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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 75 > Short Stories > Evil Professor Scorchio

Evil Professor Scorchio

by trinity1986

This story is a continuation of "Good Dr_Death".

Zzzzzap! The Neopet felt the electricity jolt through every fibre of his body, then a numbness took over, but only for a moment. Tilting under the shock, he felt his head connect to the floor. 'Up two strength points, congratulations!" Was the muffled voice as happy owner and pet were congratulated by a Scorchio in the other room. The Scorchio turned slamming a door, and the pet could feel a cold draft slide into the sickly humid room.

     "Come on, up on your feet. That wasn't too bad, don't be a child about it." The pet rose to its feet and surveyed itself, the Uni body was shaken and oddly coloured. More of a gray than anything, sparks traveling across the fur.

     Lightning_rod, the pet was aptly named. For every single day since its creation, approximately two and a half years before, he had been harnessed to a copper ring on the floor and been told to use the Uni horn to harness enough power to provide energy for a certain machine - the Lab Ray.

     Lightning shook his head, pieces of pure white mane falling in his eyes. Nuzzling a shackle around his front hoof, he scratched an itch on his nose. He heard the professor Scorchio leave the room and then lowered his head slowly. Clouds above the open roof rippled with anger, and Lightning could see the bits of electricity absorbing together as he braced himself for another shock.

     Outside, the lab professor had forgotten an important part of the procedure - to always close the door. And now, a young girl stood, instead of watching her Chia get in position for the lab ray, she saw a Uni.

     She was at first confused, but then confusion gave way to fear as a bolt of lightning lit up the other room, it sent a blinding ray of light in every direction. The professor quickly shut the door, but not before the girl had seen the Uni sprawled on the floor.

     The Neopet had met her eyes, very briefly. She'd seen pain there, and he'd seen a flicker of hope in the momentary connection. Then the link was severed as the Scorchio shut the door and announced, "Gained two defence points!"

     As the pet and owner left the laboratory, -Evo- could sense something was wrong with his owner. "Trinity, why are you so quiet?"

     Yet the girl merely shook her head, brown strands of hair flapping in her face. "I don't know, but let's not go to the lab tomorrow."

     -Evo- merely shrugged in agreement.

     That night, after making sure her pets were safe in their beds, Trinity left the NeoHome to visit one of her friends for advice.

     Knocking lightly on the door, Tickle came to the door after a moment. "Trinity?" She looked surprised, as Trinity wasn't normally one to just show up on her doorstep. They were fairly good acquaintances, but she hadn't expected the girl to come knocking at her NeoHome in the middle of the night.

     "Um... would you like to come in? We'll have to be quiet, though. Everyone else's asleep." Trinity nodded slowly, still turning over her thoughts in her mind.

     "Tickle..." she started carefully, then paused to think.

     "Would you like to sit down?" Tickle looked curiously to the girl, almost worried. Trinity sat in the Kauvara print chair, and then slowly began, telling Tickle what she'd seen.

     "And then he was just laying there, his fur all gray, and mane all white." Trinity concluded a few minutes later. Tickle sat, her mouth slightly open, staring at Trinity. Yet by the serious look on Trinity's face, Tickle could tell this was no joke.

     "You've got to save him," Tickle finally announced.

     Trinity sighed with relief and nodded, a faint smile. She knew Tickle would back up her thoughts of helping the poor creature.

     "But... how?" Trinity looked to her friend, puzzlement taking over their faces once more.

     "Tiiiiiiiiickle!" Trinity was jolted awake, as was Tickle, both of their heads laying on the kitchen table, multiple Neopian Address books laid in front of them.

     Tickle looked around quickly, to see an annoyed looking baby Aisha holding a box of empty Neoflakes. "There's more on the other shelves," she responded quickly to her pet.

     Trinity sighed, they'd looked up every name they could think of. From Lightning to Flash, adding on numbers and letters. "I feel so sorry for the Uni, just used as a lightning rod for that evil scientist..."

     "That's it!" Tickle exclaimed.

     "What?" Trinity looked confused.

     "Lightning rod! Lightning_rod!" They both grabbed an address book and finally Trinity let out a whoop of happiness. "Here!" She slowly read it, "Lightning_rod, owned by The Lab Ray Corp."

     Tickle came over to look. "Wow! His stats are amazing! It must be some kind of side affect from powering the ray...."

     Trinity closed the book, nodding. "I'm going to go home and think about it. We can't just walk out with a Uni when we didn't come in with one..."

     Tickle nodded and Trinity began the walk home.

     -Evo- met her at the door. "Where've you been?" The rest of the family glared at her. "We haven't gotten breakfast!" Trinity stifled a laugh mumbling apologies to her pet and the various foster pets she had in her NeoHome.

     "All right... all right... I was just talking to Tickle about a Uni I saw near the lab the other day."

     "Oh you mean that one that's all pale but supposedly really strong?" Zainy25, a silver Zafara called out from peering in the refrigerator.

     "You know about him?" Trinity looked to them all, aghast.

     "Of course," they chorused until hogwillow continued. "Yeah, he's always been there, I'm surprised you've never noticed him."

     "So you don't care that he's just tied up and zapped everyday?"

     "Well, when we're in the lab we get zapped..." A pet mumbled and Trinity looked to the full kitchen.

     "Not one of you tries to change this poor pet's life?"

     At the sudden silence of the kitchen, Trinity threw up her hands and left the room.

     "-Evo-, as soon as I have a plan, we're going to the lab," she called back.

     -Evo- smiled brightly, digging into her Neoflakes, she was getting tired of the Chia body.

     At that moment, Tickle burst through the door panting and holding what looked like an Aisha doll out. "Plushie!"

     Trinity raised her eyebrows and nodded. "I didn't know you collected, Tickle. We've probably got a few more you can have if you want others."

     The Aisha in Tickle's hands suddenly hopped down as if angered by the assumption and walked to the kitchen to join the other pets in their breakfast.

     Trinity turned around, watching the Aisha until it was out of her view, and then turned back to Tickle and the two yelled in unison. "We make the Uni Plushie!"

     "But, how would we do that?" Tickle looked to Trinity, "We'd have to get it to the Rainbow Pool. Or we could disguise it or something."

     Trinity ran into another room, and came back with a Uni toy. "We need to make it like this. Let's think on the way."

     "-Evo-, time to go!" Trinity yelled, and the Chia waddled to the door.

     Riana, the plushie Aisha dutifully came from the kitchen and hopped into Tickle's arms, and the four set off to the lab ray.

     It took them a while to get there, -Evo- complaining that she didn't feel lucky today and that the lab ray might change her worse. And by the time they'd gotten to the Lab Ray, all four were wishing for a longer line so they could think, but the Lab Ray was empty, and the Professor popped his head from the door.

     "-Evo-, Trinity, and Tickle! Come on in! Now is this the odd plushie pet I was told about, the lab hasn't been morphing them that way... And carrying a plushie? How ironic." Riana glared to the professor, she had been holding the little Uni doll since they'd left the NeoHome.

     The four walked in, Trinity nervously glancing to Tickle, who shrugged in response. They walked in the room, and Trinity immediately focused on the door, tilting her head in its direction until Tickle saw it as well.

     "In there?" she whispered, and Trinity nodded.

     The two slowly edged over to the other side of the room, until the Scorchio saw them. "What are you two doing?"

     Both met each others gaze and -Evo- mouthed the words "Run!" to them, but Trinity shook her head.

     "Just looking at the equipment. Tickle said that the ray can't improve a Chia's level, and that -Evo- will be at four forever."

     Tickle looked confused, but then nodded convincingly.

     "Oh well, if you just look at the screens you'll see that it is totally random." The Scorchio turned away again, and Trinity and Tickle were able to slip into the other room.

     "Where did they go?" The professor looked around suddenly, not seeing either owner.

     "Outside, they got bored," -Evo- quickly replied, with which the professor replied with a shrug.

     Inside the room, Tickle kept a watch at the door as Trinity bent by the Uni. "It's all right," she assured the shying horse. She reached to once of the copper shackles to try and get him free.

     "Trinity..." Tickle was looking at the sky, where lightning was crackling closer.

     "Hold on, Tickle." Trinity mover closer to the Uni, who was simply trying to protect her from an upcoming shock.

     Trinity felt the tap of a paw at her other arm as Riana pointed up, and suddenly the three froze. The Aisha touching Trinity's arm, and Trinity holding onto one of the shackles as a bolt of lightning hit the Uni's horn.

     Both Trinity and Riana were thrown backwards and Tickle was forced to shield her eyes from the brightness of the flash.

     Then as all three looked to the Uni, it sat, shackles slipped off its paws, a pale green colour, blinking as it looked around. Somehow the contact of Riana through Trinity had morphed it into a plushie.

     Riana set the doll in Lightning_rod's old spot, and Tickle bent to pick up her pet, which was crackling with static electricity. Trinity picked up the Uni, who above all looked confused. Riana reached for the Uni in her arms, and Trinity nodded. Lightning_rod could pretend to be Riana's plushie.

     "Stay still, Rod," Trinity whispered to the squishy Uni. Without thinking, the Uni relaxed, button eyes becoming glazed over and lifeless.

     Tickle and Trinity both looked horrified at the sudden change, but then walked to the door. -Evo- opened it, and looked to them. "What took you so long? The professor went out to look for you."

     The two girls nodded and began to walk out. "There you are!" The Scorchio laughed, walking into the room. "We were looking everywhere for you. -Evo- went down two strength points, I'm sorry."

     "No we're sorry," Tickle whispered softly, but Trinity laughed loudly to try and cover the statement.

     "It's quite all right, maybe better luck next time?" Trinity hurried her friend and the pets out the door.

     As they exited the building, Trinity sighed with relief, taking the plushie Uni into her arms. "You're free!" She hugged it softly and set it on the ground.

     Lightning_rod stumbled at first, but then stepped eagerly walking with the others.

     Inside the lab, the Scorchio tossed off his goggles and walked into the humid room. Looking to the Uni, mumbling the usual, "Don't be baby about it, it's just a little shock." He then did a double take and found himself staring into the button eyes of a doll.

     "AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" A yell was heard from inside the laboratory and the now five outside in the grass looked to each other.

     "I think it's time we ran," Trinity said softly.

     And they did, Lightning_rod testing out his long plushie legs under the first sunlight he'd seen in ages.

The End

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