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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 72 > Articles > Hidden Tower Reviews 2

Hidden Tower Reviews 2

by aachewwthree

FAERIELAND - Yes, this is the second of five in the Hidden Tower Reviews series. This week, I will discuss eight more artifacts. These will include, Earth Faerie Leaves, Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy, Everlasting Apple, Faerie Fog, Faerie Queen Doll, Fake von Roo Fangs, Fire and Ice Blade, and the Golden Butter Knife.

All the reviews are done in this format. I start with the basic information, then my opinion named Aacheww's Line ©; then how to defend against this weapon if it is battle intended should you be up against someone with the said item. Last is, the verdict done in A - F format.

Now that you know how things work, it's time to get down to business.

Earth Faerie Leaves The Earth Faerie Leaves, OUCH! Dang those things are sharp. At first sight they look to be painful, but they don't live up to first impressions on paper. Earth Faerie Leaves cost 1,750,000 NP, a veritable steal compared to many of the Hidden Tower Artifacts. The Earth Faerie Leaves can deal a range of 3 icons (2 Earth, 1 Physical) to 10 icons (5 of both Earth and Physical).

Aacheww's Line: While the Leaves are cheap compared to most Hidden Tower Artifacts, they lose points for the broad range. Then again, 10 icons isn't all that almighty either.

Battle Strategy: When on the attacking side of this, use in conjunction with a Honey Potion to gain extra firepower.

When playing defense against Earth Faerie Leaves, a Leaf Shield or Soul Stone will stop the Earth assault. A Large Metal Shield will do the Job on the Physical aspect.

Verdict: C-

Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy Hide this from the kiddies. What looks like an ordinary Kiko Toy is actually your first line of defense when it comes to those who use water attacks. The Kiko Squeezie blocks all water damage for a price of 544,500 NP.

Aacheww's Line: Oh boy, a toy that actually is good with water. Well, while I have nothing against those of you who bring their childhood in the Battledome, I prefer the Coral Orb. The Orb does the same thing (blocks all water) for about 1,000 NP. Even still, you could use the Hand Painter Scarab. That defends all water and does 8 icons for (at time of writing) 190,000 NP.

Battle Strategy: When using this, it's mostly guess work because in Quick Fight you are totally in the dark on what you opponent will use.

As for defending against this, the only way to do that is either steal it or erase it. (Dun dun dun!)

Verdict: D

Everlasting Apple Our first food item of the article! Last time we had so many it took 2 weeks of group therapy to make me forget about exploding Bagguss and Carrotblades. Anyway, this is a food item, not a battle food, food food. As the description says, this apple never gets any smaller. Buy endless food for 990,000 NP? What an awesome deal! However, there is a 1/100 chance each bites that the apple will disappear forever.

Aacheww's Line: It sounds better than it actually is. I have found that you can put a pet in the Astro-Villa for 1,980 days with 990,000 NP. That is almost 5 1/2 years!! The NeoLodge doesn't go anywhere either, while the small chance of losing your apple looms. Then you have to worry about the Pant Devil, Meuka, and Sloth messing with it. I don't think sludge or snot lumps are all that appetizing.

Battle Strategy: None

Verdict: D-

Faerie Fog Ugh, this is thicker than pea soup. Faerie Fog is designed to stop the effect of Jhudora's Crystal Ball. Unfortunately, that is all it does do. The price tag reads 3.5 million NP.

Aacheww's Line: The point of this item is…? I won't pay 3 ½ million for something that works against one thing.

Battle Strategy: It is pure luck if you get use out of this. No strategy involved. There is no reason to defend against this as the effect would only stop you from looking at an opponent's weapons.

Verdict: F

Faerie Queen Doll Oh boy, another toy! The Faerie Queen Doll is not a battledome weapons, just an awesome doll for the little Usul's and Uni's. This doll doesn't come cheap however, as the tag price is 2 million NP.

Aacheww's Line: This is a 2 million NP toy, I'm telling you, this must be every child pets' dream to get a hold of. Not much to say except, don't get yourself into massive debt from those Baby Gelert eyes.

Battle Strategy: None

Verdict: C

Fake von Roo Fangs: Careful with these fangs, they are full of evil magic! The von Roo Fangs cost 2.3 million NP and do 9-13 icons of damage, doing Earth, Fire, and Physical damage. However, that evil magic comes with a powerful effect, there is a 1/10 chance every time you use the Fangs, that your opponent will forever lose a level!

Aacheww's Line: I LOVE these fangs. While I have never used them, the effect grabs me and won't let go. If your opponent is at level 50, just powerful enough to use berserk attack; then the fangs will drop them to level 49, losing that powerful ability! On top of that, an average 11 icons is pretty damaging. On the downside, it can break. Than can be troubling thought but the odds are low.

Battle Strategy: This is perfect on its own. With the use of a Hand Painted Scarab, you do about 18 icons per turn. On the defensive side; Use a Sticky Hand or Lupe Grabber Jaw (if you have a Lupe) to take it and turn the tables. Or just pray it breaks before it does any damage to your levels.

Verdict: A-

Fire and Ice Blade Opposites attract, and can make a killing on an opponents' Hit Points. The F&I Blade costs 2 million NP and does 7-9 icons per turn (Fire, Water, and Physical).

Aacheww's Line: Not bad compared to most artifacts in the Hidden Tower, it will be tough to defend 3 types of damage.

Battle Strategy: When on the offensive, combine with the perfect side dish on any weapon, a Hand Painted Scarab. On the defensive, try a Large Metal Shield to stop 2 Physical and 2 Fire. Then use the ability defend to block the rest.

Verdict: B+

Golden Butter Knife: Said to be a relic from an ancient royal family, prepare to do some serious buttering to your opposition. For 5,682,500 NP, you can do 10 physical icons every turn!

Aacheww's Line: Well, I don't see how a butter knife is damaging but hey, it works. The only dislike I have is that damage is a one type. On my old account aacheww, my Chomby EvilsIcon, could stop 10% of that attack by just being a Chomby. In fact all Chomby, Tonu, Elephante, and I believe Grarrl (correct me if I am wrong) automatically take 10% less from physical damage.

Battle Strategy: With the use of a Lupe Iron Sword (Lupes) or Ultrasteel Attack Tusks (Elephantes), you can do 19-20 icons. If you aren't using a Lupe or Elephante, then go with our old pal, the Hand Painted Scarab. On the defensive end, a Fire Shield or Leaf Shield will stop this Butter Knife in its tracks.

Verdict: C+

There we are, 8 artifacts, analyzed and judged. Let's do an overview: Earth Faerie Leaves; C-, Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy; D, Everlasting Apple; D-, Faerie Fog; F, Faerie Queen Doll; C, Fake von Roo Fangs; A- (the first A!!!), Fire and Ice Blade; B+, Golden Butter Knife; C+.

Next time get ready for eight more reviews, they will include: Greater Orb of the Fire Faerie, Hubrids Noxious Blade, Hubrids Puzzle Box, ice Dice, Jelly Chia Plushie, Jhudora the Dark Faerie Plushie, Jhudoras Crystal Ball, Little Timmys Slingshot. So until next time, this is the sneeze guy, saying save up for the good stuff, and laugh at the bad stuff.

Authors Note: Sorry for the delay, after my first installment of Hidden Tower Reviews was published, my report card came with a D+ in Algebra staring me in the face. This last week I was given computer privileges back after getting a C on an interim report. So the rest will come own on time. Battle Dung was added after I started so that will be relegated to the fifth installment. Thank you.

Everything said in Aacheww's Line is pure opinion. If I have made any mistakes in this article, please Neomail me KINDLY and tell me what I did wrong. I would like to thank scattergirl for giving me the link to a helpful site called Neopet Nexus. If not for her, I would be begging for help on the Battledome Chat boards right now. Thank you for all feedback from my first, it kept me motivated.

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