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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 71 > Short Stories > The Clumsy Shoyru

The Clumsy Shoyru

by sunshine_826

"C'mon, let's go! The rain is gonna fall anytime, and we have to get the flyers dome booked up before someone else takes it!" Della grabbed Mittens, the fire Shoyru, and dragged him into the deep skies with her wings.

     "I have wings you know," Mittens snapped angrily pushing her paw away. Della dangled her earstalks for a second and smiled, "Sure, be careful though."

     Mittens shot her a glare, he was known to be a clumsy flyer.

     "Whatever." He gave his dragon-like wings a sharp flutter and pushed all his energy up. For a clumsy flyer he had tons of energy.

     "Hurry up, OK? I'll meet you there!" Della called from three clouds away. Mittens waved impatiently for her to leave. Della gave a warm smile and waved with her earstalks and flew off. Mittens quickly began to focus and try flying a bit. Focus! Focus! After last nights episode of LEARNING TO FLY in the hefty flyers volume, Mittens decided focussing on the skies and clouds was probably better.

     Don't look down no matter what.. Mittens suddenly realised he was reciting the words from the LEARNING TO FLY book! "Oh fumble!" Mittens said with frustration.

     Immediately, the air loosened around him, he had lost focus! He quickly tried the focus again but it was no use, he tumbled to the ground like a flat ham. "Oww..." he mumbled getting up.

     The streets were empty, everyone was neither flying or watching the flyers. "I'm gonna be late for my part and I can't fly." Mittens said plopping to the floor again. He felt so useless and stressed.

     "Can't fly, eh?" a voice said thickening the air.

     Mittens looked up and saw Maelstra. He got up fast and said, "What do you want?" he asked bravely. He had won tons of battles, he knew his way around better than any battler.

     "Nothing much Flames, just saw ya fail your wings," she said, smacking a gum--a black, oozing gum. Yuck.

     "So? And don't call me Flames!" Mittens said, spreading his wings casting a large shadow.

     "Well, what do you think?" Maelstra suddenly asked.

     Mittens gave her a strange look, "What?"

     Maelstra rolled her eyes, "Want a lesson? I'll teach you to be the king of the sky."

     Mittens was shocked, "You will help me? No way."

     Maelstra grinned evilly, "Of course I will." A pause. "Now follow me, NOW." She flashed a dark wand and waved and murmured a few words.

     "Stop! Don't follow her!" a voice called breathlessly.

     Mittens looked up and saw a bright light falling down from the sky! OK, so it wasn't a bright light, just the Light Faerie.

     Maelstra panicked and quickly zapped a spell and vanished off. With Mittens.


"Where am I?" Mittens asked waking up.

     "Your new home," a evil voice cackled.

     Mittens stared up and saw Jhudora. "What? How'd I get here?"

     Jhudora cackled again, "Why my dear sister helped me, right Mally?"

     Maelstra appeared she had a sort of worried look and gulped, "Yes, I did. And don't call me Mally sister."

     "Liar! You didn't help me at all, you just let me borrow your tiny body." Jhudora said giving out a crazy laugh. Maelstra looked ten times more guilty, she quickly snapped her fingers and disappeared.

     "Anyway, I'll need your soul, to make you a evil one for companionship, and a Shoyru such as clumsy as you will surely do the good announcing job" Jhudora stood up. "Come with me now," she demanded taking a hold of her staff. Mittens gulped but moved along with her anyway.

     "Sit here, I'll be right back to give a little soul change," she cackled evilly again. HOW many times does she have to do that?

     She poofed off and left Mittens alone in the dark, stinky room. Or dungeon is more like it.

     Suddenly a light burst into the scenery of the dark, stinky room. "Shhhh!" was the first thing the Light Faerie said. "I can free you, but it has to be fast," she zapped the painful chains off and gave her a little potion, "Keep this, it will heal you in case of emergencies..." Mittens nodded and followed her down the dark and hollow hallway.

     Just as they were sneaking out a large dark figure cast over them.

     "Trying to run away so fast huh? Sorry Light Faerie but that won't be necessary!" Jhudora swooped down and zapped the Light Faerie painfully. Mittens could tell because she screamed really badly.

     "Oh well, she just had to interfere with my plans just like she always had, it shows that I'm just better than magic." Jhudora picked Mittens up and put a tight collar around his neck making him choke. "This oughta do the trick," she said plainly, no cackle this time. Maybe her voice was sore?

     Still being locked inside the dungeon, Mittens felt so helpless, he would be a announcer for Jhudora forever. Not that he wanted to, he'd never.

     After a few hours, Mittens fell asleep drowsing off dreamily about one day when he could fly.

     "Psst! Hey you!" a voice whispered sharply. Mittens woke up immediately. "Who's there?" he asked stammering. "Maelstra," she said coming out from the shadows. Mittens took a breath this meant trouble.

     "Don't worry, you're safe. I'll get you outta this place." She mumbled some words and poof, they were out of the place.

     "Quick, get that collar off!" she said nervously. "Why?" I asked back. She panicked, I could tell it was bad news if I didn't, so I grabbed fiercely at it and ripped it off, it gave me a big shock and I think I blacked out because the next thing I knew, Maelstra was spilling ice water on me!

     "Quick, hurry, let's go!" she pulled me and ran off impatiently.

     "Wait! What about the Light Faerie?" Maelstra didn't look back but called out a reply, "She's safe with Fyora, now come!" she zapped them into Fyora's castle.


     "So I've heard you've been captured by my evil *cough* no?" Mittens nodded feeling a bit tingly. He was at Fyora's palace! "I see," she said thinking off for a minute. "Why?" she suddenly asked--making Mittens jump.

     Mittens struggled a bit, "Well, I'm a clumsy flyer and....I guess that's it...." Suddenly, Mittens felt that there really was no use in being ashamed about it so he said it more loudly, "Yea, that's it, I'm a lousy flyer." "What a brave heart," Nereid said softly, smiling. Fyora nodded in agreement and continued talking, "Hmm, I see, well now you are safe and we have captured Jhudora again. She has escaped from the Faerie Dungeons for so long, we've been searching for her everywhere, thanks to you, we've found her."

     Mittens smiled, he felt so heroic.

     After a few chit chats and some herbal tea, Fyora had to leave for another "do-good" mission. Fyora also gave me some rare items from the Hidden Tower. She told me keep it a secret and don't tell Della.

     But before Mittens was going to leave, the Air Faerie decided to teach Mittens how to fly, and soon all the Faeries were helping. After a few hours, Mittens became a wonderful flyer. All thanks to the Faeries. Except Jhudora, but including Maelstra.

     When Fyora had to go she decided to make one last wish-come-true for Mittens, but she never told him.


"C'mon, let's go! The rain is gonna fall anytime, and we have to get the flyers dome booked up before someone else takes it!" Della grabbed Mittens, the fire Shoyru, and dragged him into the deep skies with her wings.

     "Huh? What happened?" Mittens asked as Della dragged him farther away to the dome. "We're going to the flying dome! We're the competitors remember?" Della said flying fiercely through windy clouds.

     Mittens quickly found out what Fyora had done, he smiled and pulled away from Della's grip.

     Della turned around, "What now?" she said impatiently. "I can fly you know," he snapped back, grinning.

     Della rolled her eyes, "Have it your way and you'll be late, have it my way and you'll lose less time!" but she didn't wait for an answer, she just flew off.

     Mittens recited the Faerie flying lessons in his head, it was cleanly memorised. He knew perfectly what to do.

     He fluttered his wings and breathed deeply, after a second or two, he was flying! His wings seemed to be automatic, just working its way around the world it was amazing! During three minutes, Mittens learned how to fly in lightning speed. So in the next two minutes, he was way past Della and at the dome.

     Oh, and guess who won the Flying Championship? Why none other than Mittens, the Fire Shoyru

The End

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