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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 70 > Articles > Beauty Contest Embarrassment

Beauty Contest Embarrassment

by ladee_sarah

PET CENTRAL - The Beauty Contest doesn't seem to be advertised as a huge event in Neopia but it does attract a lot of entrants from the Neopets owners who are good with a paintbrush. Every week if you flick through the pictures of pets entering the Beauty Contest you will notice the pictures done by talented artists, the pictures done by people who are having a go and then the other ones.

I understand that some people just have no artistic talent whatsoever and that even if you're okay at drawing it doesn't mean you can do it with a mouse and cursor although there is always the trusty scanner. Don't get me wrong I'm not here to attack those people who aren't the best graphics artists in the world. I would put myself just one maybe two rungs above hopeless. I'm here to make a fuss about the people who don't really seem to care and take no pride in their artwork at all.

Each week if you look at the entrants towards the end of the Beauty Contest you'll see that some amazing artworks have hundreds of votes and quite honestly deserve them. Also you'll see some other pictures and you'll think how in Neopia did they get that many votes! Everyone does have different tastes when it comes to art but I'm sure that most people can tell the difference between a picture that someone took five minutes to make and one that someone worked on for weeks.

Change the background
Believe it or not saving a standard picture of your pet and making the background black, red, yellow or any other colour other than the original does not constitute an artwork. Every week I see many pictures like these and I find it very disheartening to see that sometimes they are receiving more votes than the artworks where people have obviously put a considerable amount of effort in.

Animate it
I'm sure that a few times a .gif (animation) artist has submitted a nifty animation of their pet but when I say animation entries I'm talking about the ones where snowflakes and dots flash all over the image. This is another of the rather easy image to create all the person has done is saved a picture of their pet opened it in paint and either drawn of pasted the snowflakes in on top of the image already drawn by a Neopets artist. Then they repeat putting the spots, lines, snowflakes or whatever in different places, add them frames to make up the animation and wallah - flashy stuff all over a picture of their Neopet.

Morphing pets
Another common entry is the morphing style pets where the image morphs from one to another. I know for a fact that to create this effect all you have to do is save the images, load them into the animation program then choose the preset function that fades between the two images. An image such as the one I'm describing would take no more than 5 minutes to make and that's only if they experimented with the fade settings.

Over a picture
Sometimes you will see a picture where the standard drawing of the Neopets has been pasted over another picture making it seem that the pet is in a cave or surfing etc. Sometimes this can be done quite effectively and look good. When it's done well I don't have a problem. But when the person hasn't taken any care whatsoever and the pixels that weren't quite white, although very close are still dotted around the Neopet you know that they were just quickly making a picture in an attempt to win a trophy of some sort.

Obviously I can't really expect the Neopets Team to proof every image before it is entered into the Beauty Contest and although I can dream I doubt that slapdash pictures like these will every be completely eradicated. But I can make a last and final plea to the rest of Neopia, the voters.

And so I ask you, if you see an image that is made without that tiny bit of love and care don't harass the artist, just don't vote for it. Another of my gripes is that people just vote for their friends' of fellow guild members' artworks. Yes, okay they're your friend or fellow guild member but look at all the other pictures entered into that species category before voting. You may just find that the picture you were about to blindly vote for was one of the lowest quality picture entered. By all means if you see that your friends picture is very good or know that they have put a lot of time and effort into it and honestly believe that it deserves to win vote away.

Say NO to the people who haven't made an attempt to draw their own Beauty Contest entries.

Disclaimer: I know that some of what I have said in this article is a little harsh. I also understand that kids under the age of thirteen play the site and that age can prevent you from achieving a certain level of art. Let's face it a drawing by a four year old is very different to one done by a twenty four year old. But my art teacher promises that being a good artist is 95% practice. And I have to say that I believe him.

This article was strictly about my observations when it comes to the quality of some of the entries into the Beauty Contest. Unfortunately I can't make everyone a Picasso. All I want is for the people who have worked hard to create a quality piece of art get the recognition and the votes that they deserve and that voting doesn't fall along friendship and guild lines especially when the quality just isn't in the artwork.

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