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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 72 > Short Stories > SilverEmerald: Eater of Plastic Butter Knives

SilverEmerald: Eater of Plastic Butter Knives

by too_kule

I watched in disgust as SilverEmerald, my Skeith, popped another Plastic Butter Knife into his mouth. JadePaw stared in horror as he bit down hard on the plastic. EmeraldBlitz watched in revulsion as he chewed the plastic with his sharp dagger-like teeth. GoldenRhino stared in dismay as he swallowed the sharp plastic pieces. SilverEmerald was just changed into a Skeith by the Lab Ray, and seemed to be enjoying found sense of appetite.

     "SilverEmerald, why do you like that?" asked EmeraldBlitz finally. I gave my Krawk 'the look' because I had told all three of them to not comment on the eating of the Plastic Butter Knives. The truth was, I really wanted to know too.

     "It's great! It's like a thousand meals in one. You can actually taste the past foods that this knife touched. This one for instance," he said as he picked up on of the knives and shoved it into his mouth, "was used to cut a Teal Juppie. Apparently, it was also used to spread part of a Stick of Butter on something. was also used to stir some Mint Tea!"

     "All of those things?" asked JadePaw.

     "Yeah. People are always donating these to the Money Tree. Nobody watches them either! This one tastes like it was touching a Rotten Berry!" he exclaimed as he swallowed the knife and patted his belly.

     "But Plastic Butter Knives are Battledome weapons! Isn't that...gross?" asked EmeraldBlitz.

     "Not at all, my stomach is designed to digest anything at all. This one," he said as he picked another knife and shoved it into his mouth. "Tastes like...Ixi blood! Yummy! Ixi blood is good, but nowhere near as good as Chomby blood. Chomby blood is the best. Grundo blood is pretty good, but too sour. JubJub blood is the worst! It tastes almost as bad as Korbat blood which is too sweet. Now, Nimmo blood!"

     "OK! You can stop now!" exclaimed GoldenRhino as he got up off of the couch and headed to the bathroom.

     "As long as you don't choke, I guess you're fine eating them. But tomorrow at NeoSchool, I wouldn't recommend sharing the whole blood story with your friends. I doubt they really want to hear how tangy Eyrie blood is," I said as I left the room followed by EmeraldBlitz and JadePaw.

     "But Eyrie blood isn't tangy, it's actually quite bland!" he said as he shoved another Plastic Butter Knife in his mouth.


It was truly a great day at Neoschool for SilverEmerald. He hooked up with his two closest pals, KrystalFox and Hot_Flicker. They hung out all day and finally it was lunch. They headed to the cafeteria and sat down at a table.

     "What do you have KrystalFox?" asked Hot_Flicker as she opened her Sloth Lunchbox.

     "Mmmmmm, Bargasaurus Steak burger! What about you Hot_Flicker?" he asked.

     "Pea and Lentil Soup. It's actually quite good. What about you SilverEmerald?" asked Hot_Flicker. SilverEmerald opened his Warrior Lupe Lunchbox. Inside were six Plastic Butter Knives.

     "Ha, looks like TK packed you all knives and no lunch!" exclaimed KrystalFox.

"No, I eat these. You don't have a problem with that?" asked SilverEmerald as he picked one up and bit it. KrystalFox and Hot_Flicker exchanged funny looks.

     "Mmmmm, Scorchio blood!" said SilverEmerald as he finished off the Plastic Butter Knife. Hot_Flame (a Scorchio) looked like she might be sick.

     "We don't have a problem but--"

     Suddenly the doors to the cafeteria burst open. A Kyrii, a Mynci and a Grarrl burst in. They were all wearing Leather Jackets.

     "Get out of the way," said the Mynci as he pushed a Poogle off a chair. He and the other two sat down. The Kyrii was named Nick, the Mynci was named Jonny and the Grarrl was named Cory. Nick was the leader of their little gang. Jonny was the one who always seemed to do the fighting and stuff while Nick laughed. Cory was the quiet one. SilverEmerald had never even heard him speak!

     "They're the one who have the problem," said Hot_Flicker.

     Nick suddenly looked at SilverEmerald take a bite out of another Plastic Butter Knife. He motioned for Jonny and Cory to follow him. They walked over to SilverEmerald's table.

     "Hey StupidEmerald!" said Jonny. He and Nick started laughing while Cory stood there silently.

     "I bet that took you all night to make up, didn't it?" said Hot_Flicker coming to SilverEmerald's defense. Cory started growling.

     "Big deal. Hey SilverEmerald, nice lunch!" exclaimed Nick. He held up the few Plastic Butter Knives that remained. Everybody in the cafeteria started to laugh. You could tell because SilverEmerald was a red Skeith, but he blushed big time. He ran out of the cafeteria.


I put ten Plastic Butter Knives in SilverEmerald's lunchbox. It was still a little weird, but at least it was cheap! JadePaw's favourite food was Escargot, GoldenRhino preferred Flaming Burnumups while EmeraldBlitz liked to eat the Headless Horsefish which is served at the Golden Dubloon. This was definitely a good change.

     "TK... I don't want any Plastic Butter Knives," said SilverEmerald as he walked into the kitchen.

     "Really? But you said the other day that you loved them!" I exclaimed.

     "It's just, some pets at Neoschool made fun of me for eating them. Just give me a few NP and I'll buy lunch at school," he said.

     "I will if you want, but you can't let others walk all over you. They may think you're weird, but I think you're anyway you want to be. Here's 100 NP. I hope you make the right choice," I said as I pulled some Neopoints out of my pockets and handed them to him.


SilverEmerald walked down the cafeteria line. He was going to eat a nice, normal lunch...something he didn't like.

     "Hey StupidEmerald, any more yummy Plastic Butter Knives today?" asked Nick as he, Jonny and Cory walked up. SilverEmerald got angry. He was tired of being pushed around.

     "Miss, could I have eight Plastic Butter Knives?" asked SilverEmerald. The Peophin behind the counter looked puzzled, but in exchange for some NP, she gave eight Plastic Butter Knives to him.

     "What a loser!" cried Jonny. SilverEmerald shook his head.

     "You're wrong. You laugh at me because I'm different, but I laugh at you because you're all the same. But are you? My lunch may be different from yours, but you two lunches are different," said SilverEmerald. He opened their lunchboxes. Jonny had a slice of Pizza, but Nick had a jelly sandwich.

     "But these are normal lunches, others have them too. We have normal lunches," said Nick in their defense.

     "Nope. Let's see what Cory has," said SilverEmerald. He opened Cory's lunchbox and inside were two Toy Sail Boats. Jonny and Nick looked up with shocked expressions.

     "People are always sailing these on Mystery Island. They salt in the water sinks into the wood. They taste salty and yummy," said Cory as he took a bite out of one. SilverEmerald walked over to the table where Hot_Flicker and KrystalFox were sitting. Cory also sat down too. Nick and Jonny just stared with their jaws dropped. It looked like they were the odd ones out.

The End

Note: I'd like to thank two of my real life friends, wattsy1213 and meow_mel44 for letting me use the names of two of their pets in the story, KrystalFox and Hot_Flicker. Thanks!

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