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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 75 > Articles > Hidden Tower Reviews 4

Hidden Tower Reviews 4

by aachewwthree

HIDDEN TOWER (NO, I WON'T TELL YOU) - Well, now we start the fourth installment of Hidden Tower Reviews. After the release of HTR 3 it's fulfilment in my eyes was insufficient, so I am trying something new. As you know, I had the Basic info, Aacheww's Line, Battle Strategies and the Verdict. I am now going out into the streets of Neopia to ask another Neopian's opinions. My second opinion is Drake_da_dragon. His portion will be called "Drake's Thoughts" (Drake is rather stingy about his grades, don't expect any A's).

After that was taken care of, let's take a gander at what we have to review: Mask of Coltzan, Meuka's Snot Trail, Portable Kiln, Radish Bow, Rainbow Swirly Thing, Shrunken Skull Marbles, Snow Faerie Doll, and Snowball Machine.

Well, we've got our weapons, and our plans. It's to review!*Grabs Superhero suit*

Mask of Coltzan: Ahh, the late King Coltzan. Our first weapon is his legendary death mask. For 3,700,000 NP, you can do 8 Fire Icons and Block five of Earth and Darkness. You can also wear it as a Halloween Costume!

Aacheww's Line: Awesome defence powers it says. HAH! This is an overpriced weapon and is WAY to easily blocked. It can be a nice way to stop those pesky Meercas who keep Toilet Papering your NeoHome. I can see it now. BZZAP! My Verdict: D

Drake's Thoughts: 8 icons? Not a lot of damage, and only one kind of damage? NO thanks, generally another overpriced junky weapon, the blocking isn't that impressive either... If you're desperate for damage go after Sinsi's word, or a Large Metal shield for blocking. My Verdict: F

Battle Strategy: On the Attack try the Grand Lightning Beam or Sinsi's Sword add firepower and diversify you damage. On defence, you should try a Fire Gem.

Final Verdict: D-

Meuka's Snot Trail: Meuka needs to watch what he eats. One day while eating everything in sight; he sneezed. He pulled a Jump Rope from his nose and the Snot Trail was born! The Snot Trail does 12 icons of damage; 6 Earth and 6 Water. This comes at a cost of 6.5 Million NP. Just make sure you wrap it in tissues when not in use; otherwise you will have a mess on your hands!

Aacheww's Line: Well, 12 icons isn't a bad deal. I just wish it was a little cheaper; it'd be a better value that way. Then again, it shall more than pay for itself in the long run should Neopia's favourite pastime occurs. You know what I'm saying, WAR! My Verdict: C

Drake's Thoughts: 2 million, for it to get a passing grade. 6.5 million Is more expensive than almost any *good* weapon in the game. Good weapons being, oh Faerie Slingshot? My Verdict: F

Battle Strategy: With a Lost Desert Dagger or Immense Rubber Axe of DOOM, you've got 17-18 icons blasting away turn after turn. On Defence use the abilities Borrow and Sink to take away this Snot's Sting.

Final Verdict: D

Portable Kiln: Well, if you want to cook food on the go; you've picked well. The Kiln deals 10 Fire Icons for 3,158,000 NP. Just be careful, burning yourself is not the way to use this. Make sure your pet is very smart with Fire before giving it to him/her.

Aacheww's Line: I feel reluctant about the Kiln. It only does one type so if somebody has a Fire Gem, I'd be in it deep. The cost isn't the most appealing either. At least it can be of use when the power's out and dinner's Ice cold! My Verdict: D+

Drake's Thoughts: Hmm, 10 icons is a nice bit of damage, but the price is still exceedingly high, not to mention we're talking single type damage here, and fire isn't all that hard to block. My Verdict: F (Again....hehehe)

Battle Strategy: On the Attack side, follow what was posted for the Mask of Coltzan. On Defence, also imply a Fire Gem.

Final Verdict: D-

Radish Bow: I am having horrible memories of HTR 1. THE FOOD! THE FOOD! Okay, back to sanity here. The Radish Bow, while not only being a vegetarian's love; can do 5 Earth and 5 Fire for 2 Million NP. I'll try to finish this review with a slight degree of sanity.

Aacheww's Line: Not bad. I can deal 10 icons a turn. 2 Million Makes it a rather nice deal as well. Though the types it does deal are blocked rather easily. I still feel iffy about it. My Verdict: D

Drake's Thoughts: Hmm, for two kinds of damage, it gets a higher rating than Meuka's snot trail. Although, Earth is pretty easy to block... generally I can see this weapon as at least partly practical, but not highly. My Verdict: D

Battle Strategy: Use a Battle Duck to diversify the damage count. Any type will suffice. On defence, use a Soul Stone and a Fire Gem. Also try Sink and Burrow.

Final Verdict: D

Rainbow Swirly Thing: Ooh, pretty colours! Not only is it a nice accessory, the Swirly Thing an odd weapon. For 3,653,000 NP, you block one random type of damage. You never know what you'll block next. You could stop your opponent in its tracks; or you could be blasted full force.

Aacheww's Line: Hmm, I don't really have much to say. It is luck, luck, and more luck. Like they say in Vegas, you win some, you lose some! My Verdict: D+

Drake's Thoughts: An entire icon type is a lot to block. Often most don't know what sort of weaponry their opponent is using. The randomness factor isn't so bad... this is a gambling weapon though, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Except you lose 6 out of 7 times however. My Verdict: C (He graded higher than me, a sign of the apocalypse!)

Battle Strategy: None. On each side you have to cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Final Verdict: C-

Shrunken Skull Marbles: These marbles can't be used for anything other than the Battledome, unless you want to watch multiple explosions while playing Marbles that is. For 4,247,000 NP, you deal 2-12 Icons of varying types. You can see some pretty colours when they hit too.

Aacheww's Line: Too much randomness. While it is hard to stop, I hate the fact that I pay 4 Million for a Gambling Game. My verdict: F

Drake's Thoughts: Another very randomised weapon. A little too random though... 12 icons is not a lot, even if it is of all 7 types, so at over 4 Million I don't believe it worth it; especially since it could fail on you and do only 2 icons of 1 type. My Verdict: F

Battle Strategy: Once again, luck and luck alone. If you want to use a Thyora's Tear in anticipation though; be my guest.

Final Verdict: F

Snow Faerie Doll: Whee! My own Snow Faerie Doll to terrorise! For 750,000 can attack your doll for every time she made you pay 100,000 NP or more for nothing in return. Also watch it shiver when you press her back. I wonder if that based on a real button.

Aacheww's Line: REVENGE! I'll press the button and watch you tremble in fear for what I'll do to you! MUHUHAHAHAHA! Fun Factor: B

Drake's Thoughts: No Comment....

Battle Strategy: None, unless you are going to use your weapons to release anger of course.

Final Verdict/Fun Factor: B

Snowball Machine: You've got the advantage in a snowball fight now! This machine spits out a random snowball when used. The only problem is that it could be either a 15 icon Snow Mudball; or a 4 Icon Wet Snowball. The Snowball Machine costs 2,079,000 NP.

Aacheww's Line: It takes 2 turns to attack. I am not a fan of the generators, mainly because of the "Create one, Attack Two style." If there were some more snowballs that did 10 + icons then the Machine would get nice grades. I just still can't get over that you could get a pathetic Evil Snowball when you needed a Sticky or Stone. Just buy the snowballs, it's cheaper that way. My Verdict: D

Drake's Thoughts: Not very good, because you have to use it on one turn, to create the snowball. Then use the snowball, and yet again it's highly random, even if some snowballs are very good. The chances on this one are at least a little better than on marbles. My Verdict: D

Battle Strategy: Stall for time so you can create them. Hope for Snow Mudballs or Stone Snowballs. On defence, when you see your opponent make a snowball, block on the next turn. The following turn you should blast them all-out!

Final Verdict: D

There you have it! Our fourth installment of Hidden Tower Reviews has come to a close. Let's look back of what we gave each weapon: (Final Verdicts) Mask of Coltzan, D-; Meuka's Snot Trail, D; Portable Kiln, D-; Snow Faerie Doll, B; and Snowball Machine, D. Wow, that looks a lot like my report card! Heheheh, I was just kidding.

That's all for this article. On behalf of Drake_da_Dragon I'm Aachewwthree, signing off. Remember, save for the good ones and laugh at the bad ones!

Authors Note: I enjoy feedback, but if you want to send angry Neomails, first read Oddhatter's "The Art of Hate Mail". A HUGE thanks goes out to Drake_da_dragon, for being my second opinion and to Ahjteam and Finalhit, for providing the information via Neopet Nexus and the In-Depth Battlepedia.

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