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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 75 > Articles > More Crisis Strikes at Neopets, Inc. - The Invention of Zurroball

More Crisis Strikes at Neopets, Inc. - The Invention of Zurroball

by alexmax13

VIRTUPETS SPACE STATION - Since the loss of Meridell's fascinating games, Neopets has been frustrated about this dwindling issue yet again. They believe that there aren't games. At the last meeting they had held in the dusty conference room, the suggestions from some staff members (Adam and Donna) were so terribly awful, that game programmers are still rolling on the floor laughing at them.

Since Adam and Donna don't like the thought of the employees laughing at their boss and getting away with it, they decided to pull those same ten staff members back to teach them a lesson, instead this time, brought them down 100 floors, to their secret underground lair!

The staff members were put into chairs and then later duct taped to them, and were told none of them would leave unless they got some game ideas out of them! The plan was for Adam and Donna to humiliate them like they had been humiliated. Unfortunately, their plan didn't work. I mean, sure, they came up with horrible ideas, horrible beyond belief actually, but its not like the staff members upstairs knew about it, they were in the "secret" underground lair after all. But anyway, here's what happened down there.

Adam and Donna were circling the staff members as if they were sharks and the staff were the prey. Adam was showing his teeth, and Donna was growling, but it turned out that the growling actually came from the loud elevator going back up, and Adam had just eaten a spicy pepper by mistake and it also turned out that Adam and Donna were playing a game of tag when they remembered why they were down there again.

"Oh yes, that's right," Donna said in her British accent. The staff quivered. They knew that Donna only used her British accent when she was either mad or when she was finished watching those English sitcoms. "We have gathered you all so you could give us some GAME ideas. Since we were the only ones who actually were available to share some last time, we are making YOU do ALL the work! Muahahahaha!!"

"Hey!" Adam shouted. "You stole that insanely evil laugh from me!

"Silence, you arrogant little monster!" Donna shouted. The staff quivered some more. They knew Donna always made no sense when she was either really mad or had consumed piles of sugar. "Now, one of you better give us a game idea or variation NOW!!! Or else....."

The staff still stayed silent. "Oh heck, you'll get a raise," Donna added. Hands skyrocketed into the air! "Yes, Amanda W?" Amanda was Neopet's most loyal and obedient staff member.

Amanda tried to stand up, but remembered that she was duct taped to her chair, so she remained seated. She came up with an incredible idea, however.

Game Variation #1: Calculus Nightmare

Oh come on, we all know how to subtract, add, multiply, and divide (well, everyone at least except Adam and Donna, who are still playing with their abacus today trying to figure it out), so where's the challenge? There is none. That's why it's about time to upgrade the level of difficulty in Maths Nightmare. Players will have to solve equations and discover theories mathematicians have been searching for thousands of years for, all in a little under a minute. And if they are caught using a calculator, the pant devil will appear and steal all their Neopoints! Muahahahaha (oh, sorry, Adam)!!!

"Hahaha," Donna laughed evilly. "What a terrible idea! It's awful! Let's laugh at her, everybody!"

Shocked, Donna realised that the other staff members were congratulating Amanda on such a wonderful idea!

"But....but...." said Donna, "it's horrible! Don't you understand? People can't possibly win anything from this game! It's impossible! How can you like it? How??

"Allow me to take over, Donna," Adam said. "Now listen you pathetic mortals, we want some serious game ideas here. Nothing lame like that last one we just heard, OK?" The room was filled with silence yet again. Then all of a sudden, one hand went up. The hand belonged to Josh F., the person in charge of running The Neopian Times. He was called on, and he gave away another extraordinary game variation!

Game Variation #2: Snow Faerie Wars

Don't you ever get really irate when you give the Snow Faerie stuff worth 20,000 Neopoints and she gives you back a snowball or some pointless potion? Well now you can get back to her, with this great new game: Snow Faerie Wars! The game is only accessible if she rips you off. The more she rips you off, the farther she will fly into the air when you launch her off that catapult. So far, the farthest distance she's been tossed was all the way down to Mystery Island (yeah, someone gave her stuff worth 150,000 Neopoints and she gave them an orange)!!! But you have to act fast! Once she is on that catapult, you have 5 seconds to toss her, or she'll give you your money back, and we don't want that to happen, now do we? Of course not! If the war Darigan vs. Meridell has taught us anything, it's that revenge is more fun! So go get ripped off today!!

Yet again, Adam and Donna slapped their forehead while the staff were cheering for Josh. They just didn't understand: If an idea comes from them, absolutely no one is going to care about it. But if it comes from anyone else, it's pure hilarity!

Angrier than Adam and Donna had ever been before, they escorted the staff back upstairs (without removing the duct tape) and had them get back to work.

"I just don't get you people!" Donna yelled in her British accent (now she ONLY does THAT when she's really mad). "If you come up with something outrageously weird, you like the idea!! But if Adam or I come up with something lame like, oh, let me just pick a perfectly RANDOM name: Zurroball!! Yes, Zurroball!! Oh hey, let's just make it a game about this one purple Grundo who just happens to pick up a Zurroball one day and has to keep it in the air at all costs or something very bad will happen!!!! And if he drops it, well, then it's game over! Now wouldn't that just be exciting to all of you?? It would, wouldn't it? Yes, it would!

And to Donna's astonishment, it did. The entire office stood up and applauded loudly. So loud, in fact, that it is rumoured that a few Korbats could even hear the applause in the underground lair. Donna smiled, turned to Adam, and said, "Pay up, buddy! I told you I could convince them to make it!

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