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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 75 > Short Stories > The Koug Chronicles

The Koug Chronicles

by beatlechic03

Koug was a Kougra. He was a blue Kougra, and he loved life. Like all Kougras, he liked Mystery Island. I mean, nothing hits the spot like lounging around on the beach with a zeenana split, making fun of the Tiki Tack Man's mask, and playing Kougra beach games. However, Koug was not a typical Kougra He was different from all other Kougras in that he wondered what else was out there. There had to be more to the great land of Neopia, he thought, than beaches, zeenana splits, and the Tiki Tack Man. One day he decided that the wondering and the dreaming were too much. He had to find out what else existed. So he packed his things, said goodbye to the other Kougras, pointed and laughed one last time at the Tiki Tack Man, and left with his petpet, Foxy the Doglefox.

     Since no one really liked Koug that much, especially the Tiki Tack Man, who noticed that Koug pointed and laughed at his mask slightly more often than the other Kougras did, life on Mystery Island became even more pleasant for all of its inhabitants. They even threw a small party to celebrate after Koug was gone.

     Koug and Foxy sailed on a small boat to the Land of Meridell. There they became disheartened. All was destruction and havoc. Everywhere they looked, there were fallen trees, burned shops, and crazy people. One person was running around screaming, "NOOOO! I was only one measly quest away from getting a honey potion from Illusen!" Anyway, Meridell really opened Koug's eyes. He decided that if all Neopia was like this, he would just return to Mystery Island, because this was just really depressing.

     "If all Neopia is like this, I will just return to Mystery Island, because this is just really depressing."

     "Oh geez, Koug! Don't you ever read the Neopian Times?" asked Foxy, and rolled his eyes.

     "You know I don't."

     "Well, if you did, you would know that Meridell has recently been defeated in a horrible war by the forces of Darigan. That is why it is all havoc and destruction."

     "Oh, I see. That explains a lot, doesn't it? Well, let's go somewhere else."

     "Okay. How about Terror Mountain."

     "I don't know" said Koug, "Terror Mountain sounds kind of, well, terrifying."

     "Nah, it's not that bad. Trust me."

     "Okay then. To Terror Mountain! I really hope you know what you are talking about, Foxy."

     After a long journey, during which Koug and Foxy were abducted by Grundos and their boat was raided by Krawk pirates (don't ask!), they arrived at Terror Mountain. In the Ice Caves, as they were walking steadily in a North- Northwest direction, they found a little cave with a wooden sign saying, "Snowager. Come in and steal my treasure, if you dare!"

     So Koug and Foxy went in, and found the humungous ice worm asleep. Koug crept quietly to the pile of treasure, but just as he was grabbing a delicious looking ice negg, the Snowager awoke, and roared an incredibly loud and scary--well, an incredibly loud and scary roar.

     Koug and Foxy screamed and hightailed it out of there. Outside the cave, as they were catching their breath, Foxy noticed a piece of paper on Koug's tail.

     "You... have... a piece of... paper... on your tail" he panted.

     "What?" exclaimed Koug.

     "I said you had a piece of paper on your tail."

     "I heard you. When I said "what" I was using it to portray my surprise to the people who are wasting their time reading this story."

     "Oh, okay," said Foxy.

     "WHAT?" exclaimed Koug again as he was reading the piece of paper, "New Battledome Challenger. The Snowager will be waiting for you in the Ice Dome."

     "Really?" commented Foxy. "This is good information. Now we know to steer clear of the Ice Dome."

     "Good idea," agreed Koug.

     They continued on their way and found themselves out of the Ice Caves and on the summit of Terror Mountain. There, a green Blumaroo passed by and said, "I hope you are having fun!" At these words, Koug and Foxy shared a glance, which, if a glance could talk, would have said, "What the heck was up with that?"

     After the green Blumaroo incident, Koug and Foxy got in a fight. Foxy wanted to ski down Terror Mountain, but Koug was too afraid. Foxy then called Koug a yellow bellied Poogle-lover, which greatly upset Koug, who responded by challenging Foxy to prove his bravery by spending a night in the Haunted Woods. Foxy agreed, but only if Koug went with him. Soon, the two were once again in their small boat, this time heading in a direct course to the Haunted Woods.

     As they were approaching the Haunted Woods, Foxy began to get a little nervous. As their ship docked, he became very nervous. As they stepped onto dry land, he became absolutely terrified.

     "I have an idea!" he said, "We can stay at Cockroach Towers. All you challenged me to do was to spend in the Haunted Woods. Cockroach Towers is in the Haunted Woods. It all works out, and there are no Pant Devils or Swamp Ghouls to worry about, not to mention that awful Count von Roo."

     "Ha ha. Nice try. Didn't work," responded Koug with a grin.

     "Dang. Oh well. It was worth a try," said Foxy, who tried to grin to hide the terror that was quickly becoming very apparent on his face.

     Koug and Foxy made their way into the woods and found a small clearing around midday. They set up camp and went searching for food, wanting to be back at camp and safely in their tent before darkness fell upon the Haunted Woods. They did, this, and as dusk came, they were huddled in their tent hoping that no unwanted guests would show up during the night.

     As it so happens, one guest did show up during the night. As Koug and Foxy were about to fall asleep, Koug noticed a large blue creature out of the corner of his eyes. The creature came up to him, looked him in the face, and said, "Boo!" Naturally Koug and Foxy screamed as they recognised him to be the Pant Devil. They were very scared and very angry when the Pant Devil left with all their supplies, stopping only to hand Koug a piece of paper.

     Naturally, this piece of paper said, "New Battledome Challenger! The Pant Devil will be waiting for you in the Stone Dome."

     The next morning, however, Koug and Foxy were okay. They were extremely lucky, and they knew it. During the night, they realised how foolish they had been to camp out in the Haunted Woods. They decided they had had enough of exploration, so they returned home to Mystery Island, to the dismay of the other Kougras and the great disappointment of the Tiki Tack Man.

     Now, you may ask, what is the moral of this story? Well, there are many. For starters, do not point and laugh at the Tiki Tack Man, as it will cause him to overcharge you on his great selection of Mystery Island fruit.

     Second, always read The Neopian Times before setting out to explore the great lands of Neopia.

     Third, when on a small wooden boat, watch out for Grundos, who will want to abduct you, and Krawk Pirates, who will want to raid your ship.

     Fourth, beware the Snowager and the Pant Devil. This is quite easy to do, if you avoid the Snowager's Cave and the heart of the Haunted Woods in the dead of night.

     And of course, if someone dares you to spend a night camping in the Haunted Woods, just say no!

The End

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