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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 75 > Short Stories > The Jubjub Quest

The Jubjub Quest

by kryzx

The weather of Neopia was, to say the least, horrible. There was sleet, freezing rain, snow, hurricane winds, ice, hail, sub zero temperatures, and of course, the occasional flying mail Chia. (They really need to give them snow days.) But, because of a spur of the moment hole in her pocket, Kryzx Senji and her two Neopets were snug and warm with their NeoCentral heating.

     Kryzx was sitting in Joan, her rocking chair, reading "My Personal Accounts on How I Took Over Neopia" by Hubrid Nox. Caverick, the green Lupe, was sitting nearby chewing/eating a couple of pretty pink pillows that she just had "to have", while her Spyder, Sughie, was weaving a small but very detailed copy of the Sistine Chapel between her ears. Bell Tintinnabulation, the yellow Eyrie, was sitting on the opposite side of the room playing with her plushies. Bell's scarabug, Runic Rhyme, was losing a game of Scrabble to a giant Buzzer. All was peaceful, except for the occasional glowing and shuddering of Runic as he lost.

     All of a sudden, there was a great banging and slamming, one second of silence, before a round, hairy thing rolled/sloshed into the room. This was taken in stride. Well, at least by Kryzx.

     Runic zoomed up to the ceiling while glowing, shuddering, and shouting "A curse on you!! A curse on you?!!?" The Buzzer ducked behind Kryzx, whimpering, and Sughie scurried under Joan, the rocking chair, hissing. Caverick jumped up, baring her teeth and bristling. At the same time, Bell fluffed up, spread her wings, and opened her sharp beak to hiss silently. Kryzx set the book down and stood up. At this, silence fell upon the room. Kryzx walked over and tapped the object with her foot. It squished and chirped, "Mo mo ble ink."

     "Key," Kryzx said. Then she picked it up with a pair of tongs she had laying around the house and headed out for her sister's. Caverick, Bell, their petpets, and the Buzzer followed.

     "What is it?" asked Caverick.

     "A Jubjub," Kryzx replied.

     "Is it alive?" Caverick wondered.


     "Where are we going?" Caverick inquired.

     "Amethyst Smoke's."

     "Why?" Caverick inquired.

     "Do you want to keep a dirty Jubjub around?"

     "No," Caverick answered.

     "Then why do you think we're going to Thyst's?"

     "To wash the Jubjub," Caverick responded.

     "Why, then, did you ask?"

     "Because you do nonsensical things for fun," Caverick said simply.

     "Yeah! We're finally here!" Bell said with relief.

     "Yo, Amethyst! I'm home!" Kryzx called as she entered her sister's NeoHome.

     "And I'm going to use the tub!"

     "KayO. I'm playing 'Trip the Puppyblew'. The sensors are off," Amethyst called, distractedly.

     "And the cannons?" Kryzx inquired.

     "Yes." A yipe sound was heard, followed by Amethyst saying, "Darn it!! He tripped again."

     "I thought that was the point of the game," Bell said innocently.

Two hours later...

     "What are you doing to that poor drain clog?" Amethyst asked as she and her Neopets came into her bathroom. The time had come to determine which aliens had abducted her sister and sister's pets.

     "Don't scrub so hard," Kryzx said, as though in repetition. She was stretched out in a hammock that Sughie had customised. At the same time, she was copying down Jhudora's secret recipe for Poisonous Lollypops. Kryzx spoke to Amethyst.

     "It's a Jubjub."

     "A Jubjub! Why'd you get a Jubjub?" Amethyst said in disapproval.

     "I didn't get it. It rolled..."

     "More like squished," Bell interrupted.

     "Into my NeoHome," Kryzx finished.

     "Where do you think it came from?" Amethyst asked.

     "I figure, it blew out of its owners NeoHome," Kryzx informed everyone.

     "Why do you think that?" the Pant Devil inquired.

     "Because of this," Kryzx said. She opened the door and held the Jubjub out by his foot. The Jubjub flopped around like a rag. Kryzx pulled him back in and stuffed him into a towel to warm up.

     "Oh, now I see!" the Pant Devil exclaimed.

     "Good!! Now drop the tub and get out," Amethyst Smoke growled at the Pant Devil.

     The Pant Devil fled from Amethyst's four pets, all of whom were wielding old copies of The Neopian Times. Amethyst turned to her sister.

     "What are you going to do with it?"

     "I'll have to find its owner. After all, its not like I borrowed it," Kryzx replied.

The next day...

     Caverick was nose to the ground all out scent trailing the path that the little Jubjub had taken the night before. Bell was scouting the path from above, chirping information to Caverick who traded her the favour with woofoos of information.

     Kryzx Senji, who always seemed to know where she was going, took a straight, if not through some trees, path to the soccer field. The Jubjub was, of course, beeping with joy at the fact that Kryzx was carrying him along by a clump of his hair.

     At the soccer field, a starry Lupe was arguing with a starry Eyrie over which one was the better player.

     "I am the best!"

     "No, I am!"



     "I hate to interrupt such an important conversation, but have you seen this Jubjub?" Kryzx asked, holding up the Jubjub to show.

     "I say, yes," the starry Eyrie said. "I do believe it is mine!"

     "Yours!" growled the starry Lupe. "It's not yours! It's mine!"

     Kryzx knew where this was going and decided to stop it in its tracks.

     "Well you'd better decide something quick, or I won't think it belongs to either of you."

     "Well, in that case, I suppose it doesn't belong to us," the starry Eyrie admitted.

     "We had gotten to think'n it was ours, cause no one came for it," the starry Lupe said.

     "It's the best soccer ball we have ever had."

     "You were using the Jubjub as a soccer ball," Caverick growled in disgust.

     "Oh, yes."

     "Don't you know that's abusive," Bell inquired in disbelief.

     "Oh, it's just a little J..." the starry Eyrie began. He never got to finish, though. Bell and Caverick moved with the unison of those who are a perfect fighting team.

     The starry Eyrie and starry Lupe never stood a chance. Bell and Caverick left the black and blue stars to catch up with Kryzx, who was walking off to Neopia Central.

     "Where are we going?" asked Caverick.

     "Amethyst's place," replied Kryzx.

     "Why?" asked Caverick.

     "To borrow her cloak," Kryzx explained.

     "What do we need her cloak for?" Caverick wondered.

     "So as to be correctly attired for a visit with our dearest friend," Kryzx said, grinning impishly.

     "Oh," Caverick and Bell said sharing her grin.

     Dr. Sloth was having a bad day. Everything had gone wrong. First, his lab ray had broken down. Then, he found out that his plan to take over Neopia had backfired, and to top it off, Hubrid Nox kept trying to get him to confess to stealing his "Private Accounts" on how he took over Neopia. As if Dr. Sloth would ever read such pointless drivel. After all, it was not as if Hubrid would never take over Neopia. Just then, Dr. Sloth saw something that made him think that his day as getting better.

     "Ah! Amethyst Smoke! Just the Neopian I need to sludge," Dr. Sloth exclaimed with rising hopes.

     Dr. Sloth zoomed down, getting ready to sludge. Then Amethyst spun around, flinging off her cloak. It was not Amethyst Smoke!

     Kryzx Senji grabbed Dr. Sloth before he could even finish the thought to run and slammed him up against a tree. Dr. Sloth saw her pull something round and red from behind her back. Certain of his impending doom, Dr. Sloth cringed, closing his eyes and letting out a scream that he could just hear Kryzx shouting over.

     "Stop screaming like a baby and tell me...IS THIS YOUR JUBJUB?!" Dr. Sloth stopped screaming and carefully opened his eyes. Yes, that round and red object was a tiny Jubjub.

     "No," Dr. Sloth squeaked and cleared his throat. "No, that's not my Jubjub. But I have seen him before. He blew through my lab and broke ten of my best beakers, too."

     "Which way did he come from?" Kryzx asked.

     "I'm not sure. But I did hear of a tiny Jubjub created by Gee Money Man. He could be the owner."

     Kryzx dropped Dr. Sloth and headed off to Faerieland.

     Caverick, Bell, and Kryzx had no trouble finding Gee Money Man's NeoHome. It was the biggest, most expensive NeoHome in Faerieland.

     "Where did he get the Neopoints?" Bell wondered aloud.

     "Where did he get the patience?" Caverick asked.

     Kryzx walked up and rang the doorbell. A Bruce opened the door and invited them into the NeoHome. Once in the parlour he turned to them.

     "Await here while I fetch the Master."

     Gee Money Man came into the room with a Draik bodyguard. He was dressed in the finest clothes and wearing half of a jewelry shop.

     "Hello..." he started, but Kryzx, who was starting to get tired, cut him off.

     "Is this your Jubjub?"

     "That Jubjub. Oh, yes, I suppose. I had hoped I was rid of it. But I am still glad you brought it back, I'll be able to send it to the pound," Gee Money Man drawled.

     "The pound? Why?" Bell asked.

     "I created it for getting Neopoints; fifty for creating it, and two thousand for selling it. I pity the sucker who gets it."

     "Let me get this right: You're selling Neopets?" Kryzx asked.

     "That's where I get most of my Neopoints. Ingenious, right?"

     "Yah. You know what I know just the person who would like to get in touch with you about your business. Do you mind if I Neomail them?"

     "No. Of course not, go ahead," he said, rubbing his hands together gleefully.

     The Bruce and Draik that Gee Money Man used to own were happily celebrating their freedom as the Neopets Team froze Gee Money Man in his tracks. Meanwhile, snug and warm in their own NeoHome, just settling down to a family feeding frenzy were Kryzx Senji, Caverick, Sughie, Bell, Runic, Amethyst Smoke, Scarletbud, Rikki, Berrie, Spritzle Bee, Jule, Emerald, Aitace, Smedley, and of course, Momobleink the Jubjub, and Jazzia the buzzer.

The End

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