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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 71 > Short Stories > Charmy's Christmas

Charmy's Christmas

by miss_laddy

Charmy the rainbow Zafara bounced out of bed and sprang right at the window. Smiling widely at the snow, she turned back to her bed and started hopping on it.

     Even dough Charmy's owner, Miss_Laddy, had a house on Mystery Island, they also had a vacation house in Neopia Central, so they could enjoy Christmas and other short visits. It was being cared for by Eykae (a red Eyrie) and Zippher (a green Zafara with a white cowboy hat and an accent). It was also haunted by a dead silver Peophin named Connie.

     Charmy was excited about Christmas. She was born one month after it, in January, so this was her first one. She was the one going each day to the Advent Calendar with her owner and the one the Snowbunny (named Lorena) liked.

     The Zafara sprung out of her room and right outside.

     She went to the playground, that was located just over the road. She approached a faerie Usul, a blue Poogle and a fire Pteri building a snowman.

     "Heya!" Charmy snickered and waved, tilting her head onto one side.

     "Hey, look," the Usul said out loud to the Poogle, not even bothering to lower her voice "it's the cannibal again!" she snickered while the other two laughed.

     Charmy's ears dropped. Yesterday, she told them she was from Mystery Island- or lived there, at least- and they just walked away, pretending to have some sort of important business to attend to. Now they were calling her a cannibal!

     "Beat it, native-gal!" the Poogle made a snowball and hurled it at Charmy. Charmy avoided it through a mere gesture, then rage overwhelmed her. She was dangerous enough when she was happy (as proven to Lord Darigan once), so you couldn't even imagine her angry!

     She turned around, dropping on all four, then, pushing her foot backwards, threw snow at them. She continued this for awhile, until there was no more snow left. Then, she looked at her masterpiece.

     All three pets were covered in snow, their eyes as wide as onions (as Miss_Laddy would say).

     "GET HER!" the Pteri-shaped snow yelled and swiftly grabbed some snow, shaping it like a ball and throwing it at Charmy.

     Charmy, not losing her temper, jumped into the air, about two meters and a half high, then, to the three attackers' surprise, just floated there. What they didn't know about Charmy was that she had transparent pinkish wings on her back. You had to strain to see them and Charmy used them rarely anyway, but they were there.

     Reaching towards the branch of a tree, she took out two icicles and hurled them at the pets, laughing menacingly. She continued to laugh and throw icicles until the three pets grabbed their feet (another one of her owner's figures of speech) and ran.

     Charmy stopped laughing evilly, just giggling softly. She turned around, ready to go play with someone nice when two yellow eyes transfixed her. She was face-to-face with her sister, a faerie Lupe named Pry. Pry was fuming and grabbed Charmy's ear immediately.

     "You did NOT do that!" Pry screamed, dragging Charmy towards the ground.

     "Okay, I didn't!"

     Pry glared at the bad joke, but continued to drag Charmy until they were at the entrance of their house.

     "You are SO grounded!" Pry yelled.

     "Only is Mom says so!" Charmy folded her arms.

     "Mom said you shouldn't attack the neighbours!" Pry hissed.

     "They started it!"

     It was no use defending herself. No matter what she'd do or say, Pry would still ground her. Their owner was out, so she was left in charge. She was only the second-oldest, after Plushie, but she was much more responsible than the skunk Lupe. Besides, Plushie had the nasty habit of hurting people. Badly.

     "You will not go out today!" Pry stated clearly.

     "But--it's Christmas Eve!" Charmy felt her forehead getting hot and her eyes filling with tears. Clenching her small fists, she stomped once. "I-I want to g-go outside!" she sniffed once.

     "Not until Mom comes home..." Pry avoided her sister's eyes.

     She stepped upstairs, most likely to avoid Charmy.

     Charmy stopped crying and wiped her tears. She stepped into the living room, where Eykae and Zippher (the aforementioned Eyrie and Zafara) were watching TV, laughing at their own comments.

     Charmy bounced next to them, on the couch (which was much more comfy than the one at home, perhaps because it was new), next to them. They were watching the news and making funny comments about everything.

     "The Christmas Zafara looks like a faerie Zafara that fell in a puddle of bleach!" Eykae said and they both started laughing.

     Charmy took offence, as she liked the way Christmas Zafaras looked (besides, her heroine, Emeraldstorm, was one).

     "Take that back!" Charmy bounced at Eykae's neck. She was sitting on her back, pounding fists on her head, while she tried desperately to shake Charmy off. Zippher caught Charmy by the scruff of her neck and threw her on the ground.

     "Geez, don't take it personally!" Eykae raised her paws in defence.

     "Yeah, sugah, Ah di'n't," Zippher added, looking apologetically.

     Charmy sighed and walked away. By incident, she passed Mina's room. Interested as to what the white Lupe might be doing, she turned the doorknob and opened the door with utmost silence.

     "Mina?" Charmy whispered, cocking her head through the door. Right away, there was an explosion.

     Mina, now completely black from the explosion, stepped towards Charmy, a blank, but sarcastic look on her face. She took the protection goggles off, leaving the area around her eyes looking white, which came in contrast with the rest of her.

     "Charmy, how many times have I told you to never interrupt an important experiment?" Mina folded her arms and tapped her foot.

     "Ummm... 1,46,654,545,534.5 times. Why?" Charmy smiled innocently.

     Mina blinked and did some calculations on her fingers, mumbling.

     "Hey, that's right!" the Lupe realised. "But that still doesn't excuse the fact that you ruined my experiment!"

     Mina shut the door in Charmy's nose, reducing it to a pile of splinters.


     Charmy decided it was time to run.

     Poor Charmy, she was having a crummy first Christmas. Maybe she wasn't in the Pound or on the streets, but boy, was she miserable!

     Her feet brought her by Plushie's room. Charmy decided to drop in on Plushie, just for the heck of it.

     "Hello?" Charmy zipped inside, closing the door immediately and leaning on it, then putting on her winner smile.

     "WHAT?!" Plushie, the skunk Lupe, snarled.

     The room was stacked up to the ceiling with plushies- her collection. Plushie never went anywhere without her plushie collection and rarely didn't complain about wanting something more to add to the collection.

     "Plushie, can I help?" Charmy smiled again, walking towards her. Almost tripping on a Yellow Lupe Plushie and barely avoiding a Dire Lupe Plushie (which their owner most likely had no idea of).

     "Help to do what?" Plushie sneered, arranging and rearranging four Krawk Plushies over and over again.

     "Um, I could help you clean this mess..." Charmy leaned and grabbed the foot of a Blue Uni Plushie.

     "No! Not from the bottom of the p--" before Plushie could finish, Charmy yanked the plushie, making the whole stack fall down. Then another, and another followed, until the whole room was a giant mass of plushies.

     From beneath the pile, a black Lupe head, steaming with rage, slowly raised. Then, up until her middle, so she sat there, crossed, arms folded, and gritting her teeth.

     Charmy soon surfaced blinking and giggling nervously at Plushie.

     "At least you have something to do?..."


     Charmy dashed away once more from a sibling's room.

     It was getting worse and worse. She sniffed and wiped a tear, dragging herself through the halls. She stopped in front on the fireplace room (which of course got it's name from the fireplace), where the fire was roaring and the decorated tree glittered.

     There was her owner, a pale young girl dressed in gray and black (dull, but true), with almost no colour, as she was naturally very pale (despite living on Mystery Island) and had pitch-black hair. She was on her knees, trying to tie a bow around Oogle's neck. Azoogle, a mutant Lupe about two meters tall, was on the floor, panting and drooling happily. Miss_Laddy was laughing, the task of tying the red ribbon around Oogle's neck amusing her.

     "Charmy!" Miss_Laddy had noticed the Zafara and smiled broadly.

     She gestured towards the Zafara, like inviting her.

     "Come and tell me about you day!" she smiled reassuringly.

     Charmy bounced next to her owner and they both seated on the sofa. Charmy was cuddling into her owner, the ever-present smell or Chocolate Juppies and Neocola comforting her. Oogle still sat on the floor, panting happily.

     "So, how was your day, Charminator?" she stroked the Zafara's fur.

     "Um... fine, just fine, Mom..." Charmy smiled to herself, sighing and slowly drifting to sleep.

The End

Author note: Aw, how cute! This was written after a few rants passed my mind. No matter how bad it gets, there is always something to make you smile!

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