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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 75 > Articles > Final Math in the Battledome

Final Math in the Battledome

by beatzero3

BATTLDOME - When I published my previous articles, "Math in the Battledome" and "More Math in the Battledome", I got a lot of feedback from readers. Realising that there's a little more to cover, this will be my last installment. To start you off again, the Battledome works through mathematics, which I have figured out to make you a better Battledome player. I should mention that Super Bonuses (see "More Math in the Battledome") can raise a stat by 3, 4, or even 5 points.

Pet skills and the famed Berserk Attack are gained by your pet if he or she reaches a certain level. Pet skills vary from species to species, but for all pets, the Berserk Attack is obtained at Level 50. All pets regardless of all factors are born with Defend, Cautious Attack, Jump and Attack, Normal Attack, and Fierce Attack, all of which are totally ineffective in themselves. Berserk does some icons by itself, however. If you use one or two icon-bearing weapons and one of those pet skills against the opponent in a single turn, each one of those will act like a third weapon. Defend ignores all icons and helps to cancel out icons put against you, depending on your pet's defence rating. The Attack series consists of Cautious, Jump, Normal, Fierce, and Berserk in that order. If you are using a skill from the Attack series, you will start to compromise defensive power for offensive power. In other words, if your opponent attacks you, he or she will do a certain amount of damage if you do a Cautious Attack, and you will do some damage to him or her. If you were to do a Berserk Attack instead in that situation, you would do more damage to your opponent but take more damage from him or her.

The "reliability" of a weapon is how long it will last when used. Reliability is a very important factor in selecting equipment for your pet. There are single-use items (Snowballs, Snowflakes, Novas, Clockwork Grundos), that can only be used once, although Ultranovas have a chance of being used more than once. Breakable and semi-breakable items may break during the battle. Breakable items break forever, but semi-breakable items only break for the remainder of the battle. There are once-per-battle items, like Scorchstones and the famed Honey Potion. The most "reliable" items, however, last forever and are called "multiple-use." Examples of multiple-use items are the Mad Clock, Grand Lightning Beam, Dark Battle Duck, and the Seasonal Attack Pea. Increased reliability tends to increase an item's value (a single-use item that does 6 icons is generally cheaper than a multiple-use item that does 6 icons because you can keep using the multiple-use item over and over). Keep reliability in mind when you're weapon-shopping for your pet, for your and your pets' convenience.

In addition to training courses and special Neggs, you can also purchase very special Mystic Mushrooms for your pet to eat, such as the Level Up Shroom, Strength Shroom, and the Super Fast Shroom. Each Mushroom also counts as a food item and will satisfy your pet's hunger as much as any other food, but keep in mind that, just like any other food, your pet may refuse to eat it. As of now, however, the Apothecary that sold them is now out of business and each one has a rarity index of 180, or Retired. In addition, you can purchase the more common Healthshrooms, Blue, Green, and Yellow; each heal your pet by a certain amount of hit points, and the Yellow variant will cure your pet of any disease. In addition, they can not only be eaten outside of the Battledome but can also be equipped, although they're not the best items to have in the heat of battle. Mystic Mushrooms are very expensive alternatives to conventional healing items, and personally, I seldom use them.

Another function that is very uncommon is to look right into your opponent's inventory, or what I call the "psychic" action. There are only two weapons that can do this-Jhudora's Crystal Ball, and the result of its fusion with the Everlasting Apple, the Everlasting Crystal Apple. I've never experienced this in my Battledome career, but nonetheless, it doesn't sound like a very logical plan to me, since you're figuring out what's in your opponent's inventory anyway because he or she is probably using his or her items. The Everlasting Crystal Apple, in addition to having this "psychic" action, also heals 30 HP per use. Both of these items are multiple-use, making them very costly. Overall, I'm not really a big fan of that action.

Faerie abilities are similar to pet skills, but it's trickier to make them work. Faerie abilities are divided into "spheres:" Light, Dark, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. For a pet to be able to gain any given Faerie ability, he or she must already have each previous one in that sphere, and be at a certain level. Once that's done, the owner must purchase a Faerie from the desired sphere and have it "bless" the pet. The final step is to "activate" the ability by going to Quick Ref, and then Abilities of the pet. You will see a menu of the abilities your pet has, if he or she has any. Click on the avatar of the desired ability, and you're finally done! Only eight abilities can be activated at a time, but there are few abilities that are very effective. The ones I recommend are Life Drain (Dark, Level 21), Sink (Dark, Level 30), Burrow (Earth, Level 10), and Fiery Gaze (Fire, Level 6).

This is really all I can share. I am unable to reveal the mathematical relationship between strength, icons, and the X-Factor because it is too secret, but I do know that upgrades will help the formula work with you better. I sincerely hope that the three articles that I wrote will help you understand the Battledome more, and help you become a better player. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to Neomail me!

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