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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 69 > Short Stories > Revenge is Sour

Revenge is Sour

by meggiemufin

Meg let out a small groan. "Go away..." she whispered.

     "Mum? 'Ello?" Kootmufin, Meg(giemufin)'s daughter, a green Kyrii poked her shoulder.

     "Go away..." Meg whispered again.

     "MUM!" Koot screamed.

     "Ack, eeeeep, what?!" Meg said, sitting straight up. Her hair poofed straight out in all directions.

     "You're on my Usuki dress... and why don't you ever sleep in your room?" Koot said, pulling out the accessory from the couch cushion.

     "My bed is a slab of stone. C'mon, I'm not Stoneman3x or something," Meg said, closing her eyes as she stretched on the Tiger Couch.

     Koot stared at her blankly. "You mean Uncle Stoney... your brother?"

     Mum cringed, smoothing down her hair. "Koot... don't remind me..."

     Koot rolled her eyes smiling. "Okay, okay."

     Evilmufin, a striped Krawk nicknamed Evil; didn't look up from the book her was reading, but did mumble, "Mom, did Uncle Stone get in the NT again?"

     Meg shot Evil a glare. "Yeah..."

     "Really? Uncle Stoney got in The Neopian Times again? Awesome!" Koot squealed.

     Sillymufin peeked up from behind the Tiger Couch. "Mommy, what Uncley gets this in times?"

     Meg playfully flicked one of Silly's purple Grundo antennae. "Just an article... and a Comic Strip..."

     "Comic strip! Isn't that what you claimed you would beat him to?" said Evil, turning the page of Mythical Kyriis with his claw.

     "Evil, I have a right to ground you from Battledome competitions..." Meg said, looking at her fingernails like they were suddenly the most interesting thing in Neopia.

     The Krawk suddenly looked up at his Mom with widened eyes. Meg looked over at him from over her shoulder, and raised an eyebrow.

     "I FOUND IT!" yelled Koot. She held up page four of The Neopian Times. A few advertisements were scattered through the articles. Koot laid the paper down and cut out the article. She stuck it to the cardboard wall with a pushpin, next to seven others. She walked back over to the Glass Coffee Table and cut out a Comic Strip as well.

     Meg ran her tongue over her teeth. "Koot, that's Royal Wallpaper you're sticking that trash on."

     "Mum! C'mon, Uncle Stone's articles are hilarious!" Koot said.

     "What wrong Uncle wif Stoney ?" Silly said, puffing out his cheeks.

     "Mum doesn't like Uncle Stone because he got in The Neopian Times, Mum's dream. You know that!" said Koot, reading the article.

     "Don't forget, he also got a Storytelling, Caption Contest, Mystery Pic... Invasion of Meridell... aren't those all the trophies you can't get Mom?" said Evil.

     Mom pulled out a pad of paper and flung it at Evil. Evil caught it with a claw, and looked at it.

     "A comic strip? Hey, you gave me a big nose!" Evil said, growling.

     "Ohhh! I wanna see! I'm koot!" squealed Koot.

     While the pets where gushing over her comic, Meg crept to Tyrannia. She casually made her way to Tyrammet Close. She walked along the houses, and easily found 37101. She went around the back way, and stayed close to the stone walls. A fire Lupe bounded outside, headed to the Omelette. A tall guy chased the Lupe, yelling, "WOLF!" Meg watched her brother's pirate Krawk step out, and following the duo who just left. A green Meerca bounced out last.

     "RC!" Meg said, waving.

     "Auntie!" said the Meerca. "Daddy zapped me again... I'm green!" said ReallyConfused.

     "Wanna come back with me?" Meg said, smiling.

     "Sure!" said RC, bouncing over to Meg. "Hey Auntie, how are you in Daddy's club? Daddy has almost 200 members! And how's your guild?"

     "Eh... well, I only got 3 members, so I trashed it. How do you know about Stone's guild?" Meg said, rubbing her forehead.

     "Me heard Daddy talking to Wolfie!" squealed RC.

     Meg shrugged an "okay", bent down, and picked up RC. She set him on her shoulders, and went back to Neopia Central.

     "Hey guys, back," said Meg to her three pets.

     "You were gone?" said Evil, looking up from the sketchbook.

     Silly got up and ran over. "Cuz!"

     "Silly!" squealed RC.

     Meg smirked. 'That was so easy...' she thought. 'Wonder if good ol' big bro will notice...'

Two weeks later...

     "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Two race cars zipped into the living room.

     "RC! Silly!" Meg screamed. "NOT IN THE HOUSE!" She looked around her living room. Crayon marks covered the cardboard walls, toys littered the floor. RC was busying drawing another masterpiece, and running in circles. Then he bounced over to one of the couches and climbed onto it.

     "WHEEEEEE!" RC screamed, bouncing on the Tiger Couch.

"Another thing Uncle Stone has... a house that makes sense..." Evil muttered.

     "Hey, I built this when I was a newbie, it has sentimental value!" Meg said.

     "Sure looks like it was built by newbies..." Evil yawned.

     "By the way, I need a good lawyer... I wanna sue for shotty workmanship on my bathroom!" said Meg. "The walls don't even line up!"

     "Mum, hasn't RC been with us for long enough? How long did Uncle Stoney say he could stay?" Koot said, picking up an Usuki set from the floor.

     "Umm..." Meg mumbled. This kidnapping plan wasn't working. She decided to pay a visit to her brother.

     Knock knock...

     "Who's there?" a voice yelled through the door.


     "Meggiemufin who?"

     "Your sister idiot."

     "Oh! Meggie!" Stoneman3x opened the door. "How goes you?"

     "Nothin' really... just wanted to drop off a short story for you to read..." said Meg casually.

     "Sure..." Stone said, checking his mailbox. "Hmm... 32 more fan mail messages..." he said, sounding bored.

     Meg saw he wasn't inviting her in, so she walked in herself. Stonewolf3x lay on a circular rug on the floor. He opened one eye and looked at Meg, then closed it again.

     "Hey Wolfie," said Meg, trying to sound as gushy as possible.

     The Lupe shuddered, and said, "Sure."

     "Okay then..." Meg said, sitting down on the couch. She laid the notebook down on the table, and looked around. "Where's RC and Krawk?"

     "Krawk's... somewhere..." Stone said, scribbling an answer to a letter.

     "RC? THAT would be why it's so heavenly peaceful around here..." said Wolf from the floor.

     "RC? Yeah, I haven't seen him for a while... where is he Wolf?" Stone asked, setting down his pen.

     Wolf shrugged. Stone glared, but picked up his Neomail again.

     "You're not worried?" Meg said, raising an eyebrow. "I would be."

     "He's a dim-witted little fellow, he'll find his way back," Stone said, flipping through more fan mail.

     Meg stared at him open-mouthed. "Okay, read my story... I'll come back for it tomorrow..." Meg announced as she cleared her throat. She picked up her bookbag, and walked out of the house. Meg's sneakers made small squeaking sounds as they walked over the dirt.

     "Good ol' Stone for ya..." she mumbled. When she arrived back at her home, she found a note on the table.

     'Gone to the Game Closet. Be back soon. Koot, Silly, Evil, and RC.'

     "Peachy," said Meg, putting the note in her pocket and stepping outside. At the Game Closet, she found Evil playing Codebreakers. He yelled at her when she made him mess up, but did tell her Koot was playing Kacheek Seek with the others. Meg nodded, and went in search of the others.

     "No Silly, I'm not there!" Mum heard the familiar voice of Koot yell.

     "Poo!" yelled Silly, looking behind a frozen tree.

     "Warmer..." Koot said.

     Meg looked around, and saw two large, green ears poking up from behind a block of ice. She smiled, and then saw a long red tail hanging out of a stump. "RC?" she said, and stuck her head in the stump.

     "Auntie!" RC squealed, his head poking up from in the stump. Meg picked up RC gently, and put him in her bookbag, his head peeking out from the unzipped top. She ran back to Tyrammet Close, and placed a blindfold around RC's eyes. He looked up at the sky, even though he couldn't see anything. His head looked all around, but continued to face upward. Meg shook her head, and slowly opened the door. She crept inside, and placed RC on the table. He continued looking up, his head swirling around at the nothingness. Meg rolled her eyes and heard Wolf and Stone's voices coming closer. Meg stuck a piece of paper to the blindfold, and ran out the front door.

     "I am NEVER doing that again..." said Meg. She found Evil, Koot, and Silly and took them home.

     "RC homes is with Uncley Stoner?" Silly said, letting go of his Mommy's hand.

     "Yeah, RC went home," said Meg, patting Silly on the head. Before going inside, she checked her mailbox. There was a letter, so she opened it and read:

               'I give up, you can have the Meerca back!'

     It was the note she had stuck to RC's blindfold. Dumbfounded, she flipped to the other and read:

               'So how WAS it having four pets?



The End

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