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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 71 > Articles > The Annual Christmas Decorating Contest Results

The Annual Christmas Decorating Contest Results

by too_kule

HAPPY VALLEY - Good day! My name is TK, and I'm here to tell you what you've been longing to hear. Of course you've heard of the Annual Christmas Decorating Contest. For those who don't know, the Annual Christmas Decorating Contest was started years ago. Each world decorated one of their landmarks. It's ranged from the worst to the best. So here are the results! 10-1, 10 being the worst and 1 being the best! So here they are...

10. Krawk Island - Krawk Island did a very disappointing job this year. One person thought it'd be good to paint every single grain of sand green and put itsy-bitsy little decorations on them. Not a good idea. They decorated seventy grains and realised they didn't even cover a square centimetre! At the last minute they decided to decorate the Golden Dubloon. It looks horrible, almost like they decorated it with relish and ketchup...probably because they did. A very horrible job done Krawk Island. Very embarrassing.

9. Lost Desert - The Lost Desert didn't do very well either. Last year they received first place, so it was a big surprise for all. Last year the decorated all of the tents and it looked amazing. This year they wanted to glue pine tree branches to the Shrine of King Coltzan III. The were doing very well until some impatient Neopets started getting angry that the Shrine was closed. Some vandals snuck up in the middle of the night and started wrecking it! They tried to fix it as best as they could, but it was too late. Oh well, better luck next year!

8. Mystery Island - I think it's safe to say Mystery Island would've gotten last if it wasn't for a mistake by Krawk Island and the vandals in the Lost Desert. Mystery Island has never really done that well in this competition. This year they decorated a palm tree. They put some lights and decorations as well as a star on top of a single palm tree. It wasn't a bad job, but very average.

7. Neopia Central - Neopia Central did OK in this competition. They decorated the Neopian Food Shop (the big hamburger). They painted it green and they painted on decorations. They didn't put any real decorations on it, one of the reasons they didn't do better. It looked disgusting in my opinion, like moldy and stuff! Unfortunately, it's not my job to judge this competition, so my opinion doesn't really matter. It also smelled very bad, the paint was giving off a lot of fumes. Business did very poorly for the Food Shop. They received second last year, they decorated the Money Tree. It was very pretty, and it boosted donations.

6. Faerieland - Faerieland received sixth this year. They decorated the Wheel of Excitement. The draped garland all over it and stuff like that. There was a nasty little scare when someone spun the wheel. Lightning struck and some sparks landed on the garland. You guessed it, the Wheel of Excitement caught on fire! A group of Air Faeries blew it out, and others came to fix it up before the judges came along. It was done slightly quicker than the original, so it didn't do as well as the first one probably would have.

5. Meridell - Meridell did very well for their first year in the contest. Despite the whole war problem, the managed to decorate the Turmaculus! That's right. While he was sleeping, they painted him green and they stuck real decorations on him. Unlike the Lost Desert, the people of Meridell coped without the Turmaculus. I guess they're just more patient.

4. Haunted Woods - First of all, I'm going to tell you that I live in the Haunted Woods so I helped with this year's entry. I think it deserved first but like I said before, I'm not a judge, I'm just here to give the results. We decorated the Brain Tree who reluctantly agreed. It was scary wrapping that frightening figure in lights when he could easily hurt you with one well-aimed smack with his branch. It was a very fun experience. All four of my pets helped out too! JadePaw, SilverEmerald, GoldenRhino and EmeraldBlitz got rewarded for their efforts.

3. Tyrannia - Tyrannia did very well this year. There was a big debate about what they should do this year. Some wanted to decorate the Wheel of Mediocrity but after they heard that Faerieland was already doing something similar, they didn't want that. Some wanted to decorate the Concert Hall and two Council Members (Plesio and Grarrg I believe) wanted to decorate the Town Hall but the others thought that would just look odd. Finally it was Kyruggi who decided they should decorate the Omelette. They painted it green with ornaments. They also cut it to look like a giant Christmas cookie. Pieces of the Christmas Omelette as they called it are still being cut off and given away.

2. VirtuPets Space Station - This is the Space Station's first year of being in the contest. Having no real landmark they could decorate, they thought they'd stand no chance. Months ago they started decorating the outside of the Space Station with bright lights. It took them ages to complete it, but it was a job very well done. If you look up into the night sky (and only if it's really clear) you can see the VirtuPets Space Station. It's a breathtaking sight, I really hope you get to see it.

1. Terror Mountain - This year's award goes to none other than Terror Mountain for their job well done. Like the VirtuPets Space Station did, they started months ago. They used spray paint to paint the entire mountain green. They glued as many ornaments and lights as they could. To top it all off (literally) they got a giant star and placed it on the top. They had to evacuate the entire mountain, but I guess it was worth it.

So there are the results! What can we learn about this? If you want to do something well, be creative and make sure you get an early start. So this is too_kule reporting from Happy Valley. I hope you have very happy holidays. Over and out.

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