     "Oh, that's nothing in the face of danger," he replied. "The museum needs help desperately, and I'm here to tell you that you,"


     "Right, I'm here to tell you that you needn't worry, because I have the whole situation under control!" he finished. "So, you can stay here at the agency, and I'll handle this whole museum deal, okay?"

     "Wait--so, you're telling me that you're coming here telling me that I don't need to go out to do my job?" Magnolia demanded. "Are you INSANE? I don't even know you!"

     "Oh-ho, silly me," he quickly added. "Let me introduce myself, as I was so rudely interrupted before." Magnolia frowned. "I am SUPER KORBAT! And you can call me..." He drew a long list from his pocket. "...Good Korbat, Nifty Korbat, Magnanimous Korbat, Solicitous Korbat, Happy Korbat, Justice Korbat--I like that one--Spiffy Korbat, Kind Korbat, Wonder Korbat, Wonderful Korbat--"

     "Spiffy Korbat?" Magnolia interrupted. "You seriously want me to call you Spiffy Korbat?"

     "Uhm...How about SK for short?" asked Sys-op.

     "Oh, that works," Super Korbat replied. "Well, feel free to use that title if need be."

     "Okay, so we have a name," Magnolia answered. "So, what are you doing here?"

     "I've come to let you know that you don't need to worry about the museum, as I have everything under control," Super Korbat told her. "We wouldn't need unnecessary work on the same thing, would we?"

     "So, you're letting me off the hook, are you?" Magnolia demanded. She had always a slight problem with submission, but this stranger was the last straw of her already-bad day. "Well, fine. Tell you what; I'll tell YOU that you don't need to worry about this whole thing, because I'll do it. Now, isn't there some poor civilian in need of your assistance?"

     "Well, I know you wouldn't be able to handle this on your own anyway, so just let a professional do it!" he insisted. "How long have you been working here? One week? Two?"


     "Um--um--!" Sys-op interrupted. "I have an idea! How about we all do this together! You, me, and SK!"

     "Fine," they both replied in unison.

     "I still just met you, y'know," Magnolia repeated. "This is sudden, really."

     "Well, JUSTICE doesn't care about sudden!" SK replied. "The museum awaits! ONWARD, LILY!"

     "It's Magnolia!"

National Neopian Museum of Fine Art

     "Nice to see you again, Magnolia; Sys-op," Funame the spotted Blumaroo greeted. "I'm serving as curator for the museum all this week--oh! I see you've brought a new friend with you."

     "Friend? Friend?" Magnolia questioned. "You call THIS a fri--?"

"Now, now, Apple Blossom, we're not here for that," SK reminded her.

     "It's Magnolia!"

     "Right, whatever," he replied. "Sooo...Ms. Curator...What was stolen again?"

     "The entire jewel exhibit! Not one sapphire is left," Funame answered. "And I think I have a pretty good idea who's respons--"

     "--Well, that tells us everything we need to know!" SK exclaimed. "We should be going now, Ms. Curator."

     "But I said I know who did it--!"

     "Now, now, Ms. Curator, don't get too excited," SK murmured. "We really should be going. COME, BRIAR ROSE! TO"

     "It's MAGNOLIA!"

Another Undisclosed Location in Neopia Central

     Our Heroes, Magnolia, Sys-op, and, of course, SUPER KORBAT dart from the museum...

     "Don't mind my asking," said Sys-op, "But since when did we have a narrator?" Oh, don't mind me.

     Magnolia irately walked after SK, placing her hands on her hips.


     "SK, I really don't think all of this is necessary," she murmured.


     "Absolute nonsense!" SK replied. "Of course this is necessary! You didn't expect to serve justice with that boring narration you had, did'ya?"

     "No, I don't mean the weird narration," Magnolia answered. "I mean all of this." Magnolia pointed to the dark cave surroundings. "Do you really need all of this?"

     "Oh, of course, silly Sakura."


     "Right, right, sure." He pointed to a small tricycle. "And THAT is the Korbat-mobile!"

     "It is?" Magnolia inquired with a frown.


     "I was expecting a little more than a tricycle," Sys-op added. "Aren't you superheroes supposed to have those big huge cars with the rocket thingies on them that make them go really fast?"

     "JUSTICE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT CARS!" SK insisted. Magnolia sighed exasperatingly, following SK to the tricycle.

     And so, our heroes dart to the tric--er--Korbat-mobile, ready to depart to defeat evil at all costs! Magnolia...has a bit of trouble climbing on, but manages.

Later, on the High Street


     "Quit ringing that bell, Rhododendron."

     Magnolia sighed. "IT'S MAGNOLIA ALREADY!"

     "Uh-huh, right," SK replied. "Well, now that we know more from that curator, I think we can finally find whoever stole those jewels!"

     "What's your idea, SK?" Sys-op inquired.

     "Well, I'm glad you asked, Sys-op--"

     "--You can say 'Sys-op', but you can't say 'Magnolia'?" Magnolia demanded.

     "Now, now, Chrysanthemum; don't get too rowdy. Well, like I was saying, we're going to go find every villain hideout in town and ask its inhabitants if they stole the jewels, and if they say 'no', we go to the next one!"

     "You're kidding me, right?" asked Magnolia.

     "No, no, of course not, Snapdragon. So...we'll just go around town...searching...for a villain...and when we find one--"

     "SK, look!" Magnolia exclaimed, pointing to two burglars leaving the magic shop. "They're villains! Go stop them! They're--oh...they're driving away...SK, YOU COULD HAVE STOPPED THEM!"

     "Uh-huh, right, sure, whatever."

     "Hey, hey, HEY! SK, look over there!" Magnolia cried, pointing to a scruffy-looking Kiko running away with an elderly Kacheek's purse. "What about THAT guy, huh? Is HE a villain? Oh--he's running away...SK, YOU COULD HAVE STOPPED HIM TOO!"

     "Uh-huh, right, sure, whatever."

     "Wait a second--LOOK! VANDALS!" Magnolia screeched, pointing to two Kyrii with spray paint cans in tow by an ice cream truck. "And look what they're writing!! With two 'O's! Oh--they're running away...SK, YOU COULD HAVE STOPPED THEM TOO!"

     "Uh-huh, right, sure, whatever," SK repeated. "Look, we're looking for those jewels, not to save the ice cream truck from Cheese Flats, or whatever." Magnolia and Sys-op sighed.


     "Okay, okay, you're right," Magnolia replied.

     "Well, of course I'm right!" SK exclaimed. "If I weren't right, I wouldn't be SUPER K--"


     "OUCH! Morning Glory, what was THAT for?" SK cried.

     "IT IS NOT MORNING GLORY! IT'S MAGNOLIA! And it's bad enough that you're haughty, but you're not a good superhero either," Magnolia said with a frown. "Look, SK; I'm frankly getting sick and tired of following you around on this wild goose chase, looking for some villain that even the curator knows, and not getting anywhere! Do you even know what we're doing?"

     SK scoffed. "Well, of course I do. I told you my plan, right?"

     Magnolia sighed. "This really isn't going to work, is it?"

     "Well, Begonia, of course it will!" he replied.

     "MAGNOLIA!" Magnolia shrieked. "Honestly, can't you say a simple name righ--" Magnolia was interrupted by SK, who pointed to a Kiko vendor by the food shop.

     "THERE'S OUR VILLAIN!" he exclaimed. "Come on, Narcissus!"

     "MAGNOLIA!" Magnolia cried, running after SK towards the vendor. "N-NO! SK, that's just a vend--"


     SK had already hit the vendor with a nearby watermelon. "SK!" Magnolia cried. "What was that all about?"

     "Well, he's the bad guy, right?" SK replied.

     "NO! He is not the bad guy, SK!" Magnolia exclaimed. "He's a VENDOR! And you HIT him with a WATERMELON!"

     "Oh...okay," SK answered, timidly propping the broken fragments of watermelon onto a crate. " Well--that means we still haven't found our villain! COME, DAISY! JUSTICE MUST PREV--" SK was cut short by the sounds of many sirens coming closer. "Oh...what could that be?"

     Suddenly, our heroes are surrounded by a swarm of police cars, unaware to what will happen now. Will they be hauled off to jail? Will they be given a speeding ticket on a tricycle? Only time will tell!

     "Okay, that was annoying," Sys-op muttered.


     "SK, right?" asked a desert Wocky who had just stepped away from her car. "As in Super Korbat? Right--um--we've been looking for you for years now, SK, for more than one reason."

     "Let me guess, he's a con artist that tricks innocent people into believing that he's a superhero?" Magnolia replied.


     "No, actually," the Wocky answered. "First of all, you're under arrest for interfering with the narration and adding those ANNOYING emphasised action verbs--"


     "--Yes, like that one, which was a bit slow," she finished. "Second of all, you're under arrest for not riding your tricycle in the tricyc--er--bike lane."

     "This tiny thing?" Magnolia inquired. "This should be on the sidewalk!"

     "Right, well..." the Wocky droned off. "Third, you're under arrest for beating that poor innocent vendor with a watermelon! Now...what else?" She paused, tapping her foot with a frown. "Oh! Right, we found that jewel thief you're looking for; turns out it was the museum's old curator--he was gone the whole week so he could sell those jewels to make a profit. Isn't that funny?" She walked off with a laugh, dragging SK by the tail. "Have a nice day!"


     "The old curator, huh? Well, that wouldn't have been very difficult to guess," Magnolia replied. "No wonder Funame already knew. So...back to the agency?"

     "Okay. ONWARD, MAGNOLIA!" Sys-op replied.


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