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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Collecting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 73 > Articles > Hidden Tower Reviews 3

Hidden Tower Reviews 3

by aachewwthree

HIDDEN TOWER - This is the third of 5 Hidden Tower Reviews. As you know this is where all those expensive items are torn apart and looked at. Those eight artifacts this week are: Greater Orb of the Fire Faerie, Hubrids Noxious Blade, Hubrids Puzzle Box, Ice Dice, Jelly Chia Plushie, Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll, Jhudoras Crystal Ball, and Little Timmys Slingshot.

The format of the reviewing is the same as before. First we go over the basic information, followed by Aacheww's Line (Patent Pending), then Battle Strategy, and finally the Verdict in A-F format. (Dun dun dun!)

Now, that we know how everything works, let's go!

Greater Orb of the Fire Faerie: The first of many is the Greater Orb. The Orb costs 2,079,000 NP. This cost is for a consistent 6 icons of Fire while defending 2 icons of both fire and water.

Aacheww's Line: This doesn't look like an orb; it looks more like a staff. Anyway, it's pretty good but there are better, such as the Kau Knight Helmet. Just seems a little underdone for the cost.

Battle Strategy: When on the attacking side, use a new goes with everything weapon, a Grand Lightning Beam or Immense Rubber Axe of DOOM (Since the Hand Painted Scarab was downgraded, this is advised). When playing defence, try a Fire Gem or Mega Fire Shield to fully stop this attack.

Verdict: C-

Hubrids Noxious Blade: This blade was crafted by evil Hubrid Nox. Seems like a pun being called a Noxious Blade. Anyway, the cost of the Blade is 4.5 Million NP. Normally it does 7 icons, 2 Dark and 5 Physical. However, should you be facing a Lupe, being the passionate Lupe-Hater Nox is, the Blade does 10 Dark & 10 Physical against Lupes; a whopping 20 icons!

Aacheww's Line: Well, this weapon is the Jekyll & Hyde of the Battledome. Fight a Lupe and it's a Hyde slapping 20 icons into the opposition. Anybody else however, it's a Jekyll, doing 7 icons. Well, at least it beats the Greater Orb.

Battle Strategy: On the attacking end. To do optimum damage target Lupes through the Target pet Feature. Playing defence as a Lupe, Leaf Shield will stop 50% of the attack. As anybody else, a Leaf Shield will take out 5/7 of the attack.

Verdict: C+

Hubrids Puzzle Box: Another Nox original. Don't worry Lupes, this won't do any more to you then it would to anyone else. The box is a rather odd weapon. It costs 11,000,000 NP and does no damage. In fact, when you use it, nothing happens! For the first 2 turns that is. On the third turn, the Puzzle Box drains 50% of your opponents HP!

Aacheww's Line: Well, if you can last 3 turns, you can take care of you opponent much faster. Not really much to say really. The Puzzle Box is like a more powerful Life Drain.

Battle Strategy: Make sure you can last long enough for the effect to go through. Use Sink and Burrow to stall for time. Also imply Diamond Dust and Fiery Gaze. On defence, count off turns and use a Thyora's Tear.

EXTRA NOTE: 2 Puzzle Boxes are not an automatic win! The first takes 50% of the HP, the second take 50% OF THE REMAINING 50%! Therefore, 2 Boxes drain 75% HP.

Verdict: B

Ice Dice: Feeling Lucky? Then grab these dice and gave 'em a roll! These Ice Dice cost 2,475,000 NP. Should you roll a 2, 3, or 11, you freeze your opponent! Rolling a 7 however, will make them disappear for the battle.

Aacheww's Line: Well, I was never good at rolling dice but should you roll a freeze number, yay you! Very awesome the fact that you can freeze multiple times!

Battle Strategy: A gamblers creation, it has no strategy. Just do a good luck dance and throw 'em!

Verdict: A-

Jelly Chia Plushie: This is a 1.5 Million NP toy. This isn't a weapon. If you want, you can try to have some fun and create your version the Jelly Chia's home, JELLY WORLD!

Aacheww's Line: What can I say? It's a really expensive toy. It feels funny too, hehe.

Battle Strategy None

Verdict/ Fun Factor: B+

Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll: Well, another toy. This one costing 1.5 Million NP as well. If you happen to be in the mood for fun, get revenge for when Jhudora asked you for that Thyora's Tear of your Level 50 Quest.

Aacheww's Line: x_x Read above. I wonder if they will make an Illusen doll. I'd need to beat that up after I had to get a Striped Aisha Morphing Potion for Level 38.

Battle Strategy: None

Verdict/Fun factor: B

Jhudoras Crystal Ball: Any psychics in the audience? If so, you'll get a kick out of this Crystal Ball! For 3 million NP you can see everything your opponent has equipped to them!

Aacheww's Line: Okay, big deal! You get to see your opponent's weapons. I won't pay 3 Million for this. I pity those who buy it. I pity even more those who buy Faerie Fog in defence

Battle Strategy: Let me just save you the time and say, DON'T BOTHER! This has no repercussions if your opponent sees what you have. Besides, if you battle, sooner or later they'll see what you have.

Verdict: F

Little Timmys Slingshot: The final artifact of the third installment of HTR. This will remind you of your childhood. The slingshot costs 2.97 Million NP for 4-9 icons of damage amongst two types, light and physical.

Aacheww's Line: Oh boy, a slingshot! However, I do not like this artifact much. I only deal 4-9 icons for almost 2.8 Million Neopoints. It seems a little high to do what this Slingshot does. Although this and Faerie Acorns via the Cooking Pot create the Faerie Slingshot, which can do up to 50 icons!

Battle Strategy: Use with a Grand Lightning Beam or Immense Rubber Axe of DOOM to double the damage. On defence try a Virtupets X-514 Super Shield to stop three of the light and physical damage.

Verdict: C-

Well, we've now completed 3 installments of HTR. Now that we're done, let's review what we did: Greater Orb of the Fire Faerie, C-; Hubrids Noxious Blade, C+; Hubrids Puzzle Box, B; Ice Dice, A-; Jelly Chia Plushie, B+; Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll, B; Jhudoras Crystal Ball, F; and Little Timmys Slingshot, C-.

Next week, prepare to look at these eight artifacts: Mask of Coltzan, Meukas Snot Trail, Portable Kiln, Radish Bow, Rainbow Swirly Thing, Shrunken Skull Marbles, Snow Faerie Doll, and the Snowball Machine.

That's the end for this article; this is aachewwthree, reincarnation of the infamous Chia Flour writer, signing off! Remember, save up for the good ones, and laugh at the bad ones.

Authors Note: I encourage feedback, but any negative or blind angst rage is discouraged. A HUGE thanks to the creator(s) of Neopet Nexus, whom without my articles would be way more sporadic.

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